REEF uses a hierarchical 8-digit code system for survey site locations. Each geographic area has its own set of codes. When completing a survey, you need to know the complete 8-digit code for the site you surveyed.

If the site that you surveyed is not currently on our list, then please email to request a new code to be assigned. Please provide the site name, general location, and ideally the latitude and longitude.

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Region: TWA
Zone: Jupiter Inlet to Key Biscayne

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ZoneZone Code listGeographic ReportNameHave Coordinates?
33010001Geographic ReportCommercial Pier Reefs/Datura Ave. 1st and 2nd ReefYes
33010002Geographic ReportBelcher Barge Deep (120') - Miami/Dade A.R.Yes
33010003Geographic ReportMacArthur State Park (Palm Bch County)Yes
33010004Geographic ReportThe CaveYes
33010005Geographic ReportJuno LedgeYes
33010006Geographic ReportPrincess AnneYes
33010007Geographic ReportMizpahYes
33010008Geographic ReportTwin Ledges (Gazebo)Yes
33010009Geographic ReportBreakers Reef (Elevator,4th Window,King Neptune)Yes
33010010Geographic ReportCaptain Dan / Capt Dan GarnseyYes
33010011Geographic ReportRebelYes
33010012Geographic ReportMercedes I (Channel Islands)Yes
33010013Geographic ReportFisher's PedestalNo
33010014Geographic ReportMiddle Tenneco TowerYes
33010015Geographic ReportDeep FreezeYes
33010016Geographic ReportBiscayne WreckYes
33010017Geographic ReportSpirit of MiamiYes
33010018Geographic ReportLakelandYes
33010019Geographic ReportLee Street (Hollywood)Yes
33010020Geographic ReportUltra FreezeYes
33010022Geographic ReportFinks' Grouper Hole (Boynton Beach)Yes
33010023Geographic ReportShark ReefYes
33010024Geographic ReportFlamingo ReefNo
33010025Geographic ReportReformation Reef, South (Jupiter)No
33010026Geographic ReportAmaryllis Wreck, West PalmYes
33010028Geographic ReportHigh Ledge (Jupiter)Yes
33010029Geographic ReportDan's Drop-offNo
33010030Geographic ReportBlack Condos (Boynton Beach)Yes
33010031Geographic ReportLynn's Reef (Boynton Beach)Yes
33010033Geographic ReportScarface (Jupiter)Yes
33010034Geographic ReportThe Nuns (West Palm Beach)No
33010035Geographic ReportFlower Gardens (West Palm Beach)Yes
33010036Geographic ReportDoubletree ReefNo
33010037Geographic ReportBarefoot Ledge (Pompano Beach)Yes
33010038Geographic ReportOpal Tower/Hillsborough Domes (Pompano Beach)Yes
33010039Geographic ReportRed Reef Rock (Boca Raton)Yes
33010040Geographic ReportDetached Groin (Boca Raton)Yes
33010041Geographic ReportBelzona BargeYes
33010042Geographic ReportDelray LedgeYes
33010043Geographic ReportHoneycombs (Boca Raton)Yes
33010044Geographic ReportLong Pine Reef (WPB)No
33010045Geographic ReportDelray Snapper HoleYes
33010046Geographic ReportDive-A-Rama (WPB)Yes
33010047Geographic ReportBriney Breeze, Boynton BeachYes
33010048Geographic ReportNorth Briny Breeze, Boynton BeachYes
33010049Geographic ReportCable Crossing (WPB)Yes
33010050Geographic ReportThe Trench (WPB)Yes
33010051Geographic ReportGulf Stream Ledge (Boynton Beach)Yes
33010052Geographic ReportBoynton LedgeYes
33010053Geographic ReportSeagate (Delray Beach)Yes
33010054Geographic ReportRybovich Artificial Reef (WPB)Yes
33010055Geographic ReportPlaypen/Tri County Reef (WPB)Yes
33010056Geographic ReportNations Reef (Delray Beach)Yes
33010057Geographic ReportHorseshoe Reef (WPB)Yes
33010058Geographic ReportPauls Reef (South end)Yes
33010059Geographic ReportBlue Heron Bridge (WPB) Phil Foster ParkYes
33010060Geographic ReportBarracuda Reef (Dania)Yes
33010061Geographic ReportHabitat Corridors North (WPB)Yes
33010062Geographic ReportHillsboro LedgeYes
33010063Geographic ReportVista Park First ReefYes
33010064Geographic ReportShallow or Second ReefYes
33010065Geographic ReportDeep or Third Reef (Sunkist)Yes
33010066Geographic ReportJay Scutti WreckYes
33010067Geographic ReportPompano LedgeYes
33010068Geographic ReportAnglin Pier Ledge (Pompano Beach)Yes
33010069Geographic ReportPillar Coral (Pompano Beach)No
33010070Geographic ReportSan Remo Ledges/Three Kings (Boca Raton)Yes
33010071Geographic ReportCross Current Reef (WPB)Yes
33010072Geographic ReportHog HeavenYes
33010073Geographic ReportSea Emperor / AquaZoo Wreck (Boca Raton)Yes
33010074Geographic ReportSimpsons/Spearmans Barge (WPB)Yes
33010075Geographic ReportJohnson St. Reef (Hollywood - shore)Yes
33010077Geographic ReportSouth Jetty (WPB)Yes
33010078Geographic ReportSouth Jetty - Mizell-Johnson (John Lloyd) State Park (Hollywood)Yes
33010079Geographic ReportCopenhagen WreckYes
33010080Geographic ReportDania Beach Erojacks Mizell-Johnson (John Lloyd) ParkYes
33010081Geographic ReportMoray Bend (Boca Raton)Yes
33010082Geographic ReportSeparated Rocks / Angels Reef (Deerfield Beach)Yes
33010083Geographic ReportBoca Raton N. Beach Ledge/Boca Ledges 3rd ReefYes
33010084Geographic ReportChalfonte (Boca Raton)Yes
33010085Geographic ReportTurtle Rocks (WPB)No
33010086Geographic ReportPEP Reef (WPB)Yes
33010087Geographic ReportSugar Sands LedgesYes
33010088Geographic ReportHabitat Corridors SouthYes
33010089Geographic ReportCanteen - Mizell-Johnson (John Lloyd) State ParkYes
33010090Geographic ReportLarson's Valley (WPB)Yes
33010092Geographic ReportHammerhead (Dania Beach)Yes
33010093Geographic ReportJolly Jacks ReefYes
33010094Geographic ReportRSB Wreck (Pompano)Yes
