Creole wrasse, blackcap basslet, something else?


When I saw these fish under water I assumed creole wrasse.  When my wife saw the photos she disagreed.  I looked at the interactive DVD.  I am considering blackcap basslet.

July 3, 2014, wreckage of the Benwood, Key Largo, Florida, fish +/- 9 inches, depth 47 feet, bottom temperature 84 Fahrenheit.

Hey, it's the novice again.

Hey, it's the novice again. My vote goes to Creole Wrasse. We saw the identical fish snorkeling in Cozumel and that's what we were told they were. Reference guides confirmed it. As always, I could be wrong ;)

We were on an excursion, in

We were on an excursion, in deep water (40')and they swam right up to us.... They were fairly large, much bigger than a Basslet would be and I doubt they would be that inquisitive and leave the reef area.

Creole Wrasse

It's a creole wrasse.  I also saw some in Key Largo this weekend.

Thank You

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