Two More


These were both seen in a shallow reef at the Iberostar Cozumel. Opinions are gratefully accepted ;)


Jeff, is the first image of a flounder? 

On the second image I don't suppose you would have a side view photo?

Hi is not a

Hi is not a flounder, as the picture (although poor) is of a fish hovering within the fingers of the coral. Although not obvious, it is upright about 12 inches off bottom. As for the other fish, that is all I have, as it was not the intended subject of the pic. It was found off to the side after the fact. I would however, be interested in your opinion regardless. thx again, Jeff


Jeff, I really want to help you but the pics don't give me a good enough look to even guess. I know what they aren't but not what they are. 

Remember three cardinal rules of underwater ID photography:

Rule 1: When you think you are close enough to your subject halve the distance. FILL THE FRAME.

Rule 2: You can never have enough light underwater, buy a small external strobe for your point-and-shoot, the difference will be dramatic, I promise.

Rule 3: Get a side shot if possible, this gives you the proportions of the fish and the major markings.

Good luck and keep posting images!

Thx for the advice, as it is

Thx for the advice, as it is I mentioned though, the majority of these pics are on the periphery of my main subject. I've found them on the extreme edge of the photo, and thus the quality is quite spotty.

Parrot and Bathygobius

First is a Juv Parrotfish.

Second looks like a Bathygobius goby. There's quite a few species around here, but we usually only see the Frillfin Goby, Bathygobius soporator in the field guides. Take a look at him. I bet your fish is either him or one of his brothers.


I was leaning towards the

I was leaning towards the Frillfin as well...wish I had a better shot, but I'm glad that was your thinking. Thx

I agree with Louis.. good

I agree with Louis.. good eye!

Thx alot Ben.

Thx alot Ben.

The 1st photo looks like a

The 1st photo looks like a juvenile stoplight parrotfish or possibly a bucktooth, but I think the former.

Agreed....tough to

Agreed....tough to differentiate. Thx again.

Fish ID

I really thought the first one was a juvenile Redband Parrotfish. They will display all mottled like that when young.

The second one oesn't look like a Frillfin to me. This picture shows a fish with horizontal black lines through the eyes, and the Frillfin doesn't have those.


Barb-Just a snorkeler

Any guesses, if you doubt

Any guesses, if you doubt it's a Frillfin? Curious to hear your thoughts...thx.


I took the liberty of downloading and isolating the fish part of the first picture so you can see what I was seeing- a juvenile parottfish.

Although it says "Images can be added to this post" it doesn't tell you how.

Island Barb

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