REEF uses a hierarchical 8-digit code system for survey site locations. Each geographic area has its own set of codes. When completing a survey, you need to know the complete 8-digit code for the site you surveyed.

If the site that you surveyed is not currently on our list, then please email to request a new code to be assigned. Please provide the site name, general location, and ideally the latitude and longitude.

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Region: TWA
Zone: St. Mary's R. to Cape Canaveral

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ZoneZone Code listGeographic ReportNameHave Coordinates?
31010001Geographic ReportMaxine D Ship (Volusia County site 4)Yes
31010002Geographic ReportArgoil Wreck (Volusia County site 1)Yes
31010003Geographic ReportAlexandra McAllister Tugboat (Volusia County siteYes
31010004Geographic ReportUse 33010150 (was Rodeo 25)No
31010006Geographic ReportTW site AnnaYes
31010007Geographic ReportMiddle GroundsYes
31010008Geographic ReportHalf North Ledge (16 Fathom Ledge)Yes
31010009Geographic ReportBridge Material (Volusia County Site 5)Yes
31010010Geographic ReportAmberjack HoleYes
31010011Geographic ReportAcosta Bridge RubbleYes
31010012Geographic ReportRio Yuna (Volusia County Site 3)Yes
31010013Geographic Report1991 concrete culverts (Volusia County Site 7)Yes
31010014Geographic ReportMontgomery's Reef (Jacksonville)No
31010015Geographic ReportAtlas Barge (Volusia County Site 3)Yes
31010016Geographic ReportBunny's Web SailboatYes
31010017Geographic ReportBunnie's Web concrete culvertsYes
31010018Geographic ReportPM site South Tug #1Yes
31010019Geographic ReportJackson Wreck (JW) site concrete culvertsYes
31010020Geographic ReportEast East Fourteen (EEF) site concrete culvertsYes
31010021Geographic ReportHH Barge (Jacksonville)No
31010022Geographic Report1997 concrete culverts (Volusia County Site 2)Yes
31010023Geographic Reportconcrete material (Volusia County Site 10)Yes
31010024Geographic ReportArtificial Reef (Volusia County Site 6)Yes
31010025Geographic ReportCoppedgeYes
31010026Geographic ReportSemarca ShipYes
31010027Geographic ReportParty Grounds Natural ReefYes
31010028Geographic ReportVolusia County Site 12Yes
31010029Geographic ReportWest Party Grounds Natural ReefYes
31010030Geographic ReportRW HoleYes
31010031Geographic ReportCar Transport Trailers (Volusia County Site 13)Yes
31010032Geographic Reportculverts north of Volusia County Site 2No
31010033Geographic ReportDesco CulvertsYes
31010034Geographic ReportLittle Barge CulvertsYes
31010035Geographic ReportVolusia County Site 9Yes
31010036Geographic ReportEast Ridge Natural ReefYes
31010037Geographic ReportUSS Mindanao (Bow)Yes
31010038Geographic ReportVolusia County site 11Yes
31010039Geographic ReportUS Artificial Reef 1 (Volusia County)Yes
31010040Geographic ReportAntilles Star Ship (Volusia County Site 4)Yes
31010041Geographic ReportEast Eleven Natural ReefYes
31010042Geographic ReportBusey's Bonanza (Old Gibbs Dry Dock)Yes
31010043Geographic ReportPablo GroundsYes
31010044Geographic ReportNorth BargeYes
31010045Geographic ReportBusey's Bonanza (BB)Yes
31010046Geographic ReportCulverts Near Coppeage TugYes
31010047Geographic ReportSpike artificial reefYes
31010048Geographic ReportHudgins artificial reefYes
31010049Geographic ReportJW '91 MTC -120 BargeYes
31010050Geographic ReportShark Barge / RubbleYes
31010051Geographic Report6 Mile BargeNo
31010052Geographic ReportGator Bowl Press BoxesYes
31010053Geographic ReportFloyd's FolleyYes
31010054Geographic ReportNew Site (To be named)Yes
31010055Geographic ReportBrokeback BargeYes
31010056Geographic ReportShark Purse BargeYes
31010057Geographic ReportNOAA TD-44Yes
31010058Geographic ReportNOAA TD-47Yes
31010059Geographic ReportNOAA TD-52Yes
31010060Geographic ReportNOAA TD-55Yes
31010061Geographic ReportNOAA TD-58Yes
31010062Geographic ReportNOAA TD-61Yes
31010063Geographic ReportNOAA TD-62Yes
31010064Geographic ReportNOAA TD-65Yes
31010065Geographic ReportNOAA TD-68Yes
31010066Geographic ReportNOAA TD-71Yes
31010067Geographic ReportPonce InletYes
31010068Geographic ReportEverglades (artificial reef)Yes
31010069Geographic ReportLady Philomena (artificial reef)Yes
31010070Geographic ReportVolusia County Site 15 SW DepositYes
31010071Geographic ReportVolusia County Site 15 W DepositYes