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Located this crab on the western end of Jamaica. I have yet been able to identify the species. Any help would be greatly appreciated !
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I hate the spam
I hate all the spam on here with links! Anyway I saw this post a while back and looked around the net a bit with not much luck. I can say that I believe it is some species of land crab. If you like post it on www.bugguide.net after all crabs are Arthropods and there is a small section on there for crabs. the folks there are excellent at "ID"ing insects you may get lucky there.
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Species of Chesapeake blue crab

I think this is Chesapeake blue crab and it's is that species of crab and found in the water in the western Atlantic ocean and Mexico and now it more popular also introduced internationally. I know about it because one time, I did order cheap custom essays online so that topic is related to crabs and that writer wrote about this Chesapeake blue crab that's why I remember little bit about it.