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Amazing, after all these years diving (40+) there is still so much I do not know.

The first two photos are of what I am assuming is a Nassau grouper, just in a coloring (very black-and-white, no chroma) I had not seen before.  But, you know, "they" say when you assume....

The third photo is a two-inch fish I have never seen before.  I looked through the blennies and the wrasses and did a search on the interactive DVD, but I did not come up with a match.  Do you know what it is?

Key Largo, Florida, near the red nun, 50-feet, July 14, 2014, reef, water temp. +/- 84 degrees.

Thank You,



OK, here we go again - I actually know these ones too! (gee, you're boosting my confidence here...).

The first two are indeed what you correctly identified as Nassau Grouper. See that black marking on the "caudal peduncle"? (base of the tail). Well, think of that as a saddle, so you can hop on the grouper and ride it (yee haw!) all the way to Nassau!

The last one is a juvenile Redband Parrotfish. (well, I'm 99% sure on that anyway - so maybe another fish geek can verify that for me). I just learned this one a couple weeks ago when diving on the REEF Field Survey to Roatan and Utila. I highly recommend the home study DVD that REEF sells in their online store. It really helped me learn a lot of my Caribbean/Florida/Bahamas fish and it's fun! http://www.reef.org/node/3106

- Janna

I would have never guessed

That I would disagree with Janna, purveyor of all fish ID knowledge :)

The second fish is a juvenile stoplight parrotfish.  The juvenile redband is very similar, but the evenly spaced dots are the distinnguishing feature of the juvenile stoplight.



Thank You Both

I love the trick about getting in the saddle and riding to Nassau; I won't forget that.  I would love to see a definitive comment on which juvenile parrotfish, although it is enough for me to know that it is a juvenile parrotfish.

Thank you both very much.


Hey Marty....I have to agree

Hey Marty....I have to agree with Allison, it's a juvenile Stoplight. Everywhere that I have looked, the young Spotlight is the only one with the evenly spaced white spots. Having said that, I am by no means an "expert" as my further postings will attest ;)

I swim corrected on that ID!

Thanks for straightening me out on that ID, Allison and everyone! While I am up to speed on Pacific coast fish, I am still learning the ropes when it comes to the TWA region.

What threw me off was that black splotch on its side. I thought that juvie Redbands had that (as well as a few nice spots).

Always learning,

- Janna

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