The REEF Education Advisory Panel (EAP) is a group of volunteer educators who contribute to REEF’s education efforts and programs by providing feedback and insight. It consists of educational leaders from both formal and informal settings. The panelists serve a wide range of ages and user groups, have experience using REEF's programs in their educational activities and/or participating in REEF's Ocean Explorers programming, and/or have relevant experience such as incorporating citizen science into formal/informal education, developing marine science curricula, and working with group travel programs. The EAP serves to provide a robust review and input to the Ocean Explorers Program and advance citizen science participation. The goals of the panel are:

  • Provide guidance to REEF education staff on current Ocean Explorer and other education program priorities
  • Support a forum for lessons learned and best practices with regard to incorporating REEF programs and/or data into formal and informal settings
  • Serve as a test-bed for existing and proposed REEF education products
  • Advise on standard alignment requirements, and provide guidance to current educational practices
  • Deliver constructive and effective feedback, develop innovative curricula, and advocate for student needs, learning methods, and accommodations.

Education Advisory Panel Members




Are you an educator interested in joining the EAP?

Your experience and knowledge is a valuable tool to share. REEF recognizes the busy nature of an educational professional and appreciates your time in this endeavor. This leadership position will be recognized through social media, e-News and at volunteer recognition events. As an EAP member, you will work collaboratively and cooperatively with REEF's education staff and will stay updated on the latest scientific data and how to share it with their audience. Your passion for marine conservation will be amplified by the far-reaching effect of educating others. The EAP meets quarterly for virtual sessions, and opportunistically in-person at conferences and events. Email us at to find out more.