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REEF Fish & Friends is a free seminar series held at the REEF Campus in Key Largo, Florida. Each event features engaging ocean-themed presentations from guest speakers. Snorkelers, divers, and marine life enthusiasts are invited to join informal discussions and mingle with members of our friendly, ocean-minded community. REEF Fish & Friends is made possible by the generous support of our members. For information on how to get involved, email Due to the limited ability to social distance, face masks are required indoors.

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January 2023: The Effects of Marine Reserves on Florida Keys Fishes
Dr. Jim Bohnsack, NOAA (retired)

Recording Here.

Dr. Bohnsack's research focuses on protected species conservation, coral reef fish ecology, and fishery application in artificial reefs and marine reserves. Learn the effects of marine reserves and climate change on Florida Keys fish species and their responses to stable and unstable environmental conditions.

February 2023: Dolphin Cognition in the Florida Keys
Abigail Haddock, Research Specialist, Dolphin Research Center

Recording Here.

Abby and the team at Dolphin Research Center are designing studies and research games to better understand the mental processes and intelligence of bottlenose dolphins. She will discuss the study of cognition research, training and testing, and why it is important for us to learn more about the complex minds of cetaceans.

March 2024: Coastal Everglades Monitoring: Fish & Beyond,
Anna Simmons, Audubon's Everglades Science Center

Recording Coming Soon.

Anna is a part of a team of biologists that monitor seasonal changes in the coastal marshes of the Everglades. She will discuss her work on fish and subaquatic vegetation research projects, and how the Everglades Science Center’s monitoring efforts are used to assess the health of the Everglades’ coastal ecosystems.

April 2024: The Solution is Clear: Restoring the Florida Bay
Dr. Raechel Littman, Florida Bay Forever
Recording Coming Soon.

The Florida Keys community is closely tied to the Florida Bay ecosystem, but a century of human impact has altered the Everglades leading to a chain of detrimental effects. A massive effort is currently underway to restore our wetlands to secure our daily water supply and protect the health of Florida Bay.

May 2023: Taking Action Against Plastic Pollution
Catherine Uden, Oceana
Recording Here.

Catherine works on US federal policies to protect the world’s oceans, including fisheries laws, North Atlantic right whale protections, offshore drilling legislation, and a bill to ban the sale and trade of shark fins in the US. She also helps pass legislation to reduce single-use plastics on the local, state, and federal levels. She will discuss plastic pollution and how Floridians can take action.

June 2023: Coral Reef Sponge Research and Restoration
Bobbie Renfro, Ph.D. Candidate at Florida State University
Recording Here.

Bobbie will dive into the ecology of the strange and beautiful sponges that live on our Florida Keys reefs. She will share the preliminary results of her work on how nutrients affect these animals, and how these important filter feeders can be restored on reefs that have been damaged by storms.

July 2023: The Caribbean Spiny Lobster Super Bug
Tom Matthews, Lobster Research Scientist, FWC
Recording Here. 

It's almost lobster season in the Florida Keys, and there's no better time to learn more about one of South Florida's most popular crustaceans! Tom will discuss the complex life history of the Caribbean Spiny Lobster, their communication style, and their importance to local ecosystems.

August 2023: Introduction to Fish Portraits
Stacey Henderson, Program Services Coordinator, REEF
Recording Here.

Stacey will explain several tips and tricks for getting the best underwater portraits. No matter what camera you are using or if you consider yourself to be a beginner or expert, there is something for everyone. As an experienced underwater photographer, Stacey will go over composition, lighting, and most importantly how to get your keeper shot!