REEF uses a hierarchical 8-digit code system for survey site locations. Each geographic area has its own set of codes. When completing a survey, you need to know the complete 8-digit code for the site you surveyed.

If the site that you surveyed is not currently on our list, then please email to request a new code to be assigned. Please provide the site name, general location, and ideally the latitude and longitude.

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Region: HAW
Zone: Kona Coast (Keahole Pt. - Ka Lae/South Pt.)

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ZoneZone Code listGeographic ReportNameHave Coordinates?
5201Zone Code listGeographic ReportNorth Kona Coast (Keahole Pt. - Cook Pt./N. side of Kealakekua Bay)
52010001Geographic ReportPinetreesNo
52010002Geographic ReportWawaloli / O-Tec BeachYes
52010003Geographic ReportWawaloli FMAYes
52010004Geographic ReportHole in the Wall (near old airport)No
52010005Geographic ReportWai'aha Offshore ReefYes
52010006Geographic ReportTurtle HeavenYes
52010007Geographic ReportTrail of Tears (South of Keahole Point)Yes
52010008Geographic ReportPapawai FMA / Pawai BayYes
52010009Geographic ReportS. Oneo Bay FRAYes
52010010Geographic ReportMilemarker 4Yes
52010011Geographic ReportKahaluu Beach ParkYes
52010012Geographic ReportN. Keauhou FRAYes
52010013Geographic ReportManta Ray Village / Mantaville (off Sheraton)Yes
52010014Geographic ReportKualanui Pt.No
52010015Geographic ReportSharky's / Bay of PigYes
52010016Geographic ReportAmphitheater / Long Lava Tube / OctocoralYes
52010017Geographic ReportDriftwoodYes
52010018Geographic ReportHenry's Cave / Pele's GardenYes
52010019Geographic ReportThe DomeYes
52010020Geographic ReportDevils Doorway / Wash Rock / Pawai Bay Arches / Arch Cave / Sand Channel / Fish RockYes
52010021Geographic ReportOuthouseYes
52010022Geographic ReportPyramid Pinnacles / Pyramid Drop-Off / PinnaclesYes
52010023Geographic ReportTurtle Pinnacle / Turtle Towers / North of Honokohau Harbor Entrance / Terrapin Station / Turtle PaiYes
52010024Geographic ReportEel Cove (North/South) / Pawai BayYes
52010025Geographic ReportBlack HoleYes
52010027Geographic ReportOld Airport (North/South) MLCD / Shark Fin RockYes
52010028Geographic ReportNudibranch CanyonNo
52010029Geographic ReportMoana LoaNo
52010031Geographic ReportSuck Em Up Cave / Skull CaveYes
52010032Geographic ReportSkunk Hollow / Inside Outside Aquarium / AquariumYes
52010034Geographic ReportWreck of the Naked LadyYes
52010036Geographic ReportGolden Arches (North/South)Yes
52010037Geographic ReportDisneyland / AirtanksYes
52010038Geographic ReportKaloko Arches / LedgesYes
52010039Geographic ReportRidgesYes
52010040Geographic ReportMano Point (aka Fantasy Reef, mooring)Yes
52010041Geographic ReportChimneyYes
52010042Geographic ReportCoral DomesYes
52010044Geographic ReportCasa CaveYes
52010045Geographic ReportKeahole Wash RockYes
52010046Geographic ReportKeahole Sand Chute / Tako CityYes
52010047Geographic ReportDottie's ReefYes
52010048Geographic ReportPipe DreamsYes
52010049Geographic ReportRabbi's Reef / Lionfish ArchYes
52010050Geographic ReportCarpenter's House / High Rock / Phantom RidgeYes
52010052Geographic ReportBig Arch / Freeze Face Cave / Lone Tree ArchYes
52010053Geographic ReportKaloko Fish Pond / Taco Bell / Windows / Windowpane / Tako BellYes
52010054Geographic ReportLand's EndNo
52010055Geographic ReportKailua Kona Pier East Side / Kailua BayYes
52010056Geographic ReportOutside Honokohau Harbor South / Naia / Ripoff ReefYes
52010057Geographic ReportKailua Kona Pier West side / King Kamehameha Hotel / Paul Allen's ReefYes
52010058Geographic ReportBlack CastleYes
52010059Geographic ReportLedges at LuresNo
52010060Geographic ReportPinnacle Peak / PinnaclesNo
52010061Geographic ReportWai'aha BayNo
52010064Geographic ReportKoloko SandNo
52010065Geographic ReportFallen ArchNo
52010067Geographic ReportHuggo'sNo
52010069Geographic ReportFarr's FollyNo
52010071Geographic ReportTaco BellNo
52010072Geographic ReportMilemarker 3 / Royal KahiliNo
