REEF uses a hierarchical 8-digit code system for survey site locations. Each geographic area has its own set of codes. When completing a survey, you need to know the complete 8-digit code for the site you surveyed.

If the site that you surveyed is not currently on our list, then please email to request a new code to be assigned. Please provide the site name, general location, and ideally the latitude and longitude.

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Region: SOP
Zone: Vava'u Group

ZoneZone Code listGeographic ReportNameHave Coordinates?
71010001Geographic ReportMariners Cave (Nuapapu Island)Yes
71010002Geographic ReportSwallows Cave (A'ai Island)Yes
71010003Geographic ReportNuku IslandYes
71010004Geographic ReportCoral Gardens (Nuapapu Island)Yes
71010005Geographic ReportSwallows Cave (Kapa Island)Yes
71010006Geographic ReportKenutu ReefYes
71010007Geographic ReportKenutu Outer ReefYes
71010008Geographic ReportPort Maurelle (Kapa Island)Yes
710101Zone Code listGeographic ReportVava'u Island
71010101Geographic ReportNorth ShoreNo
71010102Geographic ReportNeiafu AnchorageYes