REEF Webinars / Fishinars

Some call them webinars. We call 'em Fishinars!

Fishie fun in the comfort of your own home. Great for first-timers or those wanting a review. These short, free webinars will teach you the finer points of identifying fish and invertebrates underwater.

  • We use common names, not scientific names, and focus on how to ID each critter.
  • Fishinars help divers and snorkelers learn how to become citizen scientists and help monitor marine life on their recreational dives. Data gathered goes into REEF's publically accessible online database to help students, researchers, scientists, policy-makers, etc. This is the largest marine life sightings database in the world.
  • Fishinars are open to divers, snorkelers, and devout landlubbers alike. Anyone wanting to know more about our local underwater residents is welcome to join in.
  • You don't need a microphone or a webcam to be able to participate
  • iPad, iPhone and Android device users - there is a free Citrix Online GoToMeeting app that will allow you to view our Fishinars, but the interface does not support full participation (you won't be able to raise your hand, type in questions or answers, etc.) So just a heads up!

Fishinar Cheat Sheets
(this is where you'll find the lists of fish taught in each session,
and can download and print them out. Great study aid!)

View Our Fishinar Archive Listing
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More Fishinars will be Coming Soon in 2015!


Experience Level Testing

Take your REEF Experience level tests online by appointment. Email to set up a session.

  • You must have at least 25, 35, or 50 surveys in the database before taking the level 3, 4 or 5 tests respectively.

Fishinar Archives

Current Fishinars are posted for a limited time after the Fishinar ends.

To view all other Fishinars, send request to with the following info:

Fishinar archives are intended for individual viewing only, not for groups. Contact Janna if you'd like to show a Fishinar to your group.

  • Intro to REEF - Quickstart Guide to doing surveys - Click Here to View
  • Northern Gulf of Mexico's Dapper Dozen
  • NE Fish ID: The Northeast's Dirty Dozen
  • PNW Fish ID: Rockfish Rock!
  • PNW Fish ID: Scalawag Sculpins
  • PNW Fish ID: Gunnels, Greenlings, Gobies and more
  • PNW Fish ID: Weirdos: Ratfish, Flatfish and more
  • Cozumel's Dirty Dozen (sorry, not recorded)
  • Cozumel: The Next 13 Fish
  • CAL Fish ID: Rockin' Rockfish
  • CAL Fish ID: Scalawag Sculpins
  • CAL Fish ID: Wrasse 'n' Bass: Nobody rides for free
  • CAL Fish ID: Pesky Perch
  • CAL Fish ID: Odds 'n' Ends
  • CAL Invertebrate ID Part 1
  • CAL Invertebrate ID Part 2
  • TWA Lookalikes? Look Again!
  • Caribbean Cryptics
  • PNW Advanced Fish ID Part 1
  • PNW Advanced Fish ID Part 2
  • PNW Advanced Fish ID Part 3
  • TWA Not Exactly Bums: Fish that live under Florida's Blue Heron Bridge
  • TWA: Perplexing Parrotfish
  • HAW: Fish that Say Aloha: Hawaii's Top 15 Fish
  • TEP: Que Pasa? Top 12 Fish in the Northern Sea of Cortez
  • Lionfish 101: Recording issues. 40 mins, then QA session
  • Speed Dating Fishy Style with Ned DeLoach
  • TWA: The Wrasse Class
  • PNW: Sculpins Under Scrutiny
  • The Blennywatcher
  • TWA: Holy Moly Gobies!
  • TWA:Lookalikes? Look Again! Part 2
  • TWA: Super Duper Groupers!
  • TWA: The Grunt Club
  • TWA: Caribbean Hit Parade - Top 25
  • TWA: Those Darn Damsels!
  • TWA: Hamlets - (starts late on 2nd slide - sorry!)
  • HAW: Bodacious Butterflies of Hawaii
  • TWA: Triggerfish and Filefish
  • TWA: Boxfish and Puffers
  • TWA: Blue Heron Bridge Revisited
  • Cleaning Stations with Ned DeLoach
  • TWA: Bonaire's Top 25 (ScubaBoard special Fishinar)
  • NE: Northeast Fish You Should Know
  • TWA: Safety Stop Fish
  • TWA: Perplexing Parrotfish
  • TWA: Keep Pointing! Fish You Might Mistake for a Rock
  • TWA: Overlooked Fish of Cozumel (Sorry, recording fail - we had technical difficulties)
  • TWA: Drums and Croakers
  • You Do WHAT For a Living? Marine Illustrator Val Kells
  • PNW Invertebrate ID: Sponges and Stingers
  • PNW Invertebrate ID: Gettin' Crabby
  • PNW Invertebrate ID: Marvelous Molluscs
  • PNW Invertebrate ID: Stars and Squirts
  • Seeing Red! Squirrelfish, Soldierfish and Cardinalfish 
  • CAL California Lookalikes
  • SAS Top 25 Fish
  • Crabinar! with Greg Jensen
  • Roatan Top 25
  • TWA: Angels and Butterflies
  • Ray Troll: A Few Mind-Blowing Fish That Every Ichthyo-Geek Should Know About 
  • HAW: Wrascally Wrasses
  • Coralinar!
  • TWA: Digging Deeper into Caribbean Fish ID Part 1
  • NE and PNW: East vs. West - Lookalike fish
  • TWA: Digging Deeper into Caribbean Fish ID Part 2
  • PNW: Port Hardy's Greatest Hits (fish and invertebrate ID)
  • TWA: Playing in the Sandbox: Fish You'll See in the Sand
  • TWA: That Face! That Face! That Wonderful Face! Blennies
  • Milton Love - Oil Platform Research
  • Lionfish Myth Busters! Click Here to View

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