Corals In & Lionfish Out Pledge


Pledge your support for REEF and Coral Restoration Foundation.

On Thursday September 11th, CRF staff and volunteers will work to break the record for the most coral planted in a single day! On Saturday September 13th  teams will work to break the record for the most lionfish removed in a single day at the Annual REEF Key Largo Derby.

Support these record-breaking marine conservation activities by pledging a match for each coral planted and lionfish removed!

Please enter an amount in the quantity for your pledge (enter 1 for $1/coral planted and lionfish caught, etc). If you wish to pledge less than $1 per, please enter 1 in the quantity box and then leave a comment on the correct pledge amount). Your Credit Card will be charged on September 15, based on the total number of corals planted and lionfish removed.

All contributions are tax-deductable and will benefit CRF and REEF's programs. 

Price: $1.00
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