33010095Geographic ReportWreck of the Tracey/Ken Vitale WreckYes
33010096Geographic ReportPalm Beach Triangle (Eidsvag,Rolls,Philips,Mid ReeYes
33010097Geographic ReportMarker #3Yes
33010098Geographic ReportBoca Ledge NaturalYes
33010099Geographic ReportBoca Trench/Boca Outfall TrenchYes
33010100Geographic ReportSouth Mooring BuoysYes
33010101Geographic ReportUS1/Alt A1A Jupiter Federal BridgeYes
33010103Geographic ReportBeck Wreck/Captain Tony WreckYes
33010104Geographic Report707 Bridge (Jupiter Island)Yes
33010105Geographic ReportSpotfin Valleys/Reef (Dania)Yes
33010106Geographic ReportLighthouse Ledge (Hillsboro Beach)Yes
33010107Geographic ReportRazzle Dazzle (Hillsboro Beach)Yes
33010108Geographic ReportGrouper Bend (Hillsboro Beach)Yes
33010109Geographic ReportJim Atria WreckYes
33010110Geographic ReportCrab Cove (Deerfield Beach)Yes
33010111Geographic ReportQualmann Tugs (general area - art. reef of 5 ships)(Pompano Beach)Yes
33010112Geographic ReportTom's Reef (Pompano Beach)No
33010113Geographic ReportBath and Tennis Reef (West Palm Beach)Yes
33010114Geographic ReportEnglish Muffin (Delray Beach - north of Seagate)No
33010115Geographic ReportCasino Reef (s of Lake Worth)Yes
33010116Geographic ReportGuy Harvey (artificial reef)Yes
33010117Geographic ReportCracker JackNo
33010118Geographic ReportAndys Ledge (Pompano Beach)No
33010119Geographic ReportNoula ExpressYes
33010120Geographic ReportA1A Old Dixie Hwy Bridge JupiterYes
33010121Geographic ReportYankee Clipper Ledge (natural reef)Yes
33010122Geographic ReportAncient MarinerYes
33010123Geographic ReportThe Chimney (Delray Beach)No
33010124Geographic ReportBoca Ledge Artificial (Boca Raton)Yes
33010125Geographic ReportSanctuary (Hillsboro Beach)No
33010126Geographic ReportSouth Double LedgesYes
33010127Geographic ReportPier Rubble (Deerfield Beach)No
33010128Geographic ReportPatch Reefs (north of Boca Raton Inlet)Yes
33010129Geographic ReportSunrise BeachYes
33010130Geographic ReportUnited CaribbeanYes
33010131Geographic ReportHawbaker Ledges (1/2 mile south of Johnson St. ReeNo
33010132Geographic ReportDubois Park (southside Jupiter Inlet)Yes
33010133Geographic ReportCuster St. (Hollywood)Yes
33010134Geographic ReportDania Beach Reefs (south of pier)Yes
33010135Geographic ReportSE 12th St, Pompano BeachYes
33010136Geographic ReportTear Drop/Ron's Reef (WPB)Yes
33010137Geographic ReportNorth Cove (WPB)No
33010138Geographic ReportUse 33010235 (was Lake Worth Pier)No
33010139Geographic ReportJuno PierYes
33010140Geographic ReportMercy JesusYes
33010141Geographic Reportsouthside Deerfield InletYes
33010142Geographic ReportMG111 Natural (please use 32010037)Yes
33010143Geographic ReportBoca Raton Inlet (Sside)Yes
33010144Geographic ReportJeff's LedgeNo
33010145Geographic ReportDeep Trench - n. Miami BeachYes
33010146Geographic ReportRoyal Park Bridge / Atlantis / Spud Barge (West Palm Beach)Yes
33010147Geographic ReportBoynton CorridorsYes
33010148Geographic ReportParadise Reef (Dania Beach)Yes
33010149Geographic ReportMartha's VineyardYes
33010150Geographic ReportRodeo 25 / Windward TraderYes
33010151Geographic ReportSpanish AnchorNo
33010152Geographic ReportCar Bodies ReefYes
33010153Geographic ReportWreck of Sheri LynnYes
33010154Geographic ReportWreck of Miss KarlineYes
33010155Geographic ReportBoynton Beach Ocean Park Artificial ReefYes
33010156Geographic ReportBlue Ridge (Pompano Beach)No
33010158Geographic ReportTorpedo LedgeNo
33010159Geographic ReportBarge at the Sarah Jane/Proteus WreckYes
33010160Geographic ReportWreck of PatriciaYes
33010161Geographic ReportThe Caves / Cave ReefYes
33010162Geographic ReportDeerfield LedgesYes
33010163Geographic ReportThe Nursery (Pompano Beach)Yes
33010164Geographic ReportWreck of Miller Lite BargeYes
33010165Geographic ReportRock Corridor btw. Sea Emperor & CaribbeanYes
33010166Geographic ReportCessna Plane Wreck (near San Remo)Yes
33010167Geographic ReportLittle Tugboat (Highland Beach)No
33010168Geographic ReportNOVA Tire Recovery ProjectYes
33010169Geographic ReportNW Double Ledges / Shark Canyon (WPB)Yes
33010170Geographic ReportLighthouse Park Rocks (Boca Grand)No
33010171Geographic ReportDeerfield Pier MoundsYes
33010172Geographic ReportCalypso ReefYes
33010173Geographic ReportMARC Wreck (Bottle Wreck)Yes
33010174Geographic ReportArmy TanksYes
33010175Geographic ReportWreck of TortugaYes
33010176Geographic ReportWreck OrionYes
33010177Geographic ReportRock Piles (WPB)Yes
33010178Geographic ReportHall of Fame (Broward Co)Yes
33010179Geographic ReportWreck of LowranceYes
33010180Geographic ReportHydro Atlantic Wreck (Boca Raton)Yes
33010181Geographic ReportLa Bonte' ReefYes
33010182Geographic ReportAbbey TooYes
33010183Geographic ReportCastor Wreck (Boynton Beach)Yes
33010184Geographic ReportMemphis Grounding (Dania Beach)Yes
33010185Geographic ReportBudbar Wreck (Boynton Beach)Yes
33010186Geographic ReportThird Reef (Hollywood)Yes
33010187Geographic ReportThe Peak (Hollywood)Yes
33010189Geographic ReportMinecar Reef (Dania)Yes
33010190Geographic ReportBirch Park (Ft. Lauderdale)Yes
33010192Geographic ReportKevin's Reef/Lighthouse Pt. ReefYes
33010193Geographic ReportBrown House Reef (Deerfield Beach)Yes
33010194Geographic ReportAlpha Wreck (part of 33010111) (Pompano Beach)Yes
33010195Geographic ReportAttis' BathtubYes
33010196Geographic ReportRocky's Rocks (Coral Nursery Project Mitigation SiYes
33010197Geographic ReportSplit ReefNo
