REEF uses a hierarchical 8-digit code system for survey site locations. Each geographic area has its own set of codes. When completing a survey, you need to know the complete 8-digit code for the site you surveyed.

If the site that you surveyed is not currently on our list, then please email to request a new code to be assigned. Please provide the site name, general location, and ideally the latitude and longitude.

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Region: TWA
Zone: Key Largo Oceanside (including Tavernier)

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ZoneZone Code listGeographic ReportNameHave Coordinates?
34030001Geographic ReportAnchor Chain (Elbow Reef) E8Yes
34030002Geographic ReportSouth South Ledges E2Yes
34030003Geographic ReportSouth Ledges/Undersea Highway E3Yes
34030004Geographic ReportGrecian Rocks (buoy 12)Yes
34030005Geographic ReportKey Largo Dry Rocks (Christ Statue)Yes
34030006Geographic ReportCarysfort Reef Ball 1Yes
34030007Geographic ReportSouth Carysfort ReefYes
34030008Geographic ReportFrench ReefYes
34030009Geographic ReportMolasses Reef / Logan's Run / Paul's Ledge M9Yes
34030010Geographic ReportLittle Grecian RocksYes
34030011Geographic ReportBenwood WreckYes
34030012Geographic ReportJohnny's Spot (Carysfort Reef)Yes
34030013Geographic ReportMike's Wreck / Hannah Bell / Seneca (Elbow Reef) Ball 6/7Yes
34030014Geographic ReportCity of Washington Wreck (Elbow) E9/10Yes
34030015Geographic ReportShark's Reef (Catacombs)Yes
34030016Geographic ReportElbow Ledge / Deep Ball Elbow Reef Ball 1Yes
34030017Geographic ReportTrain Wheel Wreck Elbow Reef Ball 4Yes
34030018Geographic ReportHorseshoe Reef (Key Largo)Yes
34030019Geographic ReportLost ReefYes
34030020Geographic ReportNorth Carysfort - FishbowlYes
34030021Geographic ReportCarysfort Deep LedgeYes
34030022Geographic ReportThe Fingers Elbow Reef Ball 3Yes
34030023Geographic ReportNorth North Dry Rocks (Double North)Yes
34030024Geographic ReportWellwood Grounding Site M12Yes
34030025Geographic ReportElpis Grounding SiteYes
34030026Geographic ReportDuane WreckYes
34030027Geographic ReportBibb WreckYes
34030028Geographic ReportMinnow Caves / North Dry RocksYes
34030029Geographic ReportPecks Place or Captain Happy's (off Elbow)Yes
34030030Geographic ReportSand IslandYes
34030031Geographic ReportThe Elbow Reef (general area)Yes
34030032Geographic ReportBanana Reef (Grecian Rocks 1)Yes
34030033Geographic ReportThe Slab / SlabsNo
34030034Geographic ReportHarrigan's ReefNo
34030035Geographic ReportGamefish GullyNo
34030036Geographic ReportDixie LedgeYes
34030037Geographic ReportToadfish Flats (Hawks Channel/Garden Cove)Yes
34030038Geographic ReportSpiegel Grove WreckYes
34030039Geographic ReportSpanish Anchor (Elbow)Yes
34030040Geographic ReportCivil War Wreck / Tonawanda (Elbow)Yes
34030041Geographic ReportWatson's ReefYes
34030042Geographic ReportThe Wall (before Carysfort)Yes
34030043Geographic ReportSpikes Ridge (off Elbow)Yes
34030044Geographic ReportTriple North (off Elbow)Yes
34030045Geographic ReportWhite BanksYes
34030046Geographic ReportCannon Patch/Garret's ReefYes
34030047Geographic ReportThree SistersYes
34030048Geographic ReportWolfe ReefYes
34030049Geographic ReportMosquito BankYes
34030050Geographic ReportPatch Reef near ReefballsNo
34030051Geographic ReportSmitty's SurpriseYes
34030052Geographic ReportTrianglesYes
34030053Geographic ReportJohn Pennekamp State ParkNo
34030054Geographic ReportDrop off near Blue Hole / Grecian Rocks 6)Yes
34030055Geographic ReportCarysfort TrenchYes
34030056Geographic ReportTurtle RocksYes
34030057Geographic ReportNelson's Fish FarmYes
34030058Geographic ReportDoughnut Hole F4No
34030059Geographic ReportJewfish AlleyNo
34030060Geographic ReportTriangles 25Yes
34030061Geographic ReportTrench between French & MolassesYes
34030062Geographic ReportHigdon's ReefYes
34030063Geographic ReportGail's PlaceYes
34030064Geographic ReportAlyssa RocksYes
34030065Geographic ReportSquid Bight (byte)Yes
34030066Geographic ReportFish TankYes
34030067Geographic ReportEast TrianglesYes
