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These pics are all of the same fish...maybe one-two inches long. It does have two things sticking up between the eyes and mouth, but not above, as you might expect. Looking forward to hearing from those with more knowledge ;)

Juvenile Redband Parrotfish...

...I think.  It appears to be a mottled phase juvenile.  However, there's some funky effect on your photos that's making it hard to see.  It looks like they've been waaaay over-sharpened.  You might try uploading them again.

Also, what habitat was this fish in?

By the way, nice lettuce slug in photo #5.



Hi Allison...thanks for the

Hi Allison...thanks for the help. I truly value your opinion and knowledge. Interesting point about the sharpness... I rarely click on them once I've uploaded them here...maybe I should? They looked great on iPhoto but maybe it's not an accurate representation. I owe you for the lettuce slug...never noticed, as I was focused solely on the fish. Thanks for that!! I would be most appreciative, if you would consider looking at my previous post (Looking for help). They're not great pics, but I am interested in what you think. Thanks again for your assistance, Jeff

Forgot to mention that these

Forgot to mention that these pics were taken at two different locations in Cozumel...Iberostar Cozumel and the Money Bar. Both areas had several Redband Parrots in various stages of maturity, so your suggestion has definite merit.

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