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Not as confident as I should be with identifying these....I would really like to hear other's opinions.

I'm thinking a mix of flat needlefish, houndfish and guaguanche....

Confirmation from all of you, would be a big help.



where did you take the pictures?

Good question....I was just

Good question....I was just about to throw that on here, as it will aid in the ID. All of these were taken in the Caribbean during the last two years. Cuba, Mexico, Dominican Republic and Jamaica. All were in less than 20 feet of water. Thanks for asking.....:)



Pix 2-6 look to be Flat needlefish, Ablennes hians because of the dark bars on body. 

Pix 1,7,8 ? Maybe Flat or maybe Houndfish.

Pix 9 The Sennet and Guaguanche are very similar and I don't think we can determine from the image. On the Guaguanche the pectoral fin reaches over the pelvic fin but not so with the Sennet, a clear side photo would have been necessary to see this detail.



Awesome Carlos...I may have

Awesome Carlos...I may have one or two more shots that I can enlarge and check, with regards to pix 9.


Hey Carlos....from a few

Hey Carlos....from a few other pics, they appear to be Sennets. The pic was taken in Jibacoa, Cuba. Are they more apt to be Northern or Southern and is there a way to distinguish reliably between the two? Many thx!!


Jeff, current thinking is that there is but one species of Sennet, verdict is up in the air. 

Greatly appreciated...thx

Greatly appreciated...thx

Seen in Cebu, Philippines

I saw something very similar on 31 October 2016 in Cebu, Philippines while snorkeling off-shore at the Shangri-La resort.  Video (limited viz) is here:


At first I thought it was a baracuda, but the long snout caused me to question that.

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