Reef Fish Identification ReefNet - Interactive Edition DVD


Released in 2007.

**note: ReefNet and New World Publications have joined forces to create a series of marine life identification DVDs. The has resulted in the rebranding of the existing ReefNet DVD.

This features a new and enlarged 4th edition of Reef Fish ID: Florida, Caribbean, Bahamas - Interactive Edition! This exciting update includes over 175 new species, and hundreds of new photos and videos.

Reef Fish ID: Florida, Caribbean, Bahamas - Interactive Edition DVD is the most comprehensive scientific reference of its kind -- the product of nearly 10 years of scientific research, photographic expeditions, and collaboration with academic experts. Whether you're a beginning fishwatcher looking for a learning tool or an ichthyologist looking for an accurate reference, this electronic field guide is for you.

At the core of the Interactive Edition is a database of 842 unique species known to inhabit the Caribbean, the Gulf of Mexico, and adjacent waters. Each species is described in meticulous detail and is accompanied by a giant library of visual material: * 4500 photos and sketches illustrating important features, markings, colours, etc. * 1800 video clips illustrating both typical and unusual behaviours

Several species descriptions now include exclusive "first-ever" photographs and video. A number of previously undescribed species are also documented.

Compatible with Windows PCs. Mac OS support under development.