REEF uses a hierarchical 8-digit code system for survey site locations. Each geographic area has its own set of codes. When completing a survey, you need to know the complete 8-digit code for the site you surveyed.

If the site that you surveyed is not currently on our list, then please email to request a new code to be assigned. Please provide the site name, general location, and ideally the latitude and longitude.

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Region: HAW
Zone: Maui County (Maui, Lanai, Molokai, and Kahoolawe)

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ZoneZone Code listGeographic ReportNameHave Coordinates?
41Zone Code listGeographic ReportMaui
41000000Geographic ReportMaui - unspecified locationNo
4101Zone Code listGeographic ReportLeeward Shore Maui (Honolua Bay - Cape Hanamanoia)
410101Zone Code listGeographic ReportWest Side (Nakalele Pt. - McGregor Pt.)
41010101Geographic ReportBlack RockYes
41010102Geographic ReportHyatt ReefYes
41010103Geographic ReportOlowalu MM 14Yes
41010104Geographic ReportKahekili Beach/Old Airport BeachYes
41010105Geographic ReportCanoe Beach (shore dive)/ Hanakao'o Park / Keka'aYes
41010106Geographic ReportWash Rock MauiYes
41010107Geographic ReportCoral GardensYes
41010108Geographic ReportKapalua BayYes
41010109Geographic ReportNakaleleYes
41010111Geographic ReportHonolua Bay MLCDYes
41010112Geographic ReportBaby Beach (near Mala Wharf)Yes
41010113Geographic ReportMokuleia Bay MLCD/SlaughterhouseYes
41010114Geographic ReportAtlantis SubmarineYes
41010115Geographic ReportHonokawai Park (Kaanapali)Yes
41010116Geographic ReportDonna/George HouseYes
41010117Geographic ReportEmbassy Suites ReefYes
41010118Geographic ReportDrainpipeYes
41010119Geographic ReportBill's ReefYes
41010121Geographic ReportThousand PeaksYes
41010122Geographic ReportPuunoa Pt.Yes
41010123Geographic ReportMala WharfYes
41010124Geographic ReportShark PitYes
41010125Geographic ReportHekili PointNo
41010126Geographic ReportCliff House / Namalu BayYes
41010127Geographic ReportHonokeana CoveNo
41010128Geographic ReportPapalaua (off Pali by Tunnel)Yes
41010131Geographic ReportPapawai Point /Scenic Lookout /Scenic PointYes
41010132Geographic ReportCarthaginian (1 mi offshore Puumanu Park)No
41010133Geographic ReportUkumehame Beach - MM 12Yes
41010134Geographic ReportDumps - Ma'aonakala (please use 41010273)Yes
41010135Geographic ReportKulakani Condo BeachNo
41010136Geographic ReportJodo MissionNo
41010137Geographic ReportNapili BayYes
41010138Geographic ReportPuamana BeachYes
41010139Geographic ReportPunahoa Beach (MM13)Yes
41010140Geographic ReportBeach off Maui EldoradoYes
41010141Geographic ReportKahana BeachYes
41010142Geographic ReportWahikuli Wayside ParkYes
41010143Geographic ReportLauniupoko Beach Yes
41010144Geographic ReportHonua Kai Reef (north Ka'anapali Beach)Yes
41010145Geographic ReportOlowalu LandingYes
41010146Geographic ReportMarriott / Dig Me BeachYes
41010147Geographic ReportDT Fleming Beach ParYes
41010148Geographic ReportWestin Nanea Ocean VillasYes
41010149Geographic ReportKim's PlaceYes
41010150Geographic ReportOlowalu BeachYes
41010151Geographic ReportBen Gunn at Poly ReefNo
