REEF Fish & Friends is a free, monthly seminar series held from January to August at the REEF Campus in Key Largo, Florida. Each month features engaging ocean-themed presentations from guest speakers. Snorkelers, divers, and marine life enthusiasts are invited to join informal discussions and mingle with members of our friendly, ocean-minded community. REEF Fish & Friends is made possible by the generous support of our members. For information on how to get involved, email 

REEF Fish & Friends has been on a hiatus since March 2020. We are excited to resume the seminar series in 2022. Please stay tuned for more details.

Check the REEF Events Calendar for all the details of the next Fish & Friends event. If you want to be notified about our community events such as Fish & Friends, sign up to receive the monthly REEF Campus and Keys Community newsletter here.

Past REEF Fish & Friends speakers:

March 2020 - "Global Waming - Changing Oceans" by Robert Stephen Mahoney, Sierra Club Miami Group

February 2020 - "The Mysterious Manta Rays of Florida" by Jessica Pate, Florida Manta Project, Marine Megafauna Foundation

January 2020 - "Restoring Seven Iconic Reefs: A Mission to Recover the Coral Reefs of the Florida Keys" by Lisa Symons, Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary

September 2019 - "Demistifying Recompression: What Happens When You Get Bent" by Scott Fowler, Mariners Hospital

August 2019- "Florida's Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease Outbreak" How to Get Involved" by Ana Zangroniz, Florida Sea Grant

July 2019 - "The Fishes of Polynesia" by Jack Grove, Ph.D., Marine Biologist

June 2019- "Understanding Fish Community Dynamics on Restored Coral Reefs"- by Aneri Garg and Noelle Helder

May 2019 - "Sea Level Rise, Climate Change, Coastal Hazards and Natural Solutions for the Florida Keys" by Chris Berg, The Nature Conservancy

April 2019 - "Diving Haiti's Northern Coast: Surprises Come in Small Sizes" by Ken Marks, Longtime REEF Surveyor

March 2019 - "Always Another Adventure" by Ned and Anna DeLoach, Marine Life Authors and REEF Board of Trustees

February 2019 - "Roseate Spoonbills in Florida Bay: Pink Canaries in a Coal Mine" by Dr. Jerry Lorenz, Audubon of Florida

January 2019 - "Fish Behavior: Weird, Wonderful, and Useful" by Dr. Caroly Shumway

November 2018 - "Endangered Sawfish of the Florida Keys" by Tonya Wiley, Havenworth Coastal Conservation

October 2018 - "The Impact of Fisheries on Global Marine Mammal Populations" by Jeremy Kiszka, Florida International University

September 2018 - "Studying Shipwrecks through Citizen Science" by Sara Ayers-Rigsby, Florida Public Archaelology Network

August 2018 - "Spiegel Grove 15th Anniversary" by Carlos and Allison Estape, REEF Volunteers

July 2018 - "Protecting Biodiversity through Citizen Science for 25 Years" by Paul Humann, REEF Co-Founder, and Lad Akins, REEF Director of Special Projects

June 2018 - "Goal: Clean Seas Florida Keys - A Community Movement" by Marlies Tumolo, Program Coordinator, Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary 

May 2018 - "Turtles of the Keys" by Teresa Ryan, Education Manager, The Turtle Hospital

April 2018 - "In the Wake of an Environmental Disaster - Is There a Silver Lining?" by Dr. Martin Grosell, Professor, University of Miami RSMAS/MBE

March 2018 - "Sharks: Beyond the Myths" by Dr. Samuel Gruber, Bimini Sharklab

February 2018 - "Love on the Reef - Amazing and Elaborate Marine Life Courting and Mating" by Lad Akins, REEF Director of Special Projects

January 2018 - "Caribbean Coral Restoration: How Much Can It Help?" by Dr. Margaret Miller, Research Director for SECORE International

November 2017 - "Search for the Salmon Shark – An Alaskan Adventure" by Andy Dehart, Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science

October 2017 - "Marine Zoning Works for Me" by Caroline McLaughlin, Biscayne Program Manager at the National Parks Conservation Association

August  2017 - "Microplastics: What Are They? Where Are They? Why Do We Care?" by Brittany Parker, Outreach Coordinator at the Marine Resources Development Foundation

July 2017 - "Fish and Facts of Little Cayman" by Paul & Marta Bonatz

June 2017 - "Using toadfish to learn about mammalian health and disease" by Dr. Danielle McDonald, Assistant Professor, Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science

May 2017 - "Sciences and Oceanography" by Dr. Matthew Johnston, Research Scientists, Nova Southeastern University's Halmos College of Natural Sciences and Oceanography

April 2017 - " Marine Reserves: Preserving the Coastal Environment" by Marty Arostegui, IGFA Trustee, Gill Muratori, South Florida Representative for IGFA, Randolph "Bouncer" Smith, Full time Fishing Guide for 50 years

March 2017 - "Florida Bay: Seagrass and Senators" by Captain Elizabeth Jolin, co-founder of the nonprofit Florida Bay Forever

February 2017 - "30 Years of Getting the Shot" by Mark Rackley, Underwater Cameraman

January 2017 - "The Balance of the Environment and Mosquito Control" by Beth Ranson, Public Education & Information Officer, FKMCD

October 2016 - Captain Spencer Slate, International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame and Owner/ Operator of Captain Slate's Dive Center

September 2016 - Cory S. Walter, Senior Biologist at Mote Marine Laboratory

August 2016 - "The Remarkable Impact of Disease on Florida's Spiny Lobsters" by Dr. Donald C. Behringer, Associate Professor and Fulbright Scholar at University of Florida's Fisheries & Aquatic Sciences Program and Emerging Pathogens Institute

July 2016 - Lureen Ferretti, REEF Advanced Assessment Team Member