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REEFnotes was a printed newsletter distributed to all REEF members in the US and Canada between the years of 1994 and 2007. REEF now distributes all of our newsletters electronically. Join REEF today to start receiving your issue of our e-enews each month.

The current and past issues of REEFnotes are available to download as portable document files (.pdf). In order to open these documents you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is available free from the Adobe Website. Please note that some of the older issues are large files

In addition to articles on REEF activities, fish ID tips, and marine environmental topics, each issue features a letter from REEF's Executive Director, a current list of REEF Field Stations, a current list of REEF Field Surveys, a list of REEF's most active surveying members with at least 20 surveys, and a list of contributing members and sponsors.

Volume 3, Issue 3 Summer 1996

  • TNC Releases Summary of Data from REEF's Fish Surveys
  • Sharptail Eel ID
  • New Products Review
  • The Marlin
Download - vol3no3.PDF (4.24 MB)

Volume 3, Issue 1 Winter 1996

  • BVI Dive Operators Join Together as REEF Field Stations
  • Where are the Fairy Basslets?
  • Goldential Moray ID
  • Squirrelfish ID
  • Trunkfish- Helicopters of the Reef
Download - vol3no1.PDF (4.27 MB)

Volume 2, Issue 1 Winter 1994/1995

  • REEF Recipient of Rodale Environmental Award for 1994
  • More Morays
  • Stealth Bass- Genus Liopropoma
  • REEF Deluxe Survey Kit Now Available
  • REEF Gear Now Available
Download - vol2no1.PDF (3.76 MB)

Volume 1, Issue 2 Summer/Fall 1994

  • REEF Deluxe Survey Kit Now Available
  • Sailfin Blenny and Cardinal Soldierfish ID Tips
  • Surprise- Its a Short Bigeye
  • REEF Volunteers help the National Marine Fisheries Service Assess the Recovery of Jewfish and Nassau Grouper Populations.
Download - vol1no2.PDF (3.93 MB)

Volume 1, Issue 1 Spring 1994

The very first REEF newsletter!

  • Key Marine Wildlife Survey - Volunteers Needed
  • Species Hightlight - African Pompano
  • From Bubbles to Bites - a brief history of the REEF survey scansheet
  • Wanted: Information on the Gaudy Brittle Star
  • Diseased Fish Sightings Needed

Download - vol1no1.pdf (1.21 MB)
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