REEF uses a hierarchical 8-digit code system for survey site locations. Each geographic area has its own set of codes. When completing a survey, you need to know the complete 8-digit code for the site you surveyed.

If the site that you surveyed is not currently on our list, then please email to request a new code to be assigned. Please provide the site name, general location, and ideally the latitude and longitude.

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Region: PAC
Zone: Santa Cruz Island

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ZoneZone Code listGeographic ReportNameHave Coordinates?
42020301Geographic ReportAlberts AnchorageYes
42020302Geographic ReportYellow BanksYes
42020303Geographic ReportSailboatYes
42020304Geographic ReportPotato RockYes
42020305Geographic ReportPelican BayYes
42020306Geographic ReportThree SistersNo
42020307Geographic ReportWhite RibbonNo
42020308Geographic ReportPeacock WreckYes
42020309Geographic ReportWillows CoveYes
42020310Geographic ReportBowens PointYes
42020312Geographic ReportBlack BayYes
42020313Geographic ReportGull IslandYes
42020314Geographic ReportDrop-Off ReefYes
42020315Geographic ReportForney's CoveYes
42020316Geographic ReportScorpion Anchorage -East ScorpionYes
42020317Geographic ReportCuevo Valdez / Echo PointYes
42020318Geographic ReportBig RockYes
42020319Geographic ReportLittle ScorpionYes
42020320Geographic ReportGreen GrottoYes
42020321Geographic ReportQuail RockYes
42020322Geographic ReportCavern PointYes
42020323Geographic ReportPrisoner's HarborYes
42020324Geographic ReportFry's HarborYes
42020325Geographic ReportTravis RockNo
42020326Geographic ReportLobster Spot / Scorpion WallYes
42020327Geographic ReportThe TowersYes
42020328Geographic ReportYellow BanksYes
42020329Geographic ReportSandstone PointYes
42020330Geographic ReportMiddle AnchorageYes
42020331Geographic ReportCoches Prietos AnchorageYes
42020332Geographic ReportPainted Cave AnnexYes
42020333Geographic ReportDiablo PinnacleYes
42020334Geographic ReportWest CoveYes
42020335Geographic ReportSpelunkers / Adams CaveYes
42020336Geographic ReportPotato HarborYes
42020337Geographic ReportCobra HeadYes
42020338Geographic ReportPunta ArenaYes
42020339Geographic ReportGrummen Guardian AirplaneYes
42020340Geographic ReportLady's Anchorage Santa Cruz IslandYes
42020341Geographic ReportPlatt's (Santa Cruz Island)Yes
42020342Geographic ReportHazzards / Hazzard WallYes
42020343Geographic ReportScorpion Anchorage / West Scorpion / Big ScorpionYes
42020344Geographic ReportWest Posa PointYes
42020345Geographic ReportKinton PointYes
42020346Geographic ReportFraser PointYes
42020347Geographic ReportPedro ReefNo
42020348Geographic ReportFlame ReefYes
42020349Geographic ReportEast of Golfball (southside Santa Cruz Is)No
42020350Geographic ReportHungry Man Cove (nr E end, close to Smugglers Cove)Yes
42020351Geographic ReportFern GrottoYes
42020352Geographic ReportBlue BanksYes
42020353Geographic ReportInside Painted Cave Marine PreserveYes
42020354Geographic ReportPalm ParkYes
42020355Geographic ReportNear Eagle RockYes
42020356Geographic ReportNear Profile Point (Painted Cave Marine Preserve)Yes
42020357Geographic ReportDiablo PointYes
42020358Geographic ReportFence LineNo
42020359Geographic ReportWizard's SleeveYes
42020360Geographic ReportDonna's WallYes
42020361Geographic ReportWhale RockYes
42020362Geographic ReportCoches PrietosYes
42020363Geographic ReportCobble CaveYes
42020364Geographic ReportTen Fathoms / 10 FathomsYes
42020365Geographic ReportEcho WallYes
42020366Geographic ReportTiny's LandingYes
42020367Geographic ReportSeal Rocks (Santa Cruz)Yes
42020368Geographic ReportBump RockYes
42020369Geographic ReportCoche CoveYes
42020370Geographic ReportFive StonesYes
42020371Geographic ReportThe AntfarmYes
42020372Geographic ReportCalico ReefNo
42020373Geographic ReportMorse PointYes
42020374Geographic ReportYellow Bank Site 1Yes
42020375Geographic ReportYellow Bank Site 2Yes
42020376Geographic ReportYellow Bank Site 3Yes
42020377Geographic ReportWrench RockYes
42020378Geographic ReportTiny'sYes
42020379Geographic ReportShadesYes
42020380Geographic ReportEmerald Gardens and CavesYes
42020381Geographic ReportPedro Point CavesYes
42020382Geographic ReportAthensNo
42020384Geographic ReportPainted Cave Yes
42020385Geographic ReportSea Lion PinnacleYes
42020386Geographic ReportDiablo BayYes
42020387Geographic ReportArch RockYes
42020388Geographic ReportNemesisYes
42020389Geographic ReportDouble ArchYes