Tiger Tail Sea Cucumber?

Im pretty sure I saw a Tiger Tail Sea Cucumber (Holothuria thomasi) at French Reef (off Key Largo, FL Keys) a few days ago--1st I've seen in about 50 dives in the Upper Keys. At least 1M long (couldn't see its whole length). How common are they in the Upper Keys? Entire Keys (per Humann/DeLoach rare/uncommon/common/abundant gradient)?

Common to uncommon

Hey John, I don't see them very often but I have seen them here in the Keys. 


I see them regularly, but not often, throughout the Upper Keys.  I have a photo of one I saw in the Dixie Shoal area on August 20, but despite the line that reads, "Images can be added to this post," I couldn't add it.  Somehow you never see the entire length, but you usually see at least three or four feet.

Another one

I thought of you today.  I saw a beauty of a tigertail sea cucumber in Key Largo, out near the red nun (#8) in 24 feet of water.



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