ID requested: a wrasse?


At first I thought this was a tilefish, because of the flag on the tail, but now I think it must be a wrasse. This was at about 60 feet in the Turks and Caicos last week, off West Caicos. This fish is about 7" long, my best guess, and was doing the mating dance with some smaller fish of a similar shape, but with only a single black stripe along the side, not on the top and bottom edges.  They'd swim together quickly, then dart straight up for a few feet, then separate; then this larger fish would go find another fish to dance with.

I appreciate any help here...

Ellie Briscoe

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My guess would be a Juvenile Slippery Dick, which is in fact in the Wrasse Family! I think this is a pretty mature juvenile because it shows features of both the terminal and juvenile stages. All phases of this fish will show a small green and yellow bicolored spot above the pectoral fin, which is hard to see in this picture, and a dark mid body strip. There is also a lower strip that is typically found in older fish, but not in the younger ones. However, the terminal phases of this fish exemplify the distinct dark triangluar corners on the tail, which you can easily see in the picture! 

That's my guess and I'd love to hear what other people have to say! 

Best of luck, 



I think you are right! 

I think you are right!  Thanks much. That's a wrasse I always have trouble just seems so vague.  The green and yellow spot is a great tip. Thanks!

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