Golden Hamlet Club: MJ Farr

MJ Farr

How long have you been doing surveys? 

I started doing surveys in January of 2004.

When did you join the Golden Hamlet Club?

Not sure -  sometime in 2014.

Where do you survey? 

Mostly in Hawaii, but I have done a few in Fiji.

Do you have a favorite fish or invertebrate? Why? 

When in Hawaii, I love Boxfishes... their cute little faces and the way they sort of flutter their fins.

What is your favorite thing/memory about REEF and the Volunteer Survey Project?

Since I do so much diving in Hawaii (when we are there, which is about half of the year, I do about six dives a week) completing the surveys keeps diving from getting repetitious, beacuse I am always on the lookout for something rare, or to get a good count on a fish we don't see very often.

Feel free to share anything else about yourself and your diving adventures!

I didn't come to diving easily. My son and husband got certified. I said, "Count me out, I'm not a water person and I'm claustrophobic." However, my husband (bless his heart) encouraged me to try it, because he knew if I could get over the logistics of the gear, I would love the critters. I did about five intro dives before agreeing to get certified. He was right, i do love the critters and now have over 2,000 dives under my belt, or rather my weight pockets.


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