Jellyfish - Conservation Creature Plush


REEF Conservation Creatures are iconic marine species from REEF’s Volunteer Fish Survey Project regions. These marine creatures highlight the diversity of ocean ecosystems and encourage understanding and respect for marine life. We hope they inspire you to join REEF and learn more about the marine environment.

Contrary to their name, jellyfish are not actually fish. They are invertebrates, which means they lack a backbone. Jellies have stinging cells called nematocysts and are related to sea anemones and corals. A group of jellyfish is known as a "smack." Various species of jellies are found in oceans all over the world, in all of REEF's survey regions.

You can chose to simply purchase the plush, or symbolically adopt the Conservation Creature and help further REEF's marine conservation mission.

Symbolic Adoption Information

We will send the plush, along with a personalized adoption certificate, sticker, and animal fact sheet that provides information about the critter's habitat, characteristics, potential threats, and global distribution in REEF's Survey Project regions. 

Adopt any 3 Conservation Creatures for a discounted price of $100 total.

If you are adopting the same creature for multiple people, please add additional names in the comments section at check out.