10/12/2023 8:00pm EDT
Madalyn "Moose" Mussey, REEF Education and Outreach Program Manager

Headed to Curacao? Nestled between Aruba and Bonaire, this island has a great variety of fish species. Join us to learn about some of the species found here!

IMPORTANT: Note the time zone and make sure you adjust it as needed for your location!

Photo by Janna Nichols.

Tropical Western Atlantic
Maggie Sutrov painting of fish in the Hawaiian Surge Zone
9/14/2023 8:00pm EDT
Dennis Bensen, REEF Expert Surveyor and Janna Nichols, REEF Citizen Science Program Manager

You know that place where the waves are crashing, the water is frothy, and the surge sends you flying?

8/17/2023 7:00pm EDT
Hilary Penner and Madalyn Mussey

Reef Environmental Education Foundation is excited to announce an opportunity to partner with classroom teachers for the 2023-2024 school year.

General / Other Taxa
8/15/2023 8:00pm EDT
Tom Laidig, NOAA Fisheries Biologist

Rockfish are some of the most frequently seen fish on the Pacific coast, but how do you tell the younger ones apart? Learn how to identify those juvenile (young of the year, or YOY) rockfish found in California - plus some other fun facts about rockfish!

7/13/2023 8:00pm EDT
Hilary Penner and Katie Barnes

REEF Into the Blue Book Club will discuss our latest book selection, Monarchs of the Sea, The Extraordinary 500-Million-Year History of Cephalopods by Danna Staaf.

General / Other Taxa
6/19/2023 8:00pm EDT
David Ehlert, REEF Campus Coordinator

Roatan is home to some lesser-seen fish species, if you know where to look! Learn how to locate and identify some of the interesting species that can be found there.

IMPORTANT: Note the time zone and make sure you adjust it as needed for your location!

Tropical Western Atlantic
6/8/2023 8:00pm EDT
Dr. Christy Pattengill-Semmens, REEF Co-Executive Director: Science and Engagement

Celebrate World Oceans Day by learning about the bouquet of fishes found in the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary! This unique offshore area in the Gulf of Mexico holds some special surprises, like the Mardi Gras Wrasse.

Photo: Mardi Gras Wrasse by Joyce Burek

Tropical Western Atlantic
5/10/2023 8:00pm EDT
Amy Lee, REEF Communications and Engagement Manager

The Red Sea is full of fascinating fishes. In this session, we'll teach you how to recognize some of the species you may see there. For even more Red Sea fishes, check out Parts 1 and 2 in our Fishinar Archives.

South Pacific / Indo Pacific / Indian Ocean / Red Sea
3/16/2023 8:00pm EDT
Hilary Penner, Education and Conservation Programs Manager

This inclusive event will highlight neurodiversity as speakers share their personal experiences and insights on how their perspective shaped their academic and scientific careers. 

General / Other Taxa