Damsel in North Carolina


These are screen captures from underwater video taken at Frying Pan Tower, 35 miles off of Cape Fear in southeastern North Carolina in 50 ft of water. The images are from 10/14/14. My best guess is an adult cocoa based primarily on the anal fin shape and coloration. I realize the images are nice and crisp...

Any suggestions?

No one has any ideas?

No one has any ideas?




Damsels are very difficult to ID even with a crisp, clear image, probably why no one has responded with an ID.

Perhaps a Cocoa

While there is not way to positively ID, my best guess would be Cocoa Damselfish. That's a good starting point for next time you see them. Alternatively Beaugregory. When you see damsels, it's always helpful to look and see what juveniles are around (they are more distinctive than the adults).

I agree

I see this fish (probably the same one) nearly very day on the underwater camera feed. I'll be on the lookout for juveniles. Thanks for the thoughts.

Further observations

Can you make out a spot on the caudal peduncle when you are watching live? If so a good clue to ID as a Cocoa.

Is there a dark spot at the base of the pectoral? If so perhaps a Threespot damsel.

Sometimes the best way to narrow the possibilities is by the process of elimination. Let us know.

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