I give up


When I saw this fish I recognized it as one I had seen before.  I thought puddingwife, but not according to the interactive DVD.  Slippery dick?  No.  Maybe a wrasse ... or a grunt ... or a hamlet.  I give up.  What is it?

June 13, French Reef (F3), Key Largo, Florida, 37 feet, bottom temp. +/- 81 degrees.  I am guessing the fish is about eight inches long.

Thank You,


Marty; I'm a pretty much a


I'm a pretty much a novice at this, but I would say it's a butter hamlet. Anyone else agree?

Thx, Jeff


I agree

Thank you Jeff.  Sometimes I have to be taken by the hand and led.  I don't see how I missed it, but I did.  Thank you for your help.


My pleasure....it's not often

My pleasure....it's not often that I can give back ;)

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