52010074Geographic ReportHonokohau Harbor (inside marina)No
52010075Geographic ReportPahoehoe Beach ParkYes
52010076Geographic ReportAwa Lava (Sandpiper, no mooring ball)No
52010079Geographic ReportSouth Pipes - boat dive off Wawaloli O-Tec BeachYes
52010080Geographic ReportHale Kona Kai CondosNo
52010081Geographic ReportKona Makai CondosYes
52010082Geographic ReportWhap Site #10No
52010083Geographic ReportMaia Alulu BeachNo
52010084Geographic ReportLa'aloa (White Sands) BeachNo
52010085Geographic ReportCrescent Beach / Dog BeachYes
52010086Geographic ReportOasisYes
52010087Geographic ReportPredator WreckYes
52010088Geographic ReportHammerhead PointYes
52010089Geographic ReportOctopus's GardenYes
52010090Geographic ReportMeadowsYes
52010092Geographic ReportMermaid (shore dive south of Kailua Kona)No
52010093Geographic ReportSheraton Hotel (shore dive)Yes
52010094Geographic ReportBottom Out (shore dive)No
52010095Geographic ReportNorth Point Kealakekua Bay (outside bay)Yes
52010096Geographic ReportShark AlleyYes
52010097Geographic ReportSafe HavenYes
52010098Geographic ReportHaloko Honokohau NHP BeachYes
52010099Geographic ReportRose Garden / Fish BowlYes
52010100Geographic ReportCarousel / Kamanu / Body GloveYes
52010101Geographic ReportWhale Shark SiteYes
52010102Geographic ReportKamaka HonuYes
52010103Geographic ReportTikis (Kona Tiki Hotel)Yes
52010104Geographic ReportAiopio Fish TrapYes
52010105Geographic ReportKeiki Beach / Queens Bath (Kona)Yes
52010106Geographic ReportFour LokoYes
5202Zone Code listGeographic ReportSouth Kona Coast (Cook Pt./Kealakekua Bay - Ka Lae/South Point)
52020001Geographic ReportKealakekua Bay MLCDYes
52020002Geographic ReportKe'ei FRAYes
52020003Geographic ReportPlace of Refuge / Puuhonua o Honaunau / Two StepYes
52020004Geographic ReportHo'okena Beach Park / Kalahiki Beach / Hookena FRAYes
52020005Geographic ReportAu Au Crater (Hookena)Yes
52020006Geographic ReportParadise PinnacleYes
52020007Geographic ReportThree Room CaveYes
52020008Geographic ReportOmakaa (Milolii) FRANo
52020009Geographic ReportManuka Bay (Milolii)Yes
52020010Geographic ReportTubastrea TunnelYes
52020011Geographic ReportCatacombsYes
52020012Geographic ReportLion's DenYes
52020013Geographic ReportThe HiveYes
52020014Geographic ReportStony MesasYes
52020015Geographic ReportAmphitheaterYes
52020016Geographic ReportWall's WallYes
52020017Geographic ReportLaddersYes
52020018Geographic ReportOpen water off MiloliiYes
52020019Geographic ReportOzNo
52020022Geographic ReportPohueYes
52020023Geographic ReportRainbow ReefYes
52020024Geographic ReportThe MazeYes
52020025Geographic ReportArch of the PyramidsNo
52020026Geographic ReportPinnacles of IllusionsNo
52020027Geographic ReportAu Au Canyon (Hookena)Yes
52020028Geographic ReportPebble Beach (Kona Paradise)No
52020029Geographic Report50 (Fifty) FlowYes
52020030Geographic ReportTwin SistersYes
52020031Geographic ReportRob's ReefNo
52020032Geographic ReportUle Rock / Never Never LandYes
52020033Geographic ReportPapkolea Green Sand BeachYes
52020034Geographic ReportKiilae BayYes
52020035Geographic ReportHole In the Wall Big IslandYes
52020036Geographic ReportAla HakaYes
52020037Geographic ReportPicnic TablesYes
52020038Geographic ReportThe FortressYes
52020039Geographic ReportOkoe BayYes
52020040Geographic ReportThompson's ReefYes
52020041Geographic ReportAeroles / ArialsNo
52020042Geographic ReportMidwayYes
52020043Geographic ReportRosy CheeksYes
52020044Geographic ReportBoulder JunctionYes
52020045Geographic ReportHonomalino BayYes
52020046Geographic ReportKa'awaloa Cove (Kealakekua Bay)Yes
52020047Geographic ReportPele's PlaygroundYes
52020048Geographic ReportJim's Not in Trouble (Honaunau)Yes
52020049Geographic ReportCaptain Cook MonumentYes
52020050Geographic ReportKealakekua Bay Old Wharf /Napo'opo'o PierYes
52020051Geographic ReportManini Beach ParkYes
52020052Geographic ReportDragonbacksYes
52020053Geographic ReportKahauloaYes
52020054Geographic ReportKe'ei Beach / Keei BeachYes
52020055Geographic ReportBay south of Ho'okena Beach ParkYes