REEF Starter Kit - Everything You Need To Survey


The basic kit for all fishwatchers. Every survey starter kit contains:

  • REEF underwater slate with lanyard*
  • underwater survey paper for use with slate
  • laminated color ID card of common fishes (an invertebrate/algae ID laminated card is also included in temperate regions where REEF monitors both fishes and invertebrates - California, Pacific Northwest, Northeast US and Canada, South Atantic States, and Azores Islands kits)
  • REEF decal, REEF BCD tag, turtle ID sheet, and information on data entry and survey protocol. 

When ordering, please be sure to indicate what geographic area you want

*REEF has two types of slates - our standard yellow slate and a larger large-format slate. REEF standard size underwater survey paper fits the yellow slate and that is the standard setup used in the TWA, EAM, NE, SAS, TEP, HAW, CAL, and PNW. There are also a few basic underwater survey paper in the SOP that work with the yellow slate. The large-format slate is used in the species-rich regions of SOP, CIP, and IORS, to accomodate the larger underwater survey paper used in those regions.

Please note that $25 is the base price for tropical area kits; base price for temperate area kits with the invertebrate/algae ID card are $30.

We offer a quantity discount of 15% when you purchase 5 or more kits from the same region and 30% when you purchase 10 or more kits from the same region (kits must all have the same slate type to qualify for the discount). The discount will be applied upon checkout.

Starter Kit Regions:

Tropical Western Atlantic (incl. Caribbean, Florida, Bahamas)

South Atlantic States (NC, SC, GA)

Northeast US & Canada

California (sub-region of PAC)

Pacific Northwest (sub-region of PAC)

Tropical Eastern Pacific


South Pacific (incl. Fiji, Tonga, French Polynesia, the Line Islands, and the Cook Islands)

Samoan Archipelago (sub-region of SOP, incl. American Samoa and Samoa)

Azores Islands (English) (can also be used for other Eastern Atlantic islands- Canaries, Madeira, Cape Verde) 

Azores Islands (Portuguese) (can also be used for other Eastern Atlantic islands- Canaries, Madeira, Cape Verde)