Roughead Blenny or not ?


could you please help me identify it is Roughead Blenny or not ?

I'll have to defer to others

I'll have to defer to others on this one, but just want to say this is a really nice photo!

- Janna

Thank you Janna  ^^

Thank you Janna  ^^

Secretary blenny

Sure looks like the twin of the Secretary blenny in the latest 4th edition on page 349. I'm a bit jealous, where did you see this?

Hi Carlos Estape, I taken

Hi Carlos Estape,

 I taken this photo @ Northeast coast of Taiwan .

Thanks for your help ^^


That changes things! I am not as familiar with Indo-Pacific fish and your fish might be a look-a-like for what we find here in the Tropical Western Atlantic. 

I tend to be TWA-centric so next time I'll ask where the photo was taken (embarrassed look).

I don't know the fish around

I don't know the fish around Taiwan and of course common names can be so variable but I think your blenny is in the genus Neoclinus.

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