REEF uses a hierarchical 8-digit code system for survey site locations. Each geographic area has its own set of codes. When completing a survey, you need to know the complete 8-digit code for the site you surveyed.

If the site that you surveyed is not currently on our list, then please email to request a new code to be assigned. Please provide the site name, general location, and ideally the latitude and longitude.

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Region: TWA
Zone: Cape Canaveral to Jupiter Inlet

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ZoneZone Code listGeographic ReportNameHave Coordinates?
32010001Geographic ReportFPL ReefYes
32010002Geographic ReportBathtub Reef (Martin County)Yes
32010003Geographic ReportDonaldson Reef (Stuart)Yes
32010004Geographic ReportSixty Foot Curve (Ft Pierce)Yes
32010005Geographic ReportNorthside Jupiter InletYes
32010006Geographic ReportEsso Bonaire WreckYes
32010007Geographic ReportMiss Jenny BargeYes
32010008Geographic ReportLarry Tug Boat / Sun Mariner (center tug)Yes
32010009Geographic ReportCurley Tug Boat / Sea Inspector (north tug)Yes
32010010Geographic ReportMoe Tug Boat / Marsha T (south tug)Yes
32010012Geographic ReportEvans Crary Bridge Artificial ReefYes
32010013Geographic ReportThe BoilersNo
32010014Geographic ReportCoral Cove Nearshore ReefYes
32010015Geographic ReportCoral Cove Artificial ReefYes
32010017Geographic ReportLoggerhead ReefYes
32010019Geographic ReportSt. Lucie Inlet Preserve Site AYes
32010020Geographic ReportSt. Lucie Inlet Preserve Site BYes
32010021Geographic ReportSt. Lucie Inlet Preserve Site CYes
32010022Geographic ReportJaycee Beach (Vero)No
32010023Geographic ReportThe TunnelsYes
32010025Geographic ReportJulie's Reef (WP/Jupiter)Yes
32010027Geographic ReportLobster Reef (Jupiter)No
32010028Geographic ReportJupiter LedgeYes
32010029Geographic ReportPeck Lake OceanYes
32010031Geographic ReportBeach Rd. BridgeNo
32010032Geographic ReportTug Boat Reef general area (Curly, Larry, Moe)Yes
32010033Geographic ReportZion TrainYes
32010034Geographic ReportUSS RankinYes
32010035Geographic ReportCenter StreetNo
32010036Geographic ReportMcGill/MG111 Barge (artificial)Yes
32010037Geographic ReportMG111 natural reefYes
32010038Geographic ReportPaul's Reef (WPB) - (please use 33010383)Yes
32010039Geographic ReportJupiter (Spadefish Point) (please use 33010301)No
32010040Geographic ReportJupiter / Captain Kirle's (please use 33010296)No
32010041Geographic ReportPlease use 33010299 (was Area 51)No
32010042Geographic ReportJupiter - The Bluffs (please use 33010297)No
32010043Geographic ReportWacha Bridge (Martin County, St. Lucie Inlet)Yes
32010044Geographic ReportNo Name (Jupiter)No
32010045Geographic ReportAndrew Red Harris Memorial ReefYes
32010055Geographic ReportPepper Park (Ft Pierce)Yes
32010056Geographic ReportGeorges Valentine Wreck (Stuart)Yes
32010057Geographic ReportSt Lucie Reef Transect 8Yes
32010058Geographic ReportSt Lucie Reef Transect 11Yes
32010059Geographic ReportWarrior ReefYes
32010060Geographic ReportJupiter ConcreteYes
32010061Geographic ReportLoran Tower Ledge (was 33010295)Yes
32010062Geographic ReportJupiter Step ReefYes
32010063Geographic ReportSebastian Inlet Rock JettiesYes
32010064Geographic ReportNuestra Señora de las Nieves Shipwreck Yes
32010065Geographic ReportJupiter East Step ReefYes
32010066Geographic ReportNE of Peck LakeYes
32010067Geographic ReportBrock's Rocks (artificial)Yes
32010068Geographic ReportFt. Pierce Inlet State ParkYes
32010069Geographic ReportJupiter Walkover ReefYes
32010070Geographic ReportLee's LedgeNo
32010071Geographic ReportNOAA TD-04Yes
32010072Geographic ReportNOAA TD-05Yes
32010073Geographic ReportNOAA TD-08Yes
32010074Geographic ReportNOAA TD-11Yes
32010075Geographic ReportNOAA TD-14Yes
32010076Geographic ReportNOAA TD-19Yes
32010077Geographic ReportNOAA TD-22Yes
32010078Geographic ReportNOAA TD-25Yes
32010079Geographic ReportNOAA TD-33Yes
32010080Geographic ReportNOAA TD-39Yes
32010081Geographic ReportNOAA TD-41Yes
32010082Geographic ReportNOAA TD-75Yes
32010083Geographic ReportNOAA TD-RYes
32010084Geographic ReportMC Nearshore Reef AYes
32010085Geographic ReportMC Nearshore Reef BYes
32010086Geographic ReportMC Nearshore Reef CYes
32010087Geographic ReportHobe Sound Nearshore ReefYes
32010088Geographic ReportRio Mar Reef (Vero Beach)Yes