Juvenile Queen Angelfish


I would like to properly label this fish, and while I think it is probably a juvenile queen angelfish, I have some doubts.  The interactive DVD says the body of the juvenile queen angelfish is blue; this fish looks like the body is basically yellow.  Also, the DVD admits that the juveniles of the blue angelfish and the queen angelfish are very similar.

To me, this beauty, this beauty of nature, is one of the great joys of diving (and snorkeling).  I find all the angelfish, juveniles and adults, remarkably beautiful.  Diving is not for everyone, and I try not to force it on people who find the environment and activity uncomfortable, but we -- you and me -- and all the divers and snorkelers -- are incredibly fortunate to see what we see.

So, is this a juvenile queen angelfish?

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Most definitely....I saw the

Most definitely....I saw the exact same one in Cuba. I've seen many juveniles, but these must be somewhat rare, as your's is the only other one with this coloration that I have come across. Beautiful fish!!

Body bands

The recommended way of visually telling the two species apart is by the shape of the body bands; on the Queen the second is curved and on the Blue it is nearly straight. Unfortunately we can't see them in this image. 

Carlos, at last

I wait patiently for a true expert answer ... from you, or Louis, or one of the other very knowledgeable I. D. Central regulars.  Your answer is perfect; thank you.  I have added your tip to my notes, and since there are many more queen angelfish than blue angelfish in my area, I am declaring this one a juvenile queen angelfish.  Your input is deeply appreciated.

If you find time, please look at my unanswered post, "I Am Pretty Sure I Know What This Is."  I would love you to confirm my I. D.




Marty, I'm afraid sponges are not my forté, sorry.

Thank You

Thank you anyway; I will find it eventually.



Queen Angelfish juveniles

For more variety of juvenile angelfish coloration:



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