33010198Geographic ReportGovernor's Riverwalk ReefYes
33010199Geographic ReportChris' ReefYes
33010200Geographic ReportShipwreck Snorkel Trail (Ft. Lauderdale)Yes
33010201Geographic ReportBorrow Pit (SFRRT)Yes
33010202Geographic ReportThe Pipe (1 mi north of Tenneco)No
33010203Geographic ReportDERM Modules/Coral NurseryYes
33010204Geographic ReportOakland Ridge MooringsYes
33010205Geographic ReportAllen St. (Hollywood)Yes
33010206Geographic ReportWreck of Trio BravoYes
33010207Geographic ReportDevil's ReefNo
33010208Geographic ReportBall 31 NorthYes
33010209Geographic ReportSeminole FlatsNo
33010210Geographic ReportKelly's Reef (w. of Hog Heaven)Yes
33010211Geographic ReportJap Rock/Yamato Rock (was 33010313)Yes
33010212Geographic ReportMariner 1 / Union Express WreckYes
33010213Geographic ReportTouchdownYes
33010214Geographic ReportRobert Edminster WreckYes
33010216Geographic ReportThe Castle (Boynton Beach)No
33010218Geographic ReportDouglas St. (Hollywood Bch)Yes
33010219Geographic ReportWoody's LedgeYes
33010220Geographic ReportAnt BedsNo
33010221Geographic ReportKeating Beach/Greene St. (Hollywood)Yes
33010222Geographic ReportDouble Ledges (WPB)Yes
33010223Geographic ReportYellowtail Reef (WPB)Yes
33010224Geographic ReportFingers (Boynton)Yes
33010225Geographic ReportNoseYes
33010226Geographic ReportBuchanan St.Yes
33010227Geographic ReportFrank's Snapper ReefYes
33010228Geographic ReportBoca Raton Inlet Park JettyYes
33010229Geographic ReportBoca Lake (Boca Raton)Yes
33010230Geographic ReportTrespassers LedgeNo
33010231Geographic ReportHaulover BeachYes
33010232Geographic ReportCoral Nursery Project Control Site #1Yes
33010233Geographic ReportCoral Nursery Project Control Site #2Yes
33010234Geographic ReportDonal McAllister WreckYes
33010235Geographic ReportLake Worth Pier RubbleYes
33010236Geographic ReportHole in the WallYes
33010237Geographic ReportGalt Ocean MileYes
33010238Geographic ReportSouth Point Ledge (s. of Boynton Inlet)No
33010239Geographic ReportSouth South Point Ledge (s. of Boynton Inlet)No
33010240Geographic ReportSloan's CurveYes
33010241Geographic ReportDon's Reef (Jupiter)No
33010242Geographic ReportDania Beach PierYes
33010243Geographic ReportWreck of MiguanaYes
33010244Geographic ReportWreck of Jupiter Star/Cleve JonesYes
33010245Geographic ReportGrotto Reef (Juno)Yes
33010246Geographic ReportJuno High Reef LedgeYes
33010247Geographic ReportDennys ReefNo
33010248Geographic ReportDiamond Head RadnorYes
33010249Geographic ReportSteves Twin LedgesYes
33010252Geographic ReportThe Pipeline / WWTP Outfall (Hollywood)Yes
33010253Geographic ReportThozina WreckYes
33010254Geographic ReportSt. Jacques WreckYes
33010255Geographic ReportGilbert Sea WreckYes
33010256Geographic ReportShaSha Boekanier WreckYes
33010258Geographic ReportTug Boat (Palm Beach)Yes
33010259Geographic ReportFMRI Biomonitoring BC1 SiteYes
33010260Geographic ReportSuncastle ReefNo
33010261Geographic ReportSammy's LedgeNo
33010262Geographic ReportMelinda's Ledge / Senorita's ReefYes
33010263Geographic ReportBallentines Reef (Palm Beach)Yes
33010264Geographic ReportSchoolmaster LedgeYes
33010265Geographic ReportTarpoon Wreck / ReefYes
33010266Geographic ReportPrincess BritneyYes
33010268Geographic ReportPolice Barge #2Yes
33010269Geographic ReportDelray Wreck (shore snorkel)Yes
33010270Geographic ReportDeep Patches (near Noulla Express)No
33010271Geographic ReportOpal Towers SouthNo
33010272Geographic ReportGenesisYes
33010273Geographic ReportDano's Drop OffNo
33010275Geographic ReportYankee Clipper Erojacks / Fort Lauderdale South Beach ErojacksYes
33010277Geographic ReportNorth Deerfield LedgeNo
33010278Geographic ReportBoca Raton Jetty Boulders SouthYes
33010279Geographic ReportMike's ReefYes
33010280Geographic ReportS. Boca Raton Nearshore ReefYes
33010281Geographic ReportS. Boca Raton Mit. Reef - NorthYes
33010282Geographic ReportS. Boca Raton Mit. Reef - SouthYes
33010283Geographic ReportBarge off Singer IslandYes
33010284Geographic ReportEast Cape ReefYes
33010285Geographic ReportAridaYes
33010286Geographic ReportTacomaYes
33010287Geographic ReportDema TraderYes
33010288Geographic ReportWater Tower BargeYes
33010289Geographic ReportCommercial Pier ArtificialYes
33010290Geographic ReportDania Beach Reef (north of pier)Yes
33010291Geographic ReportJack FalafianYes
33010292Geographic ReportEtoile de MerYes
33010293Geographic ReportShamrockYes
33010294Geographic ReportNarwalYes
33010295Geographic ReportLoran Tower Ledge (please use 32010061)Yes
33010296Geographic ReportCaptain Kirle's / Jupiter (was 32010040)Yes
33010297Geographic ReportThe Bluffs (was 32010042)Yes
33010298Geographic ReportLeigh's ReefYes
33010299Geographic ReportArea 51 (Juno Beach)Yes
33010300Geographic ReportRanch Reef (Jupiter)Yes
33010301Geographic ReportSpadefish Point (was 32010039)Yes
33010302Geographic ReportPipes at Miami BeachYes
33010303Geographic ReportThe Horseshoe, Hillsboro Beach, FloridaYes
33010304Geographic ReportSunkist Reef Off Hillsboro InletYes
33010305Geographic ReportGulfstream Artificial ReefYes
33010306Geographic ReportGulfstream Nearshore Reef / Gulfstream Park BeachYes
33010307Geographic ReportSouth Ocean Ridge Nearshore ReefYes
33010308Geographic ReportOcean Inlet Park (ocean side south of Boynton inlet)Yes
33010309Geographic ReportOcean Ridge Mitigation Reef / Nearshore ReefYes
33010310Geographic ReportSea Ranch Lakes (Sea Watch)Yes
