Ocean Explorers Expeditions allow groups to have meaningful connections and real-world learning at international and domestic destinations. Whether your group would like to travel to a new destination or revisit a past location, we'll work with you to create a once in a lifetime learning experience. Current structured program locations include The Florida Keys, Mexico, The Cayman Islands, and Bonaire. If you'd like to develop an Expedition in a new location, we'd be happy to discuss various possibilities. 

Regardless of where your group will be traveling, class content and field activities are tailored to meet your group's needs. Example topics include:

  • Marine Biodiversity & REEF's Volunteer Fish Survey Project
  • Fish Identification from Beginner to Expert
  • Introduction to Fish Behavior 
  • Family Specific Fish Behavior
  • What is Citizen Science? 
  • How to Become a Citizen Scientist 
  • Invasive Species & REEF's Invasive Lionfish Program 
  • Invasive Lionfish Collecting & Handling
  • Sustainability & Fishing
  • Caribbean Tropical Ecology 
  • Endangered Species & REEF's Grouper Moon Project

For a full list of course content, please visit our Program Topics page for more information. 

Possible Field Activities Include:

  • SCUBA diving
  • Snorkeling 
  • Kayaking
  • Tropical Ecology Tours

Any field activities selected will be based on group size and ability, location, and outside vendor availability. If you have any specific field activities in mind, let us know so we can help pick an excursion that best meets your interests. 

Custom programs are typically 5-7 days in length but can be adjusted to each group's needs and availability. 

Please take a look at our Sample Itineraries to get an idea of what a typical Expedition looks like, or fill out an Interest Form to connect with us on building your Ocean Explorers Program.