410102Zone Code listGeographic ReportSouth Maui (McGregor Pt. - Cape Hanamanoia)
41010200Geographic ReportSouth Maui - unspecified locationNo
41010201Geographic ReportHellcat Plane WreckNo
41010202Geographic ReportWailea PointYes
41010203Geographic ReportHaloa PointNo
41010204Geographic ReportMarty's Reef (65' pinnacle)No
41010205Geographic ReportFive Graves/CavesYes
41010206Geographic ReportJody's Backyard (Deer Valley)No
41010207Geographic ReportTank & Landing CraftNo
41010208Geographic ReportRed Hill/Pu'u OlaiYes
41010209Geographic ReportTaape ReefNo
41010210Geographic ReportHawaiian Reef (85' pinnacle)Yes
41010211Geographic ReportApartments (110' pinnacle)Yes
41010212Geographic ReportThird TankNo
41010213Geographic ReportPokaroundNo
41010214Geographic ReportLa Perouse PinnacleNo
41010215Geographic ReportMaalaea/Aquarium Intake PipelineYes
41010216Geographic ReportUlua BeachYes
41010217Geographic ReportAhihi Cove/Kanahena BayYes
41010219Geographic ReportMakena LandingYes
41010220Geographic ReportPalauea BeachYes
41010221Geographic ReportMaluaka Beach (Makena Beach and Golf Resort)Yes
41010222Geographic ReportKamaole Beach IIIYes
41010223Geographic ReportSecret Beach / Hole-in-the-wall Beach /Weddings Beach (Ahihi-Kinau Reserve)Yes
41010224Geographic ReportSt. Anthony's WreckYes
41010225Geographic ReportNahuna PointYes
41010226Geographic ReportHonu RidgeNo
41010227Geographic ReportKeawakapu Beach / Mana Kai endYes
41010228Geographic ReportBattleship RockNo
41010230Geographic ReportRose's GardenNo
41010232Geographic ReportPolo BeachYes
41010233Geographic ReportRoadside Dive (b/t Big Beach and Ahihi Cove)Yes
41010234Geographic ReportAquarium (n. side La Perouse Bay)Yes
41010235Geographic ReportFish Bowl (Ahihi-Kinau Reserve)Yes
41010236Geographic ReportKalepolepo Beach Park / Kalepolepo ReefYes
41010238Geographic ReportPoolenalena BeachYes
41010239Geographic ReportRoger's BackyardNo
41010240Geographic ReportNorth NahunaNo
41010241Geographic ReportMakena TankNo
41010242Geographic ReportLa Perouse shore diveYes
41010243Geographic ReportMai Poina Oe Ia'u Beach PavilionYes
41010244Geographic ReportSugar Beach / Kale'ia ReefYes
41010245Geographic ReportNeil's ReefYes
41010246Geographic ReportKamaole Beach I NorthYes
41010247Geographic ReportKamaole Beach IIYes
41010248Geographic ReportKamaole Beach I to II/Dee's ReefYes
41010249Geographic ReportNan's Reef (s. of Neil's Reef)No
41010250Geographic ReportMcGregor PointYes
41010251Geographic ReportKamaole Beach II to III/Kamaole PointYes
41010252Geographic ReportPapawai Point - (Use 41010131)No
41010253Geographic ReportMast ReefYes
41010254Geographic ReportPunahoa Beach (please use 41010139)Yes
41010258Geographic ReportKo'ie'ie / Kalepolepo FishpondYes
41010259Geographic ReportKalepolepo Deep Reef (Use 41010236)No
41010260Geographic ReportSunken BoatYes
41010261Geographic ReportKeawakapu Beach (south end 1/2 mile from Mana kai)Yes
41010262Geographic ReportOffshore south Maui (half way between Maalaea and Molokini)No
41010264Geographic ReportOffshore Nahuna/5 Graves - Outside Halimeda ReefNo
41010265Geographic ReportMana Kai PinnacleYes
41010266Geographic ReportLongnose Reef (Off the Mana Kai)Yes