33010311Geographic ReportManalapan Nearshore ReefYes
33010312Geographic ReportPhipps Park Nearshore ReefYes
33010313Geographic ReportYamato Rock (please use 33010211)Yes
33010314Geographic Reportuse 32010036Yes
33010315Geographic ReportFort Lauderdale NE 14th StreetYes
33010316Geographic ReportEric's Reef -off Key BiscayneYes
33010317Geographic ReportPhipps Artificial ReefYes
33010318Geographic ReportDade C-OneYes
33010319Geographic ReportCaptain Harry (Barge) Lady PhilomiseYes
33010320Geographic ReportTibet's LedgeNo
33010321Geographic ReportPompano Beach - 1st and 2nd ReefNo
33010322Geographic ReportAudrey's Playground - unknown bargeYes
33010323Geographic ReportGerman Reef (Fort Lauderdale)Yes
33010324Geographic ReportPlease use 33010082 (was Angels Reef)No
33010325Geographic ReportArea 29 (Jupiter - south of Inlet)Yes
33010326Geographic ReportScarf-out (E of Scarface, S of Jupiter Inlet)No
33010327Geographic ReportCenter Street (S of Jupiter Inlet)No
33010328Geographic ReportGorgeous Gorge (S of Jupiter Inlet)Yes
33010329Geographic ReportGround Zero (3 mi.offshore, S of Jup Inlet)No
33010330Geographic ReportJupiter 90's (S of Jupiter Inlet)No
33010331Geographic ReportNorth Sugar Bear ReefYes
33010332Geographic ReportSouth Sugar Bear ReefYes
33010333Geographic ReportGrouper REEFYes
33010334Geographic ReportWreck of RB Johnson and Chris and Corey (one atopYes
33010335Geographic ReportWreck of the Matthew LawrenceYes
33010336Geographic ReportArea 27No
33010337Geographic ReportPerry Street Boulders (Hollywood)Yes
33010338Geographic ReportRagg's ReefYes
33010339Geographic Reportuse 33010169No
33010341Geographic ReportMidwayNo
33010342Geographic ReportMichigan Street Beach Dive / Yellow Brick RoadYes
33010343Geographic ReportThe Pit StopYes
33010344Geographic ReportPeanut Island Snorkel ReefYes
33010345Geographic ReportJuno Nearshore ReefYes
33010346Geographic ReportHallandale BouldersNo
33010347Geographic ReportNeptune Memorial Reef (N Miami)Yes
33010348Geographic ReportBonnie's ReefYes
33010349Geographic ReportPBC3-Breakers Cable Crossing (deep)Yes
33010350Geographic ReportEagle Scout Reef - 24 Reef BallsYes
33010351Geographic ReportM/V SucreYes
33010352Geographic ReportPapa's Reef (Ebbtide 170' Holland Freighter)Yes
33010353Geographic ReportCaicos Express (185' Dutch Freighter)Yes
33010354Geographic ReportWildlife Forever (150' Dredge Dewitt ClintonYes
33010355Geographic ReportSouth South Deerfield BeachYes
33010356Geographic ReportTenneco Towers Eastern Deep (190')Yes
33010357Geographic ReportHalf Moon Underwater Archaeological Preserve (BeaYes
33010358Geographic ReportWest Tenneco TowerYes
33010359Geographic ReportOphelia Brian WreckYes
33010360Geographic ReportSinger Island Mitigation ReefYes
33010361Geographic ReportUse 33010309 (Duplicate)No
33010362Geographic ReportSilpe Reef (artificial)Yes
33010363Geographic ReportRunaway BargeYes
33010364Geographic ReportKelsey (Falcon) ReefYes
33010365Geographic ReportResearch Team ReefYes
33010366Geographic ReportSouth LarsonsYes
33010367Geographic ReportBreakers EastYes
33010368Geographic ReportDelray Patch ReefYes
33010369Geographic ReportSeminole Landing Nearshore ReefYes
33010370Geographic ReportMid-ReefYes
33010371Geographic ReportHole in the Wall (Boynton)Yes
33010372Geographic ReportLynn’s Reef – EastYes
33010373Geographic ReportMoray Bend – EastYes
33010374Geographic ReportBoca Artificial Reef Ledge - EastYes
33010375Geographic ReportHorseshoe Reef – EastYes
33010376Geographic ReportSouth Colonel’s ReefYes
33010377Geographic ReportBelzona IYes
33010378Geographic ReportBelzona IIYes
33010379Geographic ReportBelzona IIIYes
33010380Geographic ReportH.A.V. Parker III Barge/Schurger's BargeYes
33010381Geographic ReportBelcher Barge Shallow (60') - Key Biscayne A.R.Yes
33010382Geographic ReportSpearman’s Natural Reef (WPB)Yes
33010383Geographic ReportPaul's Reef (northern end) - WPB (was 32010038)Yes
33010384Geographic ReportBoynton Inlet Park Lagoon Side artificial reefYes
33010385Geographic ReportPalm Beach Intercoastal Entrance/ExitYes
33010386Geographic ReportMiracle of Life WreckYes
33010387Geographic ReportPalm Beach Step Reef / RBM / Riviera Beach MarinaYes
33010388Geographic ReportBoynton Step ReefYes
33010389Geographic ReportRadio Tower PyramidsYes
33010390Geographic ReportGeorgia St. (Hollywood)Yes
33010391Geographic ReportCRCP 1Yes
33010392Geographic ReportCRCP 2Yes
33010393Geographic ReportHillsboro Inlet , Lighthouse PointYes
33010394Geographic ReportWillie's WayYes
33010395Geographic ReportDeerfield Beach Dive @ Hillsboro Blvd and SE 9th StreetYes
33010396Geographic ReportRock Pile #2 b/t Belcher Barge and Parker III BargeYes
33010397Geographic ReportRock Pile #1 b/t Belcher Barge and Belzona IIYes
33010398Geographic ReportMDC RVC 053Yes
33010399Geographic ReportMDC RVC 054Yes
33010400Geographic ReportMDC RVC 101Yes
33010402Geographic ReportMDC RVC 100Yes
33010403Geographic ReportMDC RVC 156Yes
33010404Geographic ReportMDC RVC 155Yes
33010405Geographic ReportMDC RVC 122Yes
33010406Geographic ReportMDC RVC 123Yes
33010407Geographic ReportMDC RVC 102Yes
33010408Geographic ReportMDC RVC 135Yes
33010409Geographic ReportLynn's Patch Reefs NorthYes
33010410Geographic ReportLynn's Patch Reefs WestYes
33010411Geographic ReportMDC RVC 120Yes
33010412Geographic ReportMDC RVC 121Yes
33010413Geographic ReportMDC RVC 099Yes
33010414Geographic ReportSuzanne's ReefYes
