?Juvenile sunshinefish?


I never heard of a sunshinefish.  I thought this was a juvenile beaugregory or a juvenile cocoa damselfish, but I noticed the yellow and blue are inverted.  I did a search on the interactive DVD.  It has never worked for me before, but the last of 26 perfect matches was a sunshinefish.  Is that what this is, a juvenile sunshinefish?

Key Largo, Florida, near the red nun, 50 feet, about 84 degrees, three-inches long, Monday, July 14.

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Hey, I actually know this

Hey, I actually know this one! Yes, this is a juvie Sunshinefish! Yellow on the top (think of it as the sun shining down from above), purplish-blue on the bottom. And found deeper, just like you observed.

- JannaGood Day, Sun Shine....Good Day, Sun Shine....

Thank You

Oh, ScubaMom, you are so special.  What a fast, perfect reply, even including a photo of your own.  One of the best parts of diving is the education, and what makes it particularly special is when non-professionals teach each other.  I am deeply grateful.

Thank You,


No problem. I'm just excited

No problem. I'm just excited when I actually know the answer to something for once! Hey, we're all learning.

- Janna

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