blenny and gobies


Hi, would be great if anyone could help: is image 1 a saddled blenny? Image 2 looks like a goldspot goby - but is image 3 also a goldspot not displaying the vertical line down from the eye? All found in a shallow backreef area in Belize. Many thanks! Frederica

#2 and #3 Goldspot goby

I just can't tell the species on image #1


Thank you, Carlos. Could image 1 be a saddled blenny with enhanced red-orange maybe to blend with background? The saddles are still visible. Frederica

Malacoctenus sp.

It is in the family of Malacoctenus but an ID to species from the photo is beyond me. There are two very similar looking species in this family: Saddled and Goldline Malacoctenus aurolineatus, both have bars when seen from above. 



Thanks once more, Carlos!

I am just wondering whether the goldline blenny can display so much red/orange?!

Goldline vs Saddled

If you want to see my photos of the two go to and click on the search button, type in Goldline blenny or Saddled blenny, hit search and you can see for yourself. Let me know what you think.

Goldline vs Saddled

Thanks for the link. Really hard to tell but the Saddled might have more red pigmentation while the Goldline more yellow. I will try to upload an additional image of what the Goldlines looked that I have come across so far in Belize.

I think your pics are saddled

I think your pics are saddled blenny. In my experience, the "saddles" on the goldline are not as well defined, nor quite so sadlle-shaped.  FWIW, here's a goldline blenny from Roatan...which as the crow flies, isn't too far from Belize.  Edit: The photo shows up in Preview...but as of yet does not appear when posted.  Is there a way to add photos to forum replies?

Goldline vs Saddled

I am pretty sure that the last image is not a saddled but rather a goldline. I saw many of them at one particular site and they did not strike me as saddled. Based on Human I id them as goldlines but I might wrong?!

I would say saddled,

I would say saddled, goldspot, goldspot, goldline

Thank you!

Thank you!

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