33010415Geographic ReportRay's ReefNo
33010416Geographic ReportBoynton Ledge SouthYes
33010417Geographic ReportTumble Rocks SouthYes
33010418Geographic ReportLake Wyman ParkYes
33010419Geographic ReportSouth of Legion Picnic Islands, Biscayne BayYes
33010420Geographic ReportBill Bags State Park, SE sideYes
33010421Geographic ReportBush GardensYes
33010422Geographic ReportKeith's Canyon / RJ's Ledge Yes
33010423Geographic ReportOleta River State ParkYes
33010424Geographic ReportVONE Coral Site 1Yes
33010425Geographic ReportHammerhead (West Palm Beach)Yes
33010426Geographic ReportDanny McCauley Memorial Reef (Lake Worth)Yes
33010427Geographic ReportMDC RVC 285Yes
33010428Geographic ReportMDC RVC 286 Yes
33010429Geographic ReportMDC RVC 287 Yes
33010430Geographic ReportMDC RVC 289 Yes
33010431Geographic ReportMDC RVC 290 Yes
33010432Geographic ReportMDC RVC 343 Yes
33010433Geographic ReportMDC RVC 330 Yes
33010434Geographic ReportMDC RVC 331 Yes
33010435Geographic ReportMDC RVC 332 Yes
33010436Geographic ReportMDC RVC 333 Yes
33010437Geographic ReportMDC RVC 336 Yes
33010438Geographic ReportMDC RVC 337 Yes
33010439Geographic ReportBoynton Corridors North Yes
33010440Geographic ReportBoynton Step Reef North Yes
33010441Geographic ReportPatch Reef SE of Collins Park, Miami BeachYes
33010442Geographic ReportMiami DC2Yes
33010443Geographic ReportPillars (Miami)Yes
33010444Geographic ReportRVC 288Yes
33010445Geographic ReportRVC 294Yes
33010446Geographic ReportRVC 293Yes
33010447Geographic ReportRVC 291Yes
33010448Geographic ReportRVC 292Yes
33010449Geographic ReportMiss Dania Beach (wreck)Yes
33010450Geographic ReportNurse Shark ReefYes
33010451Geographic ReportRVC 129Yes
33010452Geographic ReportRVC 131Yes
33010453Geographic ReportRVC 132Yes
33010454Geographic ReportRVC 134Yes
33010455Geographic ReportRVC 135Yes
33010456Geographic ReportRVC 136Yes
33010457Geographic ReportRVC 137Yes
33010458Geographic ReportRVC 147Yes
33010459Geographic ReportRVC 158Yes
33010460Geographic ReportRVC 162Yes
33010461Geographic ReportRVC 167Yes
33010462Geographic ReportRVC 171Yes
33010463Geographic ReportRVC 172Yes
33010464Geographic ReportRVC 175Yes
33010465Geographic ReportRVC 176Yes
33010466Geographic ReportRVC 178Yes
33010467Geographic ReportRVC 183Yes
33010468Geographic ReportRVC 184Yes
33010469Geographic ReportRVC 185Yes
33010470Geographic ReportRVC 187Yes
33010471Geographic ReportRVC 198Yes
33010472Geographic ReportRVC 199Yes
33010473Geographic ReportRVC 211Yes
33010474Geographic ReportRVC 214Yes
33010475Geographic ReportRVC 223Yes
33010476Geographic ReportRVC 224Yes
33010477Geographic ReportBal Harbour Mitigation ReefYes
33010478Geographic ReportSunny Isles Offsite Mitigation ReefYes
33010479Geographic ReportPort of Miami Mitigation Reef (A.1)Yes
33010480Geographic ReportPort of Miami Mitigation Reef (A.2)Yes
33010481Geographic ReportPort of Miami Mitigation Reef (A.3)Yes
33010482Geographic ReportPort of Miami Mitigation Reef (A.4)Yes
33010483Geographic ReportCSA Modules (artificial) Yes
33010484Geographic ReportAnzhelaYes
33010485Geographic ReportMDC ACERYes
33010486Geographic ReportMDC DCYLYes
33010487Geographic ReportPete's Twin LedgesNo
33010488Geographic ReportRVC 30362Yes
33010489Geographic ReportRVC 30361Yes
33010490Geographic ReportRVC 30371Yes
33010491Geographic ReportRVC 30372Yes
33010492Geographic ReportRVC 30381Yes
33010493Geographic ReportRVC 30382Yes
33010494Geographic ReportRVC 30392Yes
33010495Geographic ReportRVC 30391Yes
33010496Geographic ReportRVC 30402Yes
33010497Geographic ReportRVC 30401Yes
33010498Geographic ReportRVC 30411Yes
33010499Geographic ReportRVC 30412Yes
33010500Geographic ReportRVC 30422Yes
33010501Geographic ReportRVC 30421Yes
33010502Geographic ReportRVC 30431Yes
33010503Geographic ReportRVC 30432Yes
33010504Geographic ReportRVC 30442Yes
33010505Geographic ReportRVC 30441Yes
33010506Geographic ReportRVC 30451Yes
33010507Geographic ReportRVC 30452Yes
33010508Geographic ReportRVC 30462Yes
33010509Geographic ReportRVC 30461Yes
33010510Geographic ReportRVC 30472Yes
33010511Geographic ReportRVC 30471Yes
33010512Geographic ReportRVC 30481Yes
33010513Geographic ReportRVC 30482Yes
33010514Geographic ReportRVC 31032Yes
33010515Geographic ReportRVC 31031Yes
33010516Geographic ReportRVC 31041Yes
33010517Geographic ReportRVC 31042Yes
33010518Geographic ReportRVC 31052Yes
33010519Geographic ReportRVC 31051Yes
33010520Geographic ReportRVC 31181Yes
33010521Geographic ReportRVC 31182Yes
33010522Geographic ReportRVC 31192Yes
33010523Geographic ReportRVC 31191Yes
33010524Geographic ReportRVC 31482Yes
33010525Geographic ReportRVC 31481Yes
33010526Geographic ReportRVC 31871Yes
33010527Geographic ReportRVC 31872Yes
33010528Geographic ReportRVC 32222Yes
33010529Geographic ReportRVC 32221Yes
33010530Geographic ReportRVC 32232Yes
33010531Geographic ReportRVC 32231Yes
33010532Geographic ReportRVC 32241Yes
33010533Geographic ReportRVC 32242Yes
33010534Geographic ReportBal Harbour Mitigation Control Site 3rd ReefYes
33010535Geographic ReportBal Harbour Mitigation Control Site 2nd ReefYes
33010536Geographic ReportFRRP1223Yes
33010537Geographic ReportGracelandYes
33010538Geographic ReportNorth Canyon Yes
33010539Geographic ReportCCA Goggle-Eye Reef Yes
33010540Geographic ReportKwiecinski Reef Yes
33010541Geographic ReportLemon Drop (Juno-Palm Beach)No
33010542Geographic ReportRVC 3513-1Yes
