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Promote Diving That Counts!
It's good for business, it's good for marine life and it's fun.

Field Stations help REEF recruit and train volunteers for the Volunteer Survey Project. They include dive operators, National Marine Sanctuaries, National Parks, non-profit organizations, public aquaria and other ocean science and conservation related institutions.

Find a Field Station

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It's free to join.  Click the link above to register today.  For more information, please contact REEF Outreach Coordinator, Janna Nichols (


1. At least one person on your staff needs to join REEF and become REEF Experience Level 2

2. Teach at least one REEF fish ID class each year.

3. Hold one REEF Open House each year to introduce new people to REEF (this can be done in conjunction with the Fish ID class)

Host a REEF Event
Field Stations host a range of activities, including regular REEF survey dives, marine life identification and REEF survey training courses, promotional events during the Great Annual Fish Count, and more.

Why become a REEF Field Station?

It’s good for business
Most divers want to do more than just go sightseeing under water. The REEF Volunteer Survey Project gives them the opportunity to see more, know more and give back to the environment they love. As recruiting centers for the Volunteer Survey Project, Field Stations promote fish watching and diving as a lifelong sport.

It’s good for marine life
As a water planet, the well-being of the Earth depends on the health of the oceans. Recreational divers and snorkelers are in a unique positionto monitor many valuable and vulnerable marine habitats. With knowledge, training and the opportunity to give back to ocean science, these concerned “citizen scientists” can make significant and ongoing contributions to marine life conservation.

It’s fun!
Your divers learn something new, enjoy a more challenging and meaningful dive and make new friends along the way.

Benefits for Field Stations

Increased publicity
REEF actively promotes Field Stations through this website (38,000+ visitors per month) and through REEF-sponsored public talks, seminars and educational materials

Endorsement from REEF
Many divers prefer to dive with eco-friendly operators. Partnership with REEF as a Field Station demonstrates your commitment to marine conservation.

Continuing Education
Field Stations guide divers through a series of training modules, tests and in-water surveys from Level 1 (Novice) to Level 5 (Expert) level fish watcher status in the REEF Volunteer Survey Project. Divers who start out learning basic marine life identification and get hooked on fish watching are likely to continue diving with their local REEF Field Station.

Networking Opportunities
REEF works closely with scientists, resource managers and conservation groups. Opportunities to collaborate with these partners arise all the time – REEF Field Stations have priority when our partners request contact information for help with field work.

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