REEF uses a hierarchical 8-digit code system for survey site locations. Each geographic area has its own set of codes. When completing a survey, you need to know the complete 8-digit code for the site you surveyed.

If the site that you surveyed is not currently on our list, then please email to request a new code to be assigned. Please provide the site name, general location, and ideally the latitude and longitude.

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Region: TEP

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ZoneZone Code listGeographic ReportNameHave Coordinates?
21Zone Code listGeographic ReportNORTHWEST (BAJA) SIDE
211Zone Code listGeographic ReportColorado River Basin
2111Zone Code listGeographic ReportDelta del Río Colorado
2112Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Sargento
2113Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta San Felipe
2114Zone Code listGeographic ReportBahía San Felipe
2115Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Montague
2116Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Gore
2117Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Pelícano
2118Zone Code listGeographic ReportRocas Consag
212Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Diggs-Puertecitos
2121Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Diggs
2122Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Estrella
2123Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta San Fermín
2124Zone Code listGeographic ReportPuertecitos
213Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Santa Isabel-Punta Final
2131Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Santa Isabel
2132Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Miramar
2133Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Lobos
2134Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Encantada
2135Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Willard
2136Zone Code listGeographic ReportBahía San Luis Gonzaga
2137Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Final
214Zone Code listGeographic ReportBahia De Calamajue
2141Zone Code listGeographic ReportBahía De Calamajué
2142Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla San Luis
215Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Bluff-Punta de las Animas
2151Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Bluff
2152Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Remedios
21520001Geographic ReportTortuga / Sea Lion Rock (Bahia Guadalupe)Yes
2153Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Mejía
2154Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Angel de la Guarda
215401Zone Code listGeographic ReportNorth and NE Side of Angel de la Guarda (from Puer
21540101Geographic ReportLa Muela Angel Rock (Angel de la Guarda)Yes
21540102Geographic ReportLa Pasadita (Angel de la Guarda)Yes
21540103Geographic ReportEl Caballo (Angel de la Guarda)Yes
21540104Geographic ReportEl Jardin (Angel de la Guarda)Yes
21540105Geographic ReportLos NidosYes
21540106Geographic ReportLos Nidos NorteYes
21540107Geographic ReportPedra del Angel (Angel de Guardia)No
215402Zone Code listGeographic ReportCentral East Side Angel de la Guarda (incl. Punta
21540201Geographic ReportPinnacles at Andrea's EagleYes
21540202Geographic ReportSouth Wall Andrea's EagleYes
21540203Geographic ReportNorth Wall Andrea's EagleYes
21540204Geographic ReportPunta Rocosa / Aquarium / El AquarioYes
21540205Geographic ReportMaruchan / Bob's Cavern (Angel de la Guarda)Yes
21540206Geographic ReportPunta DiabloYes
21540207Geographic ReportToadgazer ReefYes
215403Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Estanque (Snake Island, SW point of Angel de
215404Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Smith
21540401Geographic ReportIsla Coronado / Isla Smith SE pointYes
21540402Geographic ReportIsla Coronadito (north of Coronado/Smith Island)Yes
215405Zone Code listGeographic ReportWest Side Angel de la Guarda
21540501Geographic ReportLa Vela RockYes
21540502Geographic ReportLolo's Cove / Los Nidos SudYes
21540503Geographic ReportLas VentanaYes
21540504Geographic ReportJ-Lo's Tube / Drowned Rocks / Las AhogadasYes
215406Zone Code listGeographic ReportSouth Side (Angel de la Guarda)
21540601Geographic ReportLas VivorasYes
2155Zone Code listGeographic ReportBahia de los Angeles
21550001Geographic ReportWhale Shark Site (Bahia de los Angeles)Yes
21550002Geographic ReportLa Calvera, Bahia de los AngelesYes
21550003Geographic ReportCoronadito / Sammy's SpotYes
21550004Geographic ReportEl QuemadoYes
21550005Geographic ReportPuerto Don JuanYes
21550006Geographic ReportPunta Don JuanYes
2156Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Roja
2157Zone Code listGeographic ReportBahía de las Animas
2158Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta de las Animas
216Zone Code listGeographic ReportBahia de San Rafael-Bahia San Francisquito
2161Zone Code listGeographic ReportBahía de San Rafael
