Explore. Discover. Make a Difference. 

Ocean Explorers Expeditions are the perfect experience for groups who wish to increase their environmental engagement and knowledge base. Expeditions use citizen science to take scientific exploration from abstract to tangible. Expedition trips provide an overview of ocean focused citizen science programs while engaging in hands-on field activities. These trips are primarily geared towards higher education groups, but can be made to fit a variety of audiences. 

Program length and class content is customized around the interests of each group so every experience is unique and personalized. The programs led by REEF staff who have the experience and knowledge base to provide an extensive and all-encompassing experience that expose participants to a variety of marine science-based initiatives, helping define what participants can do as individuals to make a difference in the health of our oceans. 

A number of schools, colleges, and universities have begun to incorporate Expeditions into their learning experiences. If you're interested in taking part in REEF Ocean Explorers Expeditions, contact explorers@REEF.org or call 305-852-0030 to start your adventure!