REEF uses a hierarchical 8-digit code system for survey site locations. Each geographic area has its own set of codes. When completing a survey, you need to know the complete 8-digit code for the site you surveyed.

If the site that you surveyed is not currently on our list, then please email to request a new code to be assigned. Please provide the site name, general location, and ideally the latitude and longitude.

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Region: IORS
Zone: Ari Atoll

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ZoneZone Code listGeographic ReportNameHave Coordinates?
23030001Geographic ReportThinfushi ThilaYes
23030002Geographic ReportDive Base Albatross House ReefYes
23030003Geographic ReportMaaya Thila / Maya ThilaYes
23030004Geographic ReportMaayafushi BayYes
23030005Geographic ReportHalaveli WreckYes
23030006Geographic ReportBathalaa ThilaYes
23030007Geographic ReportBathalaa Maagaa Kan ThilaYes
23030008Geographic ReportRan FaruYes
23030009Geographic ReportMaalhos ThilaYes
23030010Geographic ReportManta PasseYes
23030011Geographic ReportFesdhu WreckYes
23030012Geographic ReportEllaidhoo House ReefYes
23030013Geographic ReportMushimasmigiliYes
23030014Geographic ReportHimendhoo ThilaYes
23030015Geographic ReportMoofushiYes
23030016Geographic ReportOmadhu ThilaYes
23030017Geographic ReportAli ThilaYes
23030018Geographic ReportVeli KanduYes
23030019Geographic ReportPanetone / PannettoniYes
23030020Geographic ReportDhegaa ThilaYes
23030021Geographic ReportMahibadhoo RocksYes
23030022Geographic ReportBodumiyarugauYes
23030023Geographic ReportRahdhigga Island House ReefYes
23030024Geographic ReportRah Dhigga Thila / Aiyabe Thila HollywoodYes
23030025Geographic ReportDhigu ThilaYes
23030026Geographic ReportAiyabe ThilaYes
23030027Geographic ReportVilamendhoo ThilaYes
23030028Geographic ReportRanvelhi ThilaYes
23030029Geographic ReportAmazing ReefYes
23030030Geographic ReportBobana Thila / Angaga ThilaYes
23030031Geographic ReportGoh Raalhu ThilaYes
23030032Geographic ReportRangali Madivaru (north side of channel)Yes
23030033Geographic ReportRangali Madivaru / Manta Point (south side of channel)Yes
23030034Geographic ReportKudhimaa Wreck (Machchafushi House Reef NE side)Yes
23030035Geographic ReportMachchafushi House Reef (SW side)Yes
23030036Geographic ReportMachchafushi Wreck (South side of resort)Yes
23030037Geographic ReportRanvelli Village House ReefYes
23030038Geographic ReportDangethi ThilaYes
23030039Geographic ReportDangethi PortYes
23030040Geographic ReportKahambu GiriYes
23030041Geographic ReportKuda ThilaYes
23030042Geographic ReportThinfushi Beyru ThilaYes
23030043Geographic ReportFive RocksYes
23030044Geographic ReportBroken RockYes
23030045Geographic ReportKudarah ThilaYes
23030046Geographic ReportDhigu Rah Beyru ThilaYes
23030047Geographic ReportAah ThilaYes
23030048Geographic ReportBodufinolhu ThilaYes
23030049Geographic ReportSun Island House ReefYes
23030050Geographic ReportMaamigili BeyruYes
23030051Geographic ReportMaamigili CornerYes
23030052Geographic ReportAriyadhoo Corner / Ariyadhoo NW sideYes
23030053Geographic ReportKudadhoo CornerYes
23030054Geographic ReportDhidhoo BeruYes
23030055Geographic ReportAri Beache BeruYes
23030056Geographic ReportHafsa Thila (Ari)Yes
23030057Geographic ReportHoliday ThilaYes
23030058Geographic ReportFish HeadYes
23030059Geographic ReportEn Mas ThilaYes
23030060Geographic ReportEllaidhoo ThilaYes
23030061Geographic ReportDhigu Rah ThilaYes
23030062Geographic ReportBeyru ThilaYes
23030063Geographic ReportLha Miyara Gaa ThilaYes
23030064Geographic ReportAthabu ThilaYes
23030065Geographic ReportAngaga Island Resort Yes
23030066Geographic ReportMiyarugaa ThilaYes
23030067Geographic ReportBulhaa Lhahi ThilaYes
23030068Geographic ReportMandhoo ThilaYes
23030069Geographic ReportKandholhu DhooYes
23030070Geographic ReportOrimas ThilaYes
23030073Geographic ReportUkulhas ThilaYes
23030074Geographic ReportThodduYes
23030075Geographic ReportThundu Fushi ThilaYes
23030076Geographic ReportThinfushi Kuda ThilaYes
23030077Geographic ReportHudhu ThilaYes
23030078Geographic ReportDhonkalo ThilaYes
23030079Geographic ReportMoofushi Rocks / Manta PointYes
23030080Geographic ReportDhigga ThilaYes
23030081Geographic ReportRehi ThilaYes
23030082Geographic ReportDhigu Rah ArchesYes
23030083Geographic ReportSun Island Outer ReefYes
23030084Geographic ReportMirihi Giri (South Ari)Yes
23030085Geographic ReportInchi Island / Lhohi Reef (South Ari)Yes
23030086Geographic ReportBathalaa Faru JettyYes
23030087Geographic ReportDhigurashuYes
23030088Geographic ReportDhigurah OutYes
23030089Geographic ReportBulhalohi Caves / Bulhaa Lhohi CavesNo
23030090Geographic ReportLily Beach ResortNo