41010267Geographic ReportThree AnchorsYes
41010268Geographic ReportLipoa Bowl (offshore Lipoa Street)Yes
41010269Geographic ReportMakena State Park Black Sand Beach - Red Hill/ Oneuli BeachYes
41010270Geographic ReportKalama Park (central Kihei, S Maui)Yes
41010271Geographic ReportSpinning PlatesNo
41010272Geographic ReportMaalaea Bay Reef (middle of Maalaea Bay)Yes
41010273Geographic ReportMaonakala Dumps (South Ahihi Cove, Kanahena Bay)Yes
41010274Geographic ReportKamole III Peaks and ValleysNo
41010275Geographic ReportWailea Marriott ReefYes
41010276Geographic ReportKeawalaiNo
41010277Geographic ReportKamaole Reef OffshoreYes
41010278Geographic ReportKihei Boat LaunchYes
41010279Geographic ReportMaluaka Beach, Point at the North end ofYes
41010280Geographic ReportBig Beach, north endYes
41010281Geographic ReportKihei 483Yes
41010282Geographic ReportKihei Old WharfYes
41010283Geographic ReportHale Manini / The Prison / Pa'ako Cove / MoonsurfacesYes
41010284Geographic ReportHelldiver Plane WreckYes
41010285Geographic ReportRivers RunNo
41010286Geographic ReportBig Beach SouthYes
41010287Geographic ReportHaycraft ParkYes
41010288Geographic ReportPalaulau Outlet / BoardwalkYes
41010289Geographic ReportMakena Surf Beach/ Little Chang BeachYes
41010290Geographic ReportMakena Surf Point / NahunaYes
4102Zone Code listGeographic ReportMolokini Shoal MLCD
41020100Geographic ReportInside CraterNo
41020101Geographic ReportTaco FlatsNo
41020102Geographic ReportMid Reef & Snorkel ZoneYes
41020103Geographic ReportShark CondosNo
41020104Geographic ReportEnenui SideYes
41020105Geographic ReportReef's EndYes
41020106Geographic ReportGarbanzoNo
41020107Geographic ReportEnenui DriftNo
41020108Geographic ReportReef's End DriftNo
41020400Geographic ReportOutside CraterNo
41020401Geographic ReportBack Wall/Outside WallYes
41020402Geographic ReportEdge of the WorldYes
41020403Geographic ReportFlying Sea CliffsNo
4103Zone Code listGeographic ReportSouth Shore Maui (Cape Hanamanoia - Nanualele Pt. at Hana Bay)
41030001Geographic ReportSplit ReefNo
41030002Geographic ReportWaste LandsNo
41030003Geographic ReportPinnacle PointYes
41030004Geographic ReportGolden Arches/Kanaio Arches (Pakahueaea Pt)No
41030005Geographic ReportDragon ReefNo
41030006Geographic ReportOheo GulchNo
41030007Geographic ReportKaolaNo
41030008Geographic ReportHana Pier (Hana Bay)Yes
41030009Geographic ReportKalulu PointNo
41030010Geographic ReportHomoa BeachNo
41030011Geographic ReportRed Sands BeachNo
41030012Geographic ReportNu'u Bay - south shore MauiNo
41030013Geographic ReportKalaeoka'ilio Point (by Kaupo, very south end island)No
41030014Geographic ReportKamanamana PointNo
41030015Geographic ReportOP-10 (outside Kamanawa Bay)No
41030016Geographic ReportShark Caves (near Ahole Rock)No
41030017Geographic ReportKanalo Ridge (Mike's Ridge)No
41030018Geographic ReportRivers RunYes
4104Zone Code listGeographic ReportWindward Coast Maui (Nanualele Pt. at Hana Bay - Nakalele Pt.)
410401Zone Code listGeographic ReportSoutheast Coast (Nanualele Pt. - Pauwela Pt.)
41040101Geographic ReportKahalau (Kapukaamaui)No
410402Zone Code listGeographic ReportNortheast Coast (Pauwela Pt. - Nakalele Pt.)
