Hopefully this will be my last post for awhile (one last fish to identify)....I have literally seen identical pics of this fish on other data sites, listed as Barbfish, juvenile RedTail Parrot or juvenile Stoplight Parrot. I'm leaning towards the RedTail, because of its tail....can anybody confirm or at least provide me some feedback to consider? The odd thing was, it really shuffled along "Barbfish-like" and sat right there looking at me, as if it thought I couldn't see it. Strange behaviour for a Parrott?


That is an Intermediate phase of a Redband Parrotfish (Sparisoma aurpfrenatum). Those are its domant or "sleeping" colors/markings. That is why they move so little. Was it on a night dive or was it overcast? It is not a Barbfish or any other kind of Scorpionfish. It is definitely not a Stonefish. There are no "Stonefish"in the Caribbean or in the Atlantic for that matter...


Jonathan "Fish Geek" Lavan

Great call

Great call was very overcast day. Thanks for your help. I may be posting a group of fish in the next little while, that I'm having trouble with. I hope that you would consider chiming in.... Like I said before, I'm a novice but learning ;)

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