34030068Geographic ReportSouth TrianglesYes
34030069Geographic ReportGama ReefYes
34030070Geographic ReportNorthern LightYes
34030071Geographic ReportSnapper LedgeYes
34030072Geographic ReportChristmas Reef (deep site off Molasses)Yes
34030073Geographic ReportBenwood LedgeYes
34030074Geographic ReportDixie Shoals ShallowYes
34030075Geographic ReportRed Can LedgeYes
34030076Geographic ReportRed Can ShallowsYes
34030077Geographic ReportRocks by Spiegel Grove WreckYes
34030078Geographic ReportWellwood South Reference SiteYes
34030079Geographic ReportWellwood North Reference SiteYes
34030080Geographic ReportAlyssa BanksYes
34030081Geographic ReportBenwood RidgeYes
34030082Geographic ReportPatch Reef SW CarysfortYes
34030083Geographic ReportPatch Reef NW CarysfortYes
34030084Geographic ReportPinnacles near FrenchNo
34030085Geographic ReportBarney's Reef / Brody's Patch ReefYes
34030086Geographic ReportDoc BrodyNo
34030087Geographic ReportDiadema Experimental Patch 1 and 2Yes
34030088Geographic ReportHalas Reef (Habot SPA)Yes
34030089Geographic ReportGrouper HoleYes
34030091Geographic ReportMM 105 (Bayside)No
34030092Geographic ReportEgret Island (inside Pennekamp)Yes
34030093Geographic ReportDynamite Docks (restoration site inside Pennekamp)No
34030094Geographic ReportThe Button WreckYes
34030095Geographic ReportKen Nedimyer Elkhorn Nursery (Harry Harris Park)No
34030096Geographic ReportParrotfish Blues (patch reef)Yes
34030097Geographic ReportBarge at Markers coming out of Garden Cove, Key LaYes
34030098Geographic ReportHarrys Bait HouseNo
34030099Geographic ReportDino's Rocks (Sundiver spot)Yes
34030100Geographic ReportCharles W. Baird/Captain Tom's WreckYes
34030101Geographic ReportSouth PatchYes
34030102Geographic ReportBenny’s Wreck (French Reef)Yes
34030103Geographic ReportCable Wreck (French Reef)Yes
34030104Geographic ReportExcelsior Wreck (French Reef)Yes
34030105Geographic ReportGranite Block Barge Wreck (French Reef)Yes
34030106Geographic ReportHelen E. Booker Wreck (Elbow Reef)Yes
34030107Geographic ReportMetal Boat (French Reef)Yes
34030108Geographic ReportSouthwest Channel WreckYes
34030109Geographic ReportC-D Wreck (Southwest Channel)Yes
34030110Geographic ReportSanford Wreck (Carysfort Reef)Yes
34030111Geographic ReportThiorva Wreck (Turtle Rocks)Yes
34030112Geographic ReportSam's WreckYes
34030113Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 6992Yes
34030114Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 6981Yes
34030115Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 7112Yes
34030116Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 6421Yes
34030117Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 6882Yes
34030118Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 7282Yes
34030119Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 6941Yes
34030120Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 6972Yes
34030121Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 6951Yes
34030122Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 6932Yes
34030123Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 6812Yes
34030124Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 6912Yes
34030125Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 6862Yes
34030126Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 7091Yes
34030127Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 6402Yes
34030128Geographic ReportSandy LobsterYes
34030129Geographic ReportPlease use 34040161 (was The Maze)No
34030130Geographic ReportCannon Beach (John Pennekamp State Park)Yes
34030131Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 1841Yes
34030132Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn E302Yes
34030133Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 2592Yes
34030134Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 2542Yes
34030135Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn E342Yes
34030136Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 2642Yes
34030137Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 1812Yes
34030138Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 5052Yes