41040201Geographic ReportHidden PinnacleNo
41040202Geographic ReportWaihee Beach ParkYes
41040203Geographic ReportPaia BayYes
41040204Geographic ReportMaliko Bay (right side)Yes
41040205Geographic ReportNortheast Coast (Hononana Bay)Yes
41040206Geographic ReportHo’okipa Beach ParkYes
41040207Geographic ReportMaliko Bay (left side)Yes
41040208Geographic ReportOlivine PoolsYes
42Zone Code listGeographic ReportLanai
4201Zone Code listGeographic ReportEast Coast Lanai (Kamaiki Pt. - Hale o Lono)
42010001Geographic ReportTwo PalmsNo
42010002Geographic ReportClub LanaiYes
42010003Geographic ReportShipwreck BeachNo
42010004Geographic ReportTurtle HavenNo
4202Zone Code listGeographic ReportWest Coast Lanai (Hale o Lono - Palaoa Pt.)
42020001Geographic ReportShark Fin (Mokuna'Io)Yes
42020002Geographic ReportBarge HarborYes
42020003Geographic ReportLighthouseYes
42020004Geographic ReportCoast of Ka`ena PointYes
42020005Geographic ReportKalama Iki GulchYes
42020006Geographic ReportThree Stone / Nanahoa IsletsYes
4203Zone Code listGeographic ReportSouth Side Lanai (Palaoa Pt. - Kamaiki Pt.)
42030001Geographic ReportGrand CaynonNo
42030002Geographic ReportWhite RockNo
42030003Geographic ReportMonolithYes
42030004Geographic ReportWash Rock LanaiYes
42030005Geographic ReportPyramidsNo
42030006Geographic ReportSecond CathedralYes
42030007Geographic ReportKnob HillYes
42030008Geographic ReportFirst CathedralYes
42030009Geographic ReportFish RockYes
42030010Geographic ReportSergeant MajorYes
42030011Geographic ReportSergeant MinorNo
42030012Geographic ReportNo Name ParadiseYes
42030013Geographic ReportSecret CoveNo
42030014Geographic ReportHulopoe Bay MLCDYes
42030015Geographic ReportHole in the WallYes
42030016Geographic ReportManele Bay MLCDYes
42030017Geographic ReportMenpaci CavesNo
42030018Geographic ReportArmchairNo
42030019Geographic ReportLover's LeapYes
42030020Geographic ReportDouble ArchesNo
42030021Geographic ReportSteve's Cave / Amy's RockNo
42030022Geographic ReportThe Pinnacle / Lanai PinnacleYes
43Zone Code listGeographic ReportMolokai
4301Zone Code listGeographic ReportMokuhooniki Island
43010001Geographic ReportFish RainYes
4302Zone Code listGeographic ReportSouth Side Molokai not incl. Mokuhooniki Isl. (Halava - Loau Pt.)
43020001Geographic ReportFish Bowl MolokaiNo
43020002Geographic ReportHalelano HarborYes
43020003Geographic Report20 Mile Beach/Murphy's Beach ParkNo
43020004Geographic ReportThe HerdingNo
43020005Geographic ReportThe WallNo
43020006Geographic ReportBF (Big Friendly) TurtleNo
43020007Geographic ReportManta 1No
43020008Geographic ReportOuter ReefNo
4303Zone Code listGeographic ReportWest Side Molokai (Loau Pt. - Ilio Pt.)
43030001Geographic ReportKepuhi BeachYes
43030002Geographic ReportDixie Maru BeachYes
43030003Geographic ReportMake Horse BeachYes
43030004Geographic ReportKaupoa BeachNo
43030005Geographic ReportPapohaku BeachNo
4304Zone Code listGeographic ReportNorth Side Molokai (Ilio Pt. - Halava)
43040001Geographic ReportNorth Shore Cliffs (Wailau Valley)No
43040002Geographic ReportKalaupapa Boat HarborYes
44Zone Code listGeographic ReportKoholawe
4401Zone Code listGeographic ReportKaho'olawe (north of Ule Pt. - Kealaikahiki Pt.)
44010001Geographic ReportWa'aikeNo
44010002Geographic ReportKuheiaNo
44010003Geographic ReportHakioawaNo
44010004Geographic ReportOawawahieNo
4402Zone Code listGeographic ReportSouth Side (Ule Pt. - south side of Kealaikahiki Pt.)
44020001Geographic ReportPuu Koae IslandNo
44020002Geographic ReportHonokanai'a BayYes