Thank you for your interest in REEF Fish & Friends. We are excited to be resuming our monthly Keys community social on Tuesday, June 8, 2021, from 6:30-7:30pm at the REEF Campus. The monthly gathering will look a bit different this year. We’re calling this new version Fish & Friends: Cocktails for a Cause. This event will be socially distanced, with activities mostly outside in the gardens, and the seminars are on hold for now. Each month‘s gathering will have a theme, with a few trivia questions you can choose answer to be entered into an opportunity drawing.

Beer and wine will be available for purchase; don't forget to bring your reuseable glass. REEF will provide individually served snacks, so please do not bring food to share. The restroom in the Interpretive Center available as needed. The REEF Store will be open, so be sure to check out our new merchandise. We encourage all attendees to wear face masks. We look forward to seeing you there!

Check the REEF Events Calendar for all the details of the next Fish & Friends event. If you want to be notified about our community events such as Fish & Friends, sign up to receive the monthly REEF Campus and Keys Community newsletter here.

REEF Fish & Friends is a free, monthly seminar series held on the second Tuesday of every month in the Interpretive Center at the REEF Campus in Key Largo, Florida. Each month features engaging ocean-themed presentations from guest speakers. Snorkelers, divers, and marine life enthusiasts are invited to join informal discussions and mingle with members of our friendly, ocean-minded community. REEF Fish & Friends is made possible by the generous support of our members. For information on how to get involved, email

Past REEF Fish & Friends speakers:

March 2020 - "Global Waming - Changing Oceans" by Robert Stephen Mahoney, Sierra Club Miami Group

February 2020 - "The Mysterious Manta Rays of Florida" by Jessica Pate, Florida Manta Project, Marine Megafauna Foundation

January 2020 - "Restoring Seven Iconic Reefs: A Mission to Recover the Coral Reefs of the Florida Keys" by Lisa Symons, Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary

September 2019 - "Demistifying Recompression: What Happens When You Get Bent" by Scott Fowler, Mariners Hospital

August 2019- "Florida's Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease Outbreak" How to Get Involved" by Ana Zangroniz, Florida Sea Grant

July 2019 - "The Fishes of Polynesia" by Jack Grove, Ph.D., Marine Biologist

June 2019- "Understanding Fish Community Dynamics on Restored Coral Reefs"- by Aneri Garg and Noelle Helder

May 2019 - "Sea Level Rise, Climate Change, Coastal Hazards and Natural Solutions for the Florida Keys" by Chris Berg, The Nature Conservancy

April 2019 - "Diving Haiti's Northern Coast: Surprises Come in Small Sizes" by Ken Marks, Longtime REEF Surveyor

March 2019 - "Always Another Adventure" by Ned and Anna DeLoach, Marine Life Authors and REEF Board of Trustees

February 2019 - "Roseate Spoonbills in Florida Bay: Pink Canaries in a Coal Mine" by Dr. Jerry Lorenz, Audubon of Florida

January 2019 - "Fish Behavior: Weird, Wonderful, and Useful" by Dr. Caroly Shumway

November 2018 - "Endangered Sawfish of the Florida Keys" by Tonya Wiley, Havenworth Coastal Conservation

October 2018 - "The Impact of Fisheries on Global Marine Mammal Populations" by Jeremy Kiszka, Florida International University

September 2018 - "Studying Shipwrecks through Citizen Science" by Sara Ayers-Rigsby, Florida Public Archaelology Network

August 2018 - "Spiegel Grove 15th Anniversary" by Carlos and Allison Estape, REEF Volunteers

July 2018 - "Protecting Biodiversity through Citizen Science for 25 Years" by Paul Humann, REEF Co-Founder, and Lad Akins, REEF Director of Special Projects

June 2018 - "Goal: Clean Seas Florida Keys - A Community Movement" by Marlies Tumolo, Program Coordinator, Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary 

May 2018 - "Turtles of the Keys" by Teresa Ryan, Education Manager, The Turtle Hospital

April 2018 - "In the Wake of an Environmental Disaster - Is There a Silver Lining?" by Dr. Martin Grosell, Professor, University of Miami RSMAS/MBE

March 2018 - "Sharks: Beyond the Myths" by Dr. Samuel Gruber, Bimini Sharklab

February 2018 - "Love on the Reef - Amazing and Elaborate Marine Life Courting and Mating" by Lad Akins, REEF Director of Special Projects

January 2018 - "Caribbean Coral Restoration: How Much Can It Help?" by Dr. Margaret Miller, Research Director for SECORE International

November 2017 - "Search for the Salmon Shark – An Alaskan Adventure" by Andy Dehart, Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science

October 2017 - "Marine Zoning Works for Me" by Caroline McLaughlin, Biscayne Program Manager at the National Parks Conservation Association