34030139Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 1902Yes
34030140Geographic ReportJules Undersea Lodge LagoonYes
34030141Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 2371Yes
34030142Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 2301Yes
34030143Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 2311Yes
34030144Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 2421Yes
34030145Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 2321Yes
34030146Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 4361Yes
34030147Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 2341Yes
34030148Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 2451Yes
34030149Geographic ReportChristmas Tree Cave ( near Buoy F3)Yes
34030150Geographic ReportCaptain ArnosYes
34030151Geographic ReportFKNMS W2Yes
34030152Geographic ReportFKNMS P2Yes
34030153Geographic ReportFKNMS P4Yes
34030154Geographic ReportFKNMS P5Yes
34030155Geographic ReportFKNMS P6Yes
34030156Geographic ReportFKNMS P7Yes
34030157Geographic ReportFKNMS W7Yes
34030158Geographic ReportFKNMS W8Yes
34030159Geographic ReportFKNMS P8Yes
34030160Geographic ReportFKNMS P30Yes
34030161Geographic ReportFKNMS W11Yes
34030162Geographic ReportFKNMS Danger 88Yes
34030163Geographic ReportFKNMS W12Yes
34030164Geographic ReportFKNMS P11Yes
34030165Geographic ReportFKNMS W13Yes
34030166Geographic ReportFKNMS P13Yes
34030167Geographic ReportFKNMS P14Yes
34030168Geographic ReportAquarium (Molasses Reef) Ball M4Yes
34030169Geographic ReportWinch Hole / Renee's Ball (Molasses Reef)Yes
34030170Geographic ReportHarry Harris ParkYes
34030171Geographic ReportOcean Pointe / Planters PointeYes
34030172Geographic ReportNo Name Cave (French Reef)No
34030173Geographic ReportMike's Grotto (French Reef)No
34030174Geographic ReportRacetrack (Elbow Reef)Yes
34030175Geographic ReportPT's LedgeNo
34030176Geographic ReportCoral Canyons (Molasses Reef) Ball M7Yes
34030177Geographic ReportNorthstar (Molasses Reef) Ball M11Yes
34030178Geographic ReportSand Bottom Caves (French Reef - Ball F5)Yes
34030179Geographic ReportFrench Ledge / F12 / Woodys Ledge (French Reef)Yes
34030180Geographic ReportWhitmore BightYes
34030181Geographic ReportScott's ChannelYes
34030182Geographic ReportFire Coral Caves / Permit Ledges M1Yes
34030183Geographic ReportAAANo
34030184Geographic ReportHighwayNo
34030185Geographic ReportCatacombsNo
34030186Geographic ReportFire Coral Caves M2Yes
34030187Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 11762Yes
34030188Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 12332Yes
34030189Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 11312Yes
34030190Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 11492Yes
34030191Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 11712Yes
34030192Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 12182Yes
34030193Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 12202Yes
34030194Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 12192Yes
34030195Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 12122Yes
34030196Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 12092Yes
34030197Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 11332Yes
34030198Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 11352Yes
34030199Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 11182Yes
34030200Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 11362Yes
34030201Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 11642Yes
34030202Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 11542Yes
34030203Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 11782Yes
34030204Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 11722Yes
34030205Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 12082 / Barracuda Alley (Grecian Rocks 2)Yes
34030206Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 11682Yes
34030207Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 11212Yes
34030208Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 11192Yes
