REEF uses a hierarchical 8-digit code system for survey site locations. Each geographic area has its own set of codes. When completing a survey, you need to know the complete 8-digit code for the site you surveyed.

If the site that you surveyed is not currently on our list, then please email to request a new code to be assigned. Please provide the site name, general location, and ideally the latitude and longitude.

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Region: CIP
Zone: South / Southeast Sulawesi

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ZoneZone Code listGeographic ReportNameHave Coordinates?
4331Zone Code listGeographic ReportWakatobi (inc. Buton Island)
43310001Geographic ReportHouse Reef (Wakatobi)Yes
43310002Geographic ReportTurkey BeachYes
43310003Geographic ReportConchitaYes
43310004Geographic ReportThe ZooYes
43310005Geographic ReportBarracudaYes
43310006Geographic ReportLiabale EastYes
43310007Geographic ReportMalabeaYes
43310008Geographic ReportTeluk MayaYes
43310009Geographic ReportTrailblazerYes
43310010Geographic ReportTanjung LinteaYes
43310011Geographic ReportPocketsYes
43310012Geographic ReportFan 38 EastYes
43310013Geographic ReportFan 38 WestYes
43310014Geographic ReportSpiral CornerYes
43310015Geographic ReportMagnificaYes
43310016Geographic ReportCornucopiaYes
43310017Geographic ReportBatfish WallYes
43310018Geographic ReportFan GardenYes
43310019Geographic ReportStarshipYes
43310020Geographic ReportGalaxyYes
43310021Geographic ReportPinki's WallYes
43310022Geographic ReportBlack ForestYes
43310023Geographic ReportLorenzo's DelightYes
43310024Geographic ReportPastelsYes
43310025Geographic ReportInka's PaletteYes
43310026Geographic ReportBrian's ChoiceYes
43310027Geographic ReportChannelYes
43310028Geographic ReportTanjung PatokNo
43310029Geographic ReportDunia BaruYes
43310030Geographic ReportWaitii RidgeYes
43310031Geographic ReportTable Coral CityYes
43310032Geographic ReportTeluk WaitiiYes
43310033Geographic ReportKollo-Soha BeachYes
43310034Geographic ReportRomaYes
43310035Geographic ReportMari MabukNo
43310036Geographic ReportGunung WahaNo
43310037Geographic ReportAli ReefNo
43310038Geographic ReportEel ValleyNo
43310039Geographic ReportWaha TopYes
43310040Geographic ReportKulatiNo
43310041Geographic ReportBladeYes
43310042Geographic ReportCoral HillNo
43310043Geographic ReportPintu TimurNo
43310044Geographic ReportMermaidYes
43310045Geographic ReportFish Wall (Binongko Island)Yes
43310046Geographic ReportCavern Wall (Binongko Island)Yes
43310047Geographic ReportNdaa Light HouseYes
43310048Geographic ReportNdaa Drop OffYes
43310049Geographic ReportNdaa SelatanYes
43310050Geographic ReportBeku's Reef (Kaledupa Atoll)No
43310051Geographic ReportPintu Barat (Kaledupa Atoll)No
43310052Geographic ReportKarang Kapal (off Kaledupa Atoll)No
43310053Geographic ReportLikuan Reef (Kaledupo Atoll)No
43310054Geographic ReportEscape from Imperial/Gone with the Wind (off Buton Island)No
43310055Geographic ReportTanjung Landola (off Buton Island)No
43310056Geographic ReportMandarin City / Vatican (off Buton Island)Yes
43310057Geographic ReportMagic Pier (off Buton Island)Yes
43310058Geographic ReportCheeky Beach / Banana Beach / In Between (off Buton Island)Yes
43310059Geographic ReportAsphalt Pier (Buton Island)Yes
43310060Geographic ReportNew Pier (Buton Island)Yes
43310061Geographic ReportIman's Reef (NW Kapota)No
43310062Geographic ReportBoomies Fish Market North-South / Fishmarket Pinnacle (off Kapota/Kambode)Yes
43310063Geographic ReportNortheast Kapota AtollNo
43310064Geographic ReportLatipu Reef (Kapota Atoll)No
43310065Geographic ReportKampenauneNo
43310066Geographic ReportMetropolis (Kampenaune)No
43310067Geographic ReportNorth Wall (Hoga Island)No
43310068Geographic ReportHoga Buoy #3No
43310069Geographic ReportOuter Pinnacle (Hoga Island)Yes
43310070Geographic ReportTerrace Garden (Hoga Island)No
43310071Geographic ReportBianca (Buton Island)Yes
43310072Geographic ReportKaledupa Point / Northwest Point KaledupaYes
43310073Geographic ReportKaledupa SelatanYes
43310074Geographic ReportKampung Populia (Binongko Island)No
43310075Geographic ReportOtiolo West (Otiolo)No
43310076Geographic ReportTanjung Bury (Kaledupa Atoll)No
43310077Geographic ReportTanjung Baru (Kaledupa Atoll)No
43310078Geographic ReportTurtle Town (Kapota Atoll)No
43310079Geographic ReportLagoon - Orange Wall (Kapota Atoll)No
43310080Geographic ReportFishmarket Wall North (Kapota Atoll)No
43310081Geographic ReportNeptune's Garden (Kaledupa Atoll)No
43310082Geographic ReportLobster WallYes
43310083Geographic ReportOuter WallYes
43310084Geographic ReportKaledupa WallYes
43310085Geographic ReportAllegra's WallYes
43310086Geographic ReportSawa UtaraYes
43310087Geographic ReportMalabea WestYes
43310088Geographic ReportLiabale WestYes
43310089Geographic ReportMalabea EastYes
43310090Geographic ReportValentin PointYes
43310091Geographic ReportRolling Stones (Wangi Wangi Island)Yes
43310092Geographic ReportAbyss (Wangi Wangi Island)Yes
43310093Geographic ReportAquarium (Wangi Wangi Island)Yes
43310095Geographic ReportHoga Buoy #8 (Hoga Island)Yes
43310096Geographic ReportRainbow Reef (Kaledupa Atol)Yes
43310097Geographic ReportVivien's Reef (near Wakatobi Resort)Yes
43310098Geographic ReportNorthern Jetty (Hoga Island West side)Yes
43310099Geographic ReportSouthern Jetty (Hoga Island West side)Yes
43310100Geographic ReportCemara Beach (Wangi Wangi Island)Yes
43310101Geographic ReportSombu Jetty (Wangi Wangi Island)Yes
43310102Geographic ReportPenjelajah (Kaledupa Atoll)Yes
43310103Geographic ReportHao Hao (Kapota Atoll)Yes
43310104Geographic ReportKomang's Reef (Wangi Wangi Island)Yes
43310105Geographic ReportYaya's Secret (Kaledupa Atoll)Yes
43310106Geographic ReportPulau Timur (Wangi Wangi Island)Yes
43310107Geographic ReportChristmas Gift (Kaledupa / Darawa)Yes
4332Zone Code listGeographic ReportSelayar Islands
4333Zone Code listGeographic ReportTakabonerate Islands