Zone code 1: Northwest Hawaiian Islands


Zone CodeNameHave Coordinates?
1101Midway Atoll
11010001Phoenix CaldronYes
11010003Wild WestYes
11010004Keoki's LedgeYes
11010005Angel LedgeYes
11010006Fish HoleYes
11010007Sean's AnchorYes
11010008Cargo PierYes
11010009Reef btw Sean & KeokiYes
11010010Patch Reef (Inside Lagoon)Yes
11010011Two BitsYes
11010012Reef HotelYes
1201Kure Atoll
12010001Crews Buoy in LagoonYes
12010002Hoei Maru ShipwreckYes
12010003Pua'a and Ma'oYes
12010004Jackson FiveYes
12010005Cynthia's Site/Blue IceYes
12010006Bountiful CanyonsYes
12010007Northwest ReefYes
12010008West Side Sheltered BackreefYes
12010009South SE Sheltered BackreefYes
12010010South SE Spur & GrooveYes
12010011Fillet - outside atollYes
12010012NW Blue Rice CoralYes
12010013Camel HumpYes
1301Pearl and Hermes Atoll
13010001Fish Shangri-LaYes
13010002Engine Block/ChannelYes
13010003Butterflyfish Heavan/SW ReefYes
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