Goby and Jack ID Question


Appreciate any thoughts on the attached photo of a goby and jack (I think).

My guess on the goby is maybe either sand canyon, patch reef or bridled but telling them apart is tricky for me.  On the other, it seems like maybe a color variation on a yellow jack?  A bit large for a juvenile - but maybe a teenager? :)

Forgot to mention - seen on a dive just off Palm Beach (captain noted the location as Tear Drop reef - its part of the long reef that lies just offshore - about 55 to 60 feet of water).

Goby & Jack

quigonjay, I think you are on the right track. The goby in your photo has two prominent spots forming a "colon" at the pectoral fin so I think this is a Colon goby, Coryphopterus dicrus.

I agree with your Yellow jack ID, Carangoides bartholomaei, Yellow jack. Nice capture, I have not seen that pattern before.


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