33010543Geographic ReportRVC 3513-2Yes
33010544Geographic ReportRVC 3573-1Yes
33010545Geographic ReportRVC 3573-2Yes
33010546Geographic ReportRVC 3514-1Yes
33010547Geographic ReportRVC 3514-2Yes
33010548Geographic ReportRVC 3552-1Yes
33010549Geographic ReportRVC 3552-2Yes
33010550Geographic ReportRVC 3515Yes
33010551Geographic ReportRVC 3516Yes
33010552Geographic ReportRVC 3539-1Yes
33010553Geographic ReportRVC 3539-2Yes
33010554Geographic ReportRVC 3517-1Yes
33010555Geographic ReportRVC 3517-2Yes
33010556Geographic ReportRVC 3553-1Yes
33010557Geographic ReportRVC 3553-2Yes
33010558Geographic ReportRVC 3554-1Yes
33010559Geographic ReportRVC 3554-2Yes
33010560Geographic ReportRVC 3565-1Yes
33010561Geographic ReportRVC 3565-2Yes
33010562Geographic ReportRVC 3518Yes
33010563Geographic ReportRVC 3541-1Yes
33010564Geographic ReportRVC 3541-2Yes
33010565Geographic ReportRVC 3561-1Yes
33010566Geographic ReportRVC 3561-2Yes
33010567Geographic ReportRVC 3542-1Yes
33010568Geographic ReportRVC 3542-2Yes
33010569Geographic ReportRVC 3519-1Yes
33010570Geographic ReportRVC 3519-2Yes
33010571Geographic ReportRVC 3520-1Yes
33010572Geographic ReportRVC 3520-2Yes
33010573Geographic ReportRVC 3566-1Yes
33010574Geographic ReportRVC 3566-2Yes
33010575Geographic ReportRVC 3585Yes
33010576Geographic ReportRVC 3521-1Yes
33010577Geographic ReportRVC 3521-2Yes
33010578Geographic ReportRVC 3574Yes
33010579Geographic ReportRVC 3575Yes
33010580Geographic ReportRVC 3576Yes
33010581Geographic ReportRVC 3522-1Yes
33010582Geographic ReportRVC 3522-2Yes
33010583Geographic ReportRVC 3543-1Yes
33010584Geographic ReportRVC 3543-2Yes
33010585Geographic ReportRVC 3544Yes
33010586Geographic ReportRVC 3029-1Yes
33010587Geographic ReportRVC 3030-1Yes
33010588Geographic ReportRVC 3030-2Yes
33010589Geographic ReportRVC 3031-2Yes
33010590Geographic ReportRVC 3031-1Yes
33010591Geographic ReportRVC 3032-2Yes
33010592Geographic ReportRVC 3032-1Yes
33010593Geographic ReportRVC 3033-1Yes
33010594Geographic ReportRVC 3033-2Yes
33010595Geographic ReportRVC 3034-1Yes
33010596Geographic ReportRVC 3034-2Yes
33010597Geographic ReportRVC 3035-1Yes
33010598Geographic ReportRVC 3035-2Yes
33010599Geographic ReportRVC 3036-2Yes
33010600Geographic ReportRVC 3036-1Yes
33010601Geographic ReportRVC 3037-2Yes
33010602Geographic ReportRVC 3037-1Yes
33010603Geographic ReportRVC 3038-2Yes
33010604Geographic ReportRVC 3038-1Yes
33010605Geographic ReportRVC 3039-1Yes
33010606Geographic ReportRVC 3039-2Yes
33010607Geographic ReportRVC 3040-1Yes
33010608Geographic ReportRVC 3040-2Yes
33010609Geographic ReportRVC 3041-2Yes
33010610Geographic ReportRVC 3041-1Yes
33010611Geographic ReportRVC 3042-1Yes
33010612Geographic ReportRVC 3042-2Yes
33010613Geographic ReportRVC 3043-1Yes
33010614Geographic ReportRVC 3043-2Yes
33010615Geographic ReportRVC 3071-1Yes
33010616Geographic ReportRVC 3071-2Yes
33010617Geographic ReportRVC 3072-1Yes
33010618Geographic ReportRVC 3072-2Yes
33010619Geographic ReportRVC 3073-2Yes
33010620Geographic ReportRVC 3073-1Yes
33010621Geographic ReportRVC 3076-2Yes
33010622Geographic ReportRVC 3076-1Yes
33010623Geographic ReportRVC 3077-1Yes
33010624Geographic ReportRVC 3077-2Yes
33010625Geographic ReportRVC 3078-1Yes
33010626Geographic ReportRVC 3081-1Yes
33010627Geographic ReportRVC 3081-2Yes
33010628Geographic ReportRVC 3094-2Yes
33010629Geographic ReportRVC 3094-1Yes
33010630Geographic ReportRVC 3095-2Yes
33010631Geographic ReportRVC 3095-1Yes
33010632Geographic ReportRVC 3096-2Yes
33010633Geographic ReportRVC 3096-1Yes
33010634Geographic ReportRVC 3097-1Yes
33010635Geographic ReportRVC 3097-2Yes
33010636Geographic ReportRVC 3098-1Yes
33010637Geographic ReportRVC 3098-2Yes
33010638Geographic ReportRVC 3099-1Yes
33010639Geographic ReportRVC 3099-2Yes
33010640Geographic ReportRVC 3100-1Yes
33010641Geographic ReportRVC 3100-2Yes
33010642Geographic ReportRVC 3111-1Yes
33010643Geographic ReportRVC 3111-2Yes
33010644Geographic ReportRVC 3112-2Yes
33010645Geographic ReportRVC 3112-1Yes
33010646Geographic ReportRVC 3119-1Yes
33010647Geographic ReportRVC 3119-2Yes
33010648Geographic ReportRVC 3120-2Yes
33010649Geographic ReportRVC 3120-1Yes
33010650Geographic ReportRVC 3137-1Yes
33010651Geographic ReportRVC 3137-2Yes
33010652Geographic ReportRVC 3138-2Yes
33010653Geographic ReportRVC 3138-1Yes
33010654Geographic ReportMain StreetYes
33010655Geographic ReportEmerald Reef Miami Yes
33010656Geographic ReportMariner 2 Tug / Mary St. PhillipsYes
33010657Geographic ReportPompano TrenchNo
33010658Geographic Report2016 RVC 3026-1Yes
33010659Geographic Report2016 RVC 3026-2Yes
33010660Geographic Report2016 RVC 3027-1Yes
33010661Geographic Report2016 RVC 3027-2Yes
33010662Geographic Report2016 RVC 3028-1Yes
33010663Geographic Report2016 RVC 3028-2Yes
33010664Geographic Report2016 RVC 3029-1Yes
33010665Geographic Report2016 RVC 3029-2Yes
33010666Geographic Report2016 RVC 3030-1Yes
33010667Geographic Report2016 RVC 3030-2Yes
33010668Geographic Report2016 RVC 3031-1Yes
33010669Geographic Report2016 RVC 3031-2Yes
33010670Geographic Report2016 RVC 3032-1Yes
33010671Geographic Report2016 RVC 3032-2Yes
33010672Geographic Report2016 RVC 3033-1Yes
33010673Geographic Report2016 RVC 3033-2Yes
33010674Geographic Report2016 RVC 3034-1Yes
33010675Geographic Report2016 RVC 3034-2Yes
33010676Geographic Report2016 RVC 3035-1Yes
33010677Geographic Report2016 RVC 3035-2Yes
33010678Geographic Report2016 RVC 3036-1Yes
