Hi there, is this a triplefin? Possibly roughhead or redeye? It was about 1.5 cm long and I found it in shallow water (1 m) in Belize. Id help would be much appreciated! Thanks Frederica




Hi, really nobody an idea about this little guy? The image opens now! Thank you


It is most definitely a Triplefin. 

IMO this is a Roughhead triplefin, Enneanectes boehlkei because: it does not appear to have the dark body bars of a Lofty or Redeye or the elevated fore-dorsal of the Lofty or Blackedge. 

Sometimes the best anyone can do is go by the process of elimination and make an educated guess. 


Thank you so much, Carlos! I

Thank you so much, Carlos! I highly appreciate the information! Cheers Frederica

You're welcome

Keep them coming!

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