REEF uses a hierarchical 8-digit code system for survey site locations. Each geographic area has its own set of codes. When completing a survey, you need to know the complete 8-digit code for the site you surveyed.

If the site that you surveyed is not currently on our list, then please email to request a new code to be assigned. Please provide the site name, general location, and ideally the latitude and longitude.

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Region: CIP
Zone: New Britain

ZoneZone Code listGeographic ReportNameHave Coordinates?
340101Zone Code listGeographic ReportWest New Britain (inc. Walindi and Kimbe Bay)
34010101Geographic ReportHanging Gardens No
34010102Geographic ReportNumundo Reef (Bob's Knob)No
34010103Geographic ReportSchumann IslandNo
34010104Geographic ReportRestorf IslandNo
34010105Geographic ReportJoy's ReefNo
34010106Geographic ReportChristine's ReefNo
34010107Geographic ReportKristy Jayne's ReefNo
34010108Geographic ReportVanessa's ReefYes
34010109Geographic ReportSusan's ReefNo
34010110Geographic ReportInglis ShoalYes
34010111Geographic ReportSouth Ema ReefNo
34010112Geographic ReportNorth Ema ReefNo
34010113Geographic ReportCape HeussnerNo
34010114Geographic ReportSouth Bay Reef - Cecilie's WallNo
34010115Geographic ReportBradford ShoalYes
34010116Geographic ReportKimbe Island BommieNo
34010117Geographic ReportKimbe IslandNo
34010118Geographic ReportOtto's ReefYes
34010119Geographic ReportPaluma ReefNo
34010120Geographic ReportThe ArchYes
34010121Geographic ReportLama ShoalNo
34010122Geographic ReportFather's ArchYes
34010123Geographic ReportFairway ReefNo
34010124Geographic ReportAnn Sophies ReefNo
34010125Geographic ReportJoelle's ReefNo
34010126Geographic ReportWirey BayYes
34010127Geographic ReportTuare's ReefYes
34010128Geographic ReportGoru Arches (Garove Island)Yes
34010129Geographic ReportDicky's Place (Garove Island)Yes
34010130Geographic ReportDicky's Reef (Garove Island)Yes
34010131Geographic ReportKrackafat Reef (Garove Island)Yes
34010132Geographic ReportThe Crater (Garove Island)Yes
34010133Geographic ReportBarney's Reef (Garove Island)Yes
34010134Geographic ReportAke's Reef (Garove Island)Yes
34010135Geographic ReportAlice's MoundYes
34010136Geographic ReportShaggy RidgeYes
34010137Geographic ReportJackie's KnobYes
34010138Geographic ReportKillibob's KnobYes
34010139Geographic ReportMeil's ReefYes
34010140Geographic ReportNorman's KnobYes
34010141Geographic ReportJayne's GullyYes
34010142Geographic ReportLeslie's KnobYes
340102Zone Code listGeographic ReportRabaul's Wrecks
34010201Geographic ReportPete's BiplaneNo
34010202Geographic ReportGeorge's WreckNo
34010203Geographic ReportMitsu Maru and Sugar CharlieNo
34010204Geographic ReportManko MaruNo
34010205Geographic ReportYamayuri MaruNo
34010206Geographic ReportItaly MaruNo
34010207Geographic ReportHakkai MaruNo
34010208Geographic ReportIwate MaruNo
34010209Geographic ReportZero FighterNo
34010210Geographic ReportTakubar WreckNo
340103Zone Code listGeographic ReportRabaul's Reefs
34010301Geographic ReportMidway ReefYes
34010302Geographic ReportKulau Lodge Beach WrecksNo
34010303Geographic ReportBP WharfNo
34010304Geographic ReportWest PointNo
34010305Geographic ReportThe GrottoNo
34010306Geographic ReportGarden of FansNo
34010307Geographic ReportSumarine BaseNo
34010308Geographic ReportSt. George's Channel SeamountNo
34010309Geographic ReportLittle Pigeon and MalisNo
34010310Geographic ReportRebecca's CornerNo
34010311Geographic ReportRainbow ReefNo
34010312Geographic ReportHeaven's GateNo
34010313Geographic ReportJapanese World War II TanksNo
34010314Geographic ReportReimer's GardenNo
34010315Geographic ReportBangkok PassNo