33010679Geographic Report2016 RVC 3036-2Yes
33010680Geographic Report2016 RVC 3037-1Yes
33010681Geographic Report2016 RVC 3037-2Yes
33010682Geographic Report2016 RVC 3038-1Yes
33010683Geographic Report2016 RVC 3038-2Yes
33010684Geographic Report2016 RVC 3039-1Yes
33010685Geographic Report2016 RVC 3039-2Yes
33010686Geographic Report2016 RVC 3040-1Yes
33010687Geographic Report2016 RVC 3040-2Yes
33010688Geographic Report2016 RVC 3041-1Yes
33010689Geographic Report2016 RVC 3041-2Yes
33010690Geographic Report2016 RVC 3042-1Yes
33010691Geographic Report2016 RVC 3042-2Yes
33010692Geographic Report2016 RVC 3043-1Yes
33010693Geographic Report2016 RVC 3043-2Yes
33010694Geographic Report2016 RVC 3044-1Yes
33010695Geographic Report2016 RVC 3044-2Yes
33010696Geographic Report2016 RVC 3048-1Yes
33010697Geographic Report2016 RVC 3048-2Yes
33010698Geographic Report2016 RVC 3063-1Yes
33010699Geographic Report2016 RVC 3063-2Yes
33010700Geographic Report2016 RVC 3064-1Yes
33010701Geographic Report2016 RVC 3064-2Yes
33010702Geographic Report2016 RVC 3065-1Yes
33010703Geographic Report2016 RVC 3065-2Yes
33010704Geographic Report2016 RVC 3066-1Yes
33010705Geographic Report2016 RVC 3066-2Yes
33010706Geographic Report2016 RVC 3067-1Yes
33010707Geographic Report2016 RVC 3067-2Yes
33010708Geographic Report2016 RVC 3068-1Yes
33010709Geographic Report2016 RVC 3068-2Yes
33010710Geographic Report2016 RVC 3079-1Yes
33010711Geographic Report2016 RVC 3079-2Yes
33010712Geographic Report2016 RVC 3080-1Yes
33010713Geographic Report2016 RVC 3080-2Yes
33010714Geographic Report2016 RVC 3081-1Yes
33010715Geographic Report2016 RVC 3081-2Yes
33010716Geographic Report2016 RVC 3082-1Yes
33010717Geographic Report2016 RVC 3082-2Yes
33010718Geographic Report2016 RVC 3083-1Yes
33010719Geographic Report2016 RVC 3083-2Yes
33010720Geographic Report2016 RVC 3087-1Yes
33010721Geographic Report2016 RVC 3087-2Yes
33010722Geographic Report2016 RVC 3088-1Yes
33010723Geographic Report2016 RVC 3088-2Yes
33010724Geographic Report2016 RVC 3089-1Yes
33010725Geographic Report2016 RVC 3089-2Yes
33010726Geographic Report2016 RVC 3104-1Yes
33010727Geographic Report2016 RVC 3104-2Yes
33010728Geographic Report2016 RVC 3105-1Yes
33010729Geographic Report2016 RVC 3105-2Yes
33010730Geographic Report2016 RVC 3106-1Yes
33010731Geographic Report2016 RVC 3106-2Yes
33010732Geographic Report2016 RVC 3118-1Yes
33010733Geographic Report2016 RVC 3118-2Yes
33010734Geographic Report2016 RVC 3131-1Yes
33010735Geographic Report2016 RVC 3131-2Yes
33010736Geographic Report2016 RVC 3132-1Yes
33010737Geographic Report2016 RVC 3132-2Yes
33010738Geographic Report2016 RVC 3148-1Yes
33010739Geographic Report2016 RVC 3148-2Yes
33010740Geographic Report2016 RVC 3149-1Yes
33010741Geographic Report2016 RVC 3149-2Yes
33010742Geographic Report2016 RVC 3150-1Yes
33010743Geographic Report2016 RVC 3150-2Yes
33010744Geographic Report2016 RVC 3151-1Yes
33010745Geographic Report2016 RVC 3151-2Yes
33010746Geographic ReportMiami Beach 5th St. SnorkelYes
33010747Geographic ReportLady Luck /Newtown Creek (Shipwreck Park - Pompano Beach)Yes
33010748Geographic ReportWreck of the Ana CeceliaYes
33010749Geographic ReportWillingham ParkYes
33010750Geographic ReportLoggerhead Beach / Lauderdale Beach (27th St.)Yes
33010751Geographic ReportKayuba Beach ReefYes
33010752Geographic ReportHanna's WreckYes
33010753Geographic ReportPort Everglades Artificial Reef (Concrete Piers)Yes
33010754Geographic ReportUSS Memphis Erojacks    Yes
33010755Geographic ReportJoe's Nightmare (Steel Barge)Yes
33010756Geographic ReportJerry's BargeYes
33010757Geographic ReportU.S. Navy AFDL- 8/Tracor DrydockYes
33010758Geographic ReportDantor (160' steel freighter) Yes
33010759Geographic ReportEben-Ezer-2 (85' steel freighter) Yes
33010760Geographic ReportUSS Memphis Reef Balls Yes
33010761Geographic ReportUsikusiku (44' Sailboat)Yes
33010762Geographic ReportHollywood (Two 24' Barges and 30 Reefballs)Yes
33010763Geographic ReportCaptain Dede (50' Sailboat)Yes
33010764Geographic ReportSummerfield (40' Sailboat)Yes
33010765Geographic ReportNSWC Sea Con Reef ArraysYes
33010766Geographic ReportMichelline (32' Sailboat)Yes
33010767Geographic ReportEmmi Boggs (55' Landing Craft Manned Barge)Yes
33010768Geographic ReportGrady (61' Hopper Barge)Yes
33010769Geographic ReportCurry (30' Barge with Crane Boom)Yes
33010770Geographic ReportTurtle Ledge (Pompano Beach)Yes
33010771Geographic ReportWatkin's Hole Yes
33010772Geographic ReportAnglin' Pier Reef Yes
33010773Geographic ReportMark's LedgeYes
33010774Geographic ReportSinkholesYes
33010775Geographic ReportPompano 3rd Reef RidgeYes
33010776Geographic ReportNolan's LedgeYes
33010777Geographic ReportHillsboro Outside EdgeYes
33010778Geographic ReportHillsboro DomesYes
33010779Geographic ReportCannon's Mound, SYes
33010780Geographic ReportCannon's MoundYes
33010781Geographic ReportJohnson's MoundYes
33010782Geographic ReportDeerfield Beach Fishing PierYes
33010783Geographic ReportSegment III Mitigation HollywoodYes
33010784Geographic ReportWendy Rossheim (118' Patrol Boat)Yes
33010785Geographic ReportMizell-Johnson SP Artificial Reef (Beach Dive)Yes
33010786Geographic ReportWarren ModulesYes
33010787Geographic ReportRinker Reef (Barge)Yes
33010788Geographic ReportMarriott Reef (DC-4 Airplane Remains)Yes
33010789Geographic ReportLauderdale TetrahedronsYes
33010790Geographic ReportWayne BargeYes
