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Hi there, I am not sure about this grunt. Could it be a Sailors Choice in transitioning from juvenile to adult? It was of adult size, though. The belly lacked stripes or pattern. I would be grateful for insight! Cheers Frederica

Nice find

I've never seen one of these guys but I believe that is a Latin grunt, Haemulon steindachneri.

Key Features:

Brown scale spots and scales below lateral line form oblique lines to body axis

Caudal base has large black blotch

Juvenile: 2nd stripe short, Caudal base - oval spot with narrow front

Latin Grunt

That would be really exciting! Have you ever heard reports of the Latin Grunt from Belize? It's reported from Quintana Roo, Mexico and on Fishbase it looks like it's present in Belize too but I have not seen it on species lists.

Although not very experienced

Although not very experienced in identification, that was my guess as well. I observed several Latin Grunts in Cozumel at the Money Bar and the Iberostar Cozumel. They look remarkably similiar to your pics. Congrats.

thanks Jeff! At what depth

thanks Jeff! At what depth did you observe them?

sorry, also on fish base no

sorry, also on fish base no actual record for Belize, it's only indicated as part of the species range.

Ranged from 10 -20 feet.

Ranged from 10 -20 feet. Always swimming freely over sandy bottoms, never relating to structure.

thanks again!

thanks again!

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