Round Scad, Mackeral Scad or Something Else?


Observed in a school, ten feet of water in Akumal, Mexico at the Palladium Katennah. Has black dot on gill plate commonly observed in both fish, but also a second one below it. Rounded mouth, but no widely spaced black dots along lateral line. Can't tell if there are enlarged scutes on rear lateral line. Confused...


Not scad, but herring (pilchards). There's a bunch of species.. it's probably impossible to tell without the fish in hand. Nice picture though.


Thanks for helping me out....

Thanks for helping me out....

Rule of thumb

Jeff, FYI scads are part of the jack family and have two separate and distinct dorsal fins while herrings such as these will have only one. 

Some info I gratefully

Some info I gratefully accept....

Not herring

I believe these to be False Herring  (Harengula clupeola -Cuvier, 1829)   


Barb-Just a snorkeler

Excellent thought....very

Excellent thought....very much appreciated. Thx

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