34030209Geographic ReportRailroad (Molasses Reef)No
34030210Geographic ReportEagle Ray Alley (Molasses Reef)No
34030211Geographic ReportSea Critters Lane TrenchYes
34030212Geographic ReportCRF Tavernier NurseryYes
34030213Geographic ReportAmy Slate's OceanfrontYes
34030214Geographic ReportTavernier Key NE EndYes
34030215Geographic ReportTavernier Key Southeast sideYes
34030216Geographic ReportPLASNo
34030217Geographic ReportPlease use 34040172 (was Jeri's Joint)No
34030218Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 12061Yes
34030219Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 12271Yes
34030220Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 12401Yes
34030221Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 12392Yes
34030222Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 11522Yes
34030223Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 11432Yes
34030224Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 12421Yes
34030225Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 11441Yes
34030226Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 11552Yes
34030227Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 12192Yes
34030228Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 11562Yes
34030229Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 11452Yes
34030230Geographic ReportFive Caves (French Reef)Yes
34030231Geographic ReportChannel Marker 14No
34030232Geographic ReportSargassum CityYes
34030233Geographic ReportAirport FlatsYes
34030234Geographic ReportTavernier Key NE sideYes
34030235Geographic ReportHorseshoe Reef (near Dry Rocks)Yes
34030236Geographic ReportThe SpursYes
34030237Geographic ReportCarysfort Shark DiveYes
34030238Geographic ReportKey Largo Ocean ShoresYes
34030239Geographic ReportLalo's LedgeNo
34030240Geographic ReportThe DomeNo
34030241Geographic ReportRob's NobYes
34030242Geographic ReportFive Fingers Elbow Reef Ball 5Yes
34030243Geographic ReportTavernier Creek Canoe LaunchYes
34030244Geographic ReportChannel Marker 9No
34030245Geographic ReportTurtle Ledges (French Reef)No
34030246Geographic ReportLargo Sound Park ClubYes
34030247Geographic ReportHectorYes
34030248Geographic ReportCarysfort Reef Ball 3Yes
34030249Geographic ReportSouth Carysfort Reef Ball 3Yes
34030250Geographic ReportAcorn Wreck (Elbow Reef)No
34030251Geographic ReportMiddle Molasses Reef (General area)Yes
34030252Geographic ReportRacetrack (French Reef near Sand Island)Yes
34030253Geographic ReportPillar Coral (Molasses Reef)No
34030254Geographic ReportFar Beach (John Pennekamp State Park)Yes
34030255Geographic ReportCRF Coral Outplanting Site (Carysfort Reef)Yes
34030256Geographic ReportRodriguez Key AnchorageYes
34030257Geographic ReportWhite Bank Dry RocksYes
34030258Geographic ReportFourth of JulyYes
34030259Geographic ReportLabyrinth / Campbell's Crack (near Catacombs)No
34030260Geographic ReportLedge - French Reef Ball 9Yes
34030261Geographic ReportGolf Ball - French Reef Ball 14Yes
34030262Geographic ReportTarpon Run (Molasses Reef)Yes
34030263Geographic ReportLucky Fish LedgeYes
34030264Geographic ReportCarysfort Reef Ball 6Yes
34030265Geographic ReportJJ's Cave (Molasses Reef)Yes
34030266Geographic ReportSMILE Project Carysfort South Mooring 1Yes
34030267Geographic ReportSMILE Project Carysfort South Mooring 2Yes
34030268Geographic ReportSMILE Project Carysfort South Mooring 3Yes
34030269Geographic ReportSMILE Project Carysfort South Mooring 4Yes
34030270Geographic ReportSMILE Project Carysfort North Mooring 1Yes
34030271Geographic ReportSMILE Project Carysfort North Mooring 2Yes
34030272Geographic ReportSMILE Project Carysfort North Mooring 3Yes
34030273Geographic ReportSMILE Project Carysfort North Mooring 4Yes
34030274Geographic ReportSMILE Project Carysfort North Mooring 5Yes
34030275Geographic ReportSMILE Project Horseshoe Reef Mooring 1 (deep)Yes
34030276Geographic ReportSMILE Project Horseshoe Reef Mooring 2 (shallow)Yes
34030277Geographic ReportTime MachineNo
34030278Geographic ReportKawama Yacht ClubYes
34030279Geographic ReportMagic CarpetNo
34030280Geographic ReportNew Site 7No