REEF uses a hierarchical 8-digit code system for survey site locations. Each geographic area has its own set of codes. When completing a survey, you need to know the complete 8-digit code for the site you surveyed.

If the site that you surveyed is not currently on our list, then please email to request a new code to be assigned. Please provide the site name, general location, and ideally the latitude and longitude.

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Region: CIP
Zone: New Georgia Group Islands

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ZoneZone Code listGeographic ReportNameHave Coordinates?
21090001Geographic ReportLumalihe PassageYes
21090002Geographic ReportChris's Corner (Marovo Lagoon)Yes
21090004Geographic ReportKaranjou Island and Bay (Marovo Lagoon)Yes
21090005Geographic ReportTwin Points (Marovo Lagoon)Yes
21090006Geographic ReportGeorge's Spot (Marovo Lagoon)Yes
21090007Geographic ReportAnemone Point (Marovo Lagoon)Yes
21090008Geographic ReportWreck of the Toa Maru #2No
21090009Geographic ReportMbili ShallowsYes
21090010Geographic ReportWickham (Vangunu) Island East and West PointYes
21090011Geographic ReportKicha Island (Marovo Island)No
21090012Geographic ReportMbulo Lagoon Point (Marovo Island)No
21090013Geographic ReportMbulo Canyon (Marovo Lagoon)No
21090014Geographic ReportMalamale IslandNo
21090015Geographic ReportPipe Dreams (Marovo Lagoon)Yes
21090016Geographic ReportPoetic Pinnacles (Marovo Lagoon)Yes
21090017Geographic ReportOut of this World (Marovo Lagoon)Yes
21090018Geographic ReportLuten's Surprise (Marovo Lagoon)Yes
21090019Geographic ReportAmazing Grace (Marovo Lagoon)Yes
21090020Geographic ReportAround the Corner (Marovo Lagoon)Yes
21090021Geographic ReportRainbow Wall / The Wall (Marovo Lagoon)Yes
21090022Geographic ReportMoly (Marovo Lagoon)Yes
21090023Geographic ReportMany Palms (Marovo Lagoon)Yes
21090024Geographic ReportMinado Eco Lodge - House Reef (Marovo Lagoon)Yes
21090025Geographic ReportAnemone Bay (between Moly and Bili) (Marovo Lagoon)Yes
21090026Geographic ReportJohn Lee's House (House Reef)(Marovo Lagoon)Yes
21090027Geographic ReportFantastic Fans (near Amazing Grace) (Marovo Lagoon)No
21090028Geographic ReportThe Palms (between Moly and Bili) (Marovo Lagoon)No
21090029Geographic ReportUepi Point (Uepi Island)Yes
21090030Geographic ReportLandoro Garden (Uepi Island)Yes
21090031Geographic ReportTamaleve Wall (Matenana Island)Yes
21090032Geographic ReportNorth Log (Uepi Island)Yes
21090033Geographic ReportCharapoana Point (Charapoana Island)Yes
21090034Geographic ReportGeneral Store (Avavasa Island)Yes
21090035Geographic ReportUepi Channel (Between Uepi and Charapoana Island)Yes
21090036Geographic ReportRoma (Avavasa Island)Yes
21090037Geographic ReportUepi Resort Bungalow Six Snorkel (Uepi Island)Yes
21090038Geographic ReportUepi Resort Dive Dock & Welcome Jetty area (Uepi Island)Yes
21090039Geographic ReportUepi Lagoon Bommies Snorkel (Uepi Island)Yes
21090040Geographic ReportFan Tastic Yes
21090041Geographic ReportGolden Wall (Karanjou Island)Yes
21090042Geographic ReportFanquarium (Karanjou Island)Yes
21090043Geographic ReportGolden Ledges (Karanjou Island)Yes
21090044Geographic ReportRoyal Wall (Minjanga Island)Yes
21090045Geographic ReportGarden of Eden (Turupu Island)Yes
21090046Geographic ReportTreasure Hunt (Turupu Island)Yes
21090047Geographic ReportCotton Candy (Minjanga Island)Yes
21090048Geographic ReportJapan (Minjanga Island)Yes
21090049Geographic ReportBili (Minjanga Island)Yes
21090050Geographic ReportTurupu Wall / Gobyville / Signal Stop (Turupu Island)Yes
21090051Geographic ReportConvention Center (Minjanga Island)Yes
21090052Geographic ReportMagic Mountain (Minjanga Island)Yes
21090053Geographic ReportSecrets (Turupu Island)Yes
21090054Geographic ReportLone PalmYes
21090055Geographic Report(Iwami) Maru #2Yes
21090056Geographic ReportRoger's ReefYes
21090057Geographic ReportToatelave WallYes
21090058Geographic ReportMbulo CavesYes
21090059Geographic ReportInside Point (Uepi Island)Yes
21090060Geographic ReportNgoetteYes
21090061Geographic ReportSecret Spot (Matenana Island)Yes
21090062Geographic ReportBaywatch (Uepi Island)Yes
21090063Geographic ReportBig Drop (Uepi Island)Yes
21090064Geographic ReportBOTCH / Bottom of the Channel (Uepi Island)Yes
21090065Geographic ReportLandoro Passage (Avavasa Island)Yes
21090066Geographic ReportMongo PassageYes
21090067Geographic ReportInside Inside (Uepi Island)Yes
21090068Geographic ReportYuki Garden (Uepi Island)Yes
21090069Geographic ReportMatiana (Matenana Island)Yes
21090070Geographic ReportElbow (Uepi Island)Yes
21090071Geographic ReportJungle WallNo
21090072Geographic ReportFan City (near Uepi Island)Yes
21090073Geographic ReportMargalete's SpotYes
21090074Geographic ReportCoral CarpetYes
21090075Geographic ReportLeaning PalmYes
21090076Geographic ReportSambulo Gardens (Sambulo Island)Yes
21090077Geographic ReportThe Gap (near Gizo)Yes
21090078Geographic ReportOne Tree Reef (near Gizo)Yes
21090079Geographic ReportManta (near Gizo)Yes
21090080Geographic ReportNjari Island (near Gizo)Yes
21090081Geographic ReportGrand Central Station (near Gizo)Yes