33010791Geographic ReportReef-Roc Spaghetti Reef (Engineered Concrete Modules)Yes
33010792Geographic ReportApostles (Limestone Boulders)Yes
33010793Geographic ReportPride (95' Steel Sailboat)Yes
33010794Geographic ReportMoonshot (45' Vessel)Yes
33010795Geographic ReportReefballs MidwaterYes
33010796Geographic ReportHollywood WWTP Ocean OutfallYes
33010797Geographic ReportMonomy (82' Wood Yacht)Yes
33010798Geographic ReportDuzaway (50' Steel Houseboat)Yes
33010799Geographic ReportNova/Rinker Swiss Cheese Modules (West)Yes
33010800Geographic ReportOsborne Erojack CircleYes
33010801Geographic ReportOsborne Reef BargeYes
33010802Geographic ReportMatt's BargeYes
33010803Geographic ReportDavid's BargeYes
33010804Geographic ReportDog Pile (Boulders)Yes
33010805Geographic ReportMetal CulvertsYes
33010806Geographic ReportNova/Rinker Swiss Cheese Modules (East)Yes
33010807Geographic ReportConcrete CulvertsYes
33010808Geographic ReportMemorial Reefs (Pallet Reef Balls with Cremated Remains)Yes
33010809Geographic ReportNova Reef Ball Study (30 Pallet Reef Balls)Yes
33010810Geographic ReportPaul Sherman (56' Salvager 3 Treasure Hunter)Yes
33010811Geographic ReportB.H. Lake (40' Sailboat)Yes
33010812Geographic ReportPeter McAllister (85ft Steel Tugboat)Yes
33010813Geographic ReportSS Copenhagen Bow (.4 miles SSE of rest of wreck)Yes
33010814Geographic ReportGrouper GrottoYes
33010815Geographic ReportOkinawa Tugboat / Dive BarYes
33010816Geographic ReportMariner 2 BargeYes
33010817Geographic ReportJay Dorman Schooner (part of 33010111)Yes
33010818Geographic ReportBroward/North WWTP Ocean OutfallYes
33010819Geographic ReportBeer Can ReefYes
33010820Geographic ReportPompano Fishing PierYes
33010821Geographic ReportCobia CrossYes
33010822Geographic ReportQualmann BargeYes
33010823Geographic ReportChuck-A-LuckYes
33010824Geographic ReportBerry PatchYes
33010825Geographic ReportDeerfield Pier PieceYes
33010826Geographic ReportRapa NuiYes
33010827Geographic ReportMt. DeerfieldYes
33010828Geographic ReportPennels ReefYes
33010829Geographic ReportBruce Mueller (45 ft Steel Chris Craft)Yes
33010830Geographic ReportSpaghetti Barge (60ft) / Brennon's BoatYes
33010831Geographic ReportRinker Concrete Modules DeepYes
33010832Geographic ReportRinker Concrete Modules ShallowYes
33010833Geographic ReportCorky Micco (41' Steel Sailboat Sea Bear)Yes
33010834Geographic ReportMt. Deerfield IIYes
33010835Geographic ReportTable Top (Boynton Beach)No
33010836Geographic ReportUSS Memphis Reef Balls Relocated Quads 16,17,19Yes
33010837Geographic ReportPort Everglades STNE Mitigation ReefYes
33010838Geographic ReportOakland Park Boulevard Beach DiveYes
33010839Geographic ReportJohn Michael Baker Memorial ReefYes
33010840Geographic ReportPort Everglades HarborYes
33010841Geographic ReportAnglers Avenue Marine Center (36’ concrete sailboat)Yes
33010842Geographic ReportSailfish Marina Main DocksYes
33010843Geographic ReportDocks south of Sailfish Marina main docksYes
33010844Geographic ReportPossible Meteorite CraterYes
33010845Geographic ReportOutfall Pipe Crossing Middle ReefYes
33010846Geographic ReportSunrise Wreck (Unidentified 19th Century)Yes
33010847Geographic ReportPompano DropoffYes
33010848Geographic ReportTumbled Rock (Boynton / Gulf Stream)No
33010849Geographic ReportElevator Shaft (West Palm Beach area)No
33010850Geographic ReportMiami Boat RacewayYes
33010851Geographic ReportFisher Island Jetty SouthYes
33010852Geographic ReportFisher Island Jetty NorthYes
33010853Geographic ReportRDC Colonized Pavement ShallowYes
33010854Geographic ReportRDC Ridge Shallow 1Yes
33010855Geographic ReportRDC Ridge Shallow 2Yes
33010856Geographic ReportRDC Acropora CervicornisYes
33010857Geographic ReportRDC Ridge Shallow 3Yes
33010858Geographic ReportRDC Linear Reef Inner 1Yes
33010859Geographic ReportRDC Linear Reef Inner 2Yes
33010860Geographic ReportRDC Linear Reef MiddleYes
33010861Geographic ReportRDC Colonized Pavement DeepYes
33010862Geographic ReportRDC Linear Reef OuterYes
33010863Geographic ReportRDC Spur and GrooveYes
33010864Geographic ReportRDC Aggregated Patch Reef DeepYes
33010865Geographic ReportRDC Ridge Deep 1Yes
33010866Geographic ReportRDC Ridge Deep 2Yes
33010867Geographic ReportRDC Ridge Deep 3Yes
33010868Geographic ReportProject Baseline - Northern Biorock Reef Rebar FrameYes
33010869Geographic ReportProject Baseline - Southern Biorock Reef Rebar FrameYes
33010870Geographic ReportPyramids (rock boulders)Yes
33010871Geographic ReportKronen Reef (Boynton Beach)Yes
33010872Geographic ReportHollywood 1000 / Mermaids ReefYes
33010873Geographic ReportWahoo Bay Educational Marine ParkYes
33010874Geographic ReportBeach HouseYes
33010875Geographic ReportTongue of the ReefYes
33010876Geographic ReportMacArthur State Park Lagoon BoardwalkYes
33010877Geographic ReportRJ's Ledge (Miami Beach)Yes
33010878Geographic ReportFort Lauderdale Outer Reef (contains Duzaway Houseboat Wreck)Yes
33010879Geographic ReportFort Lauderdale Outer Reef (South end)Yes
33010880Geographic ReportFort Lauderdale Middle Reef (South end)Yes
33010881Geographic ReportFort Lauderdale Inner Reef (South end)Yes
33010882Geographic ReportBeanYes
33010883Geographic ReportHobie Island Beach ParkYes
33010884Geographic ReportNear Beach (FIU Biscayne Bay Campus)Yes
33010885Geographic ReportMizell-Johnson State Park (off Parking Lot 2)Yes
33010886Geographic ReportMiami Beach EDITION HotelYes