REEF uses a hierarchical 8-digit code system for survey site locations. Each geographic area has its own set of codes. When completing a survey, you need to know the complete 8-digit code for the site you surveyed.

If the site that you surveyed is not currently on our list, then please email to request a new code to be assigned. Please provide the site name, general location, and ideally the latitude and longitude.

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Region: PAC
Zone: north of Dillon Point - Gorotisa Point

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ZoneZone Code listGeographic ReportNameHave Coordinates?
114001Zone Code listGeographic ReportPort McNeill
11400101Geographic ReportBeach CampYes
11400102Geographic ReportWar Bonnet WallYes
114002Zone Code listGeographic ReportPort Hardy
11400201Geographic ReportBear CoveYes
11400202Geographic ReportLou's HoleYes
11400203Geographic ReportOuter NarrowsYes
11400204Geographic ReportJohnson's PointYes
11400205Geographic ReportSouth-West Masterman GrupNo
11400206Geographic ReportLittle Masterman IslandYes
11400207Geographic ReportFive Fathom PinnacleYes
1141Zone Code listGeographic ReportBroughton Island and North Broughton Island
11410001Geographic ReportBooker Lagoon NarrowsYes
1142Zone Code listGeographic ReportKinnaird Island and Watson Island
1143Zone Code listGeographic ReportMackenzie Sound and Grappler Sound
1144Zone Code listGeographic ReportDrury Inlet
1145Zone Code listGeographic ReportCompton Point - Blunden Harbor
114501Zone Code listGeographic ReportNumas Islands
11450101Geographic ReportWild RideYes
1146Zone Code listGeographic Reportnorth of Blunden Harbor - City Pt
114601Zone Code listGeographic ReportWalker Group
11460102Geographic ReportSussex Reefs (Redfern Island)Yes
11460103Geographic ReportFantasy IslandYes
11460104Geographic ReportBarry Islet (Ripple Passage)Yes
11460105Geographic ReportWet TeeYes
114602Zone Code listGeographic ReportMillar Group
114603Zone Code listGeographic ReportStorm Islands
114604Zone Code listGeographic ReportDeserters Group
11460401Geographic ReportCastle PointYes
11460402Geographic ReportToyboyNo
11460403Geographic ReportToyman GapNo
11460404Geographic ReportRace IslandYes
11460405Geographic ReportCastle GapYes
1147Zone Code listGeographic ReportBramham Island
114701Zone Code listGeographic ReportSlingsby Channel
11470101Geographic ReportOuter NarrowsYes
11470102Geographic ReportLou's HoleYes
11470103Geographic ReportJohnson PointYes
1148Zone Code listGeographic ReportSeymour Inlet
114801Zone Code listGeographic ReportNakwakto Rapids
11480101Geographic ReportTurret RockYes
1149Zone Code listGeographic ReportNigei Island and Balaklava Island and Hurst Island
114901Zone Code listGeographic ReportBell Island
114902Zone Code listGeographic ReportHeard Island
114903Zone Code listGeographic ReportGordon Islands
11490301Geographic ReportDoyle Island (w. of Gordon Isl)No
114904Zone Code listGeographic ReportDuncan Island
11490401Geographic ReportMouat RockNo
114905Zone Code listGeographic ReportHurst Island
11490501Geographic ReportHurst - BellYes
11490502Geographic ReportGod's Pocket Resort DockNo
11490503Geographic ReportGeorge Rock (Christie Passage)Yes
11490504Geographic ReportBig WindYes
114906Zone Code listGeographic ReportBalaklava Island
11490601Geographic ReportSS ThemisYes
114907Zone Code listGeographic ReportNigei Island
11490701Geographic ReportPort Alexander WallYes
11490702Geographic ReportClam CoveNo
11490703Geographic ReportHussar PointYes
11490704Geographic ReportSnowball / Buttertart / Rock of LifeYes
11490705Geographic ReportShadwell PassageYes
11490706Geographic ReportBonzai Pt. (NE Browning Passage)Yes
11490707Geographic ReportBrowning WallYes
11490708Geographic ReportSeven Tree IslandYes
11490709Geographic ReportLucan ShuteYes
11490710Geographic ReportFrank's RockYes
11490711Geographic ReportTriple Rock / Fishbowl / Rainbow Reef / Ruth's RocksYes
11490712Geographic ReportNoname Wall (NE Browning Passage)Yes
11490713Geographic ReportPlease use 11490711 (was Triple Rock)No
11490714Geographic ReportSnowfall (Browning Passage)Yes
11490715Geographic ReportHunt Rock (Gordon Channel)Yes
11490716Geographic ReportEagle Rock - Browning PassYes
11490717Geographic ReportHideaway Wall (North End)Yes
11490718Geographic ReportSuwanee ReefYes
11490719Geographic ReportAquarium (Browning Pass)No
11490720Geographic ReportNorth Wall / Northwest Passage WallYes
11490721Geographic ReportHussar Bay / Hoodie-Nudi BayYes
11490722Geographic ReportLandslideYes
11490723Geographic ReportBrowning Islets / Eagles NestNo