Roatan blennies and gobies


Unknowns and best-guesses from Roatan, August, 2014.

The Emblemariopsis blennies were all between 25-40 feet, in mostly live hard coral.  The males never came out of the holes far enough to see much except the heads.  These could be darkheaded, glass, flagfin, seafan...Is there any way to tell these species apart?

The questionable barfin blenny was in patch coral at about 5 feet.

The pallid goby was at about 50 feet in a sandy-bottomed chute/canyon.

Any help would be apreciated. Thanks

Pics 2 and 6

I'm pretty sure that #2 is a smoothhead glass blenny, but I would prefer someone confirm that.  You're right about the last photo - it's a pallid goby.



Thanks Allison

Smoothhead glass blenny complex appears to be the thing.  I just got the Humann and Deloach 4th edition, and except for th red banner blenny (E. ramirezi) they lump all Emblemariopsis species into two complexes... I guess that will have to do until I become a real icthyologist (in my dreams).

yes, first four are glass

yes, first four are glass blennies Emblemariopsis- probably the Belize smoothhead, E. pricei. There are several species there, but you need closeups of the head to ID them. The blenny is a rosy- there are several color forms of them. Yes, the goby is pallid.

Thanks, Ben.  I should have

Thanks, Ben.  I should have known the rosy blenny.  Live and learn.

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