2162Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Partida
21620001Geographic ReportNorth Bay, Isla PartidaYes
21620002Geographic ReportCardonosa, Isa PartidaYes
2163Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Raza
21630001Geographic ReportSW side of Isla RazaNo
2164Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Salsipuedes, Isla las Animas, Isla San Lorenzo
216401Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Salsipuedes
21640101Geographic ReportChukwalla IslandYes
21640103Geographic ReportSea Lion Rock, Isla SalsipuedesYes
21640104Geographic ReportEl Caballo, SalsipuedesYes
21640105Geographic ReportLos Cuervos South, SalsipuedesYes
21640106Geographic ReportLos Cuervos North, SalsipuedesYes
21640107Geographic ReportPunta Canal, SalsipuedesNo
21640108Geographic ReportLa Corona - Isla SalsipuedesYes
216402Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla las Animas
21640201Geographic ReportUnspecified Site, Isla Las AnimasYes
21640202Geographic ReportEl Lavadero (Las Animas)Yes
21640203Geographic ReportGecko Bay, Anchorage Cove on Las AnimasYes
21640204Geographic ReportGorrugo, Las AnimasYes
21640205Geographic ReportFind It If You Can (aka El Lavadero 2), Isla Las AnimasYes
21640206Geographic ReportPiedras Lisa / Round Rocks, Isla Las AnimasYes
21640207Geographic ReportEl Lavadero SW Side (Isla Las Animas)Yes
216403Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla San Lorenzo
21640301Geographic ReportBiologist Spot, Isla San LorenzoYes
2165Zone Code listGeographic ReportSan Rafael
2166Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta San Francisquito
2167Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla San Esteban (Isla Turon)
21670001Geographic ReportSE Point (Isla San Esteban)Yes
21670002Geographic ReportNW Cove at LighthouseYes
21670003Geographic ReportBahia Piedra (WNW Bay)Yes
21670004Geographic ReportNE Point (Isla San Esteban)Yes
21670005Geographic ReportWest End (including La Cueva)Yes
21670006Geographic ReportHorn Shark Bay (Isla San Esteban)Yes
2168Zone Code listGeographic ReportBahía San Francisquito
217Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Ventana
21700001Geographic ReportArch Rock - La VentanaYes
21700002Geographic ReportPinnacle / Rocky Reef - La VentanaYes
218Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta El Pescador
21800001Geographic ReportPunta El Pescador (near Alacran Bay)Yes
21800002Geographic ReportEl Pescador (in bay south of point)Yes
22Zone Code listGeographic ReportAlto Golfo este
220Zone Code listGeographic Report Bahia de Adair-Cabo Lobos
2201Zone Code listGeographic ReportBahía de Adair (Altaque)
2202Zone Code listGeographic ReportRoca del Toro
2203Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Peñasco
22030001Geographic ReportPlaya MiramarYes
22030002Geographic ReportStation Beach ReefNo
22030003Geographic ReportVina del Mar HotelYes
220301Zone Code listGeographic ReportCholla Bay
22030101Geographic ReportPelican PointNo
22030102Geographic ReportThe Reef Cholla BayYes
22030103Geographic ReportLower Reef Cholla BayYes
22030104Geographic ReportDon's TubYes
22030105Geographic ReportWrecked at the Reef - Natural reef (Rocky Point)Yes
22030106Geographic ReportWrecked at the Reef - Pier (Rocky Point)Yes
2204Zone Code listGeographic ReportLaguna Salada
2205Zone Code listGeographic ReportBahía de San Jorge
2206Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla San Jorge
22060001Geographic ReportOffshore Isla San Jorge (Bird Island)Yes
22060002Geographic ReportTranquility Bay, Isla San JorgeNo
2207Zone Code listGeographic ReportCapo Tepoca
2208Zone Code listGeographic ReportBahía Tepoca
2209Zone Code listGeographic ReportCabo Lobos
221Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta de Quino-Punta Chueca (incl Isla Tiburon)
2210Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta de Quino
2211Zone Code listGeographic ReportEl Desemboque
22110001Geographic ReportMiramar PointYes
2212Zone Code listGeographic ReportCabo Tepopa
2213Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Sargento
2214Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Arenas
2215Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Víboras
2216Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Onah
2217Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Chueca
2218Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Patos
2219Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Tiburón
22190001Geographic ReportBahia Las Cruces - NW reef pointYes
22190002Geographic ReportMonument Bay East cornerYes
22190003Geographic ReportDog Bay North Cove (North Point)Yes
221907Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Risco Colorado
22190701Geographic ReportEast Point Risco ColoradoYes
221909Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Turners (Turner Island)
22190901Geographic ReportSE Tip of Turners IslandYes
22190902Geographic ReportWest Side of Isla TurnersYes
22190903Geographic ReportSouthwest End Turners IslandYes