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All seen in shallow reef areas in Mexico off Akumal Beach....hopefully pics are clear enough for someone to venture an opinion.

1. I give up on

1. I give up on Parrotfish...

2. Look like Juv. Glassy Sweepers

3. No idea

4. Hairy was close. But its a Mimic Blenny, Labrisomus guppyi. If you look at the left pectoral fin and follow the 2nd visible fin ray back towards the head you can see the orange rear edge of the opercle spot. Also, the characteristic white bar at the base of tail is visible.


Good call on the Mimic

Good call on the Mimic Blenny, Louis. Couldn't be happier with your concise info. Thx again.


1. The white saddle on the caudal peduncle makes me think its a Redband parrotfish

2. As Louis said Glassy sweepers

3. Possibly Anchoviella perfasciata, Flat anchovy BUT really no way of telling from photo

4. I bow to Louis' ID

Thx Carlos....I really

Thx Carlos....I really appreciate your continued feedback. 

Happy to help

We are all always learning and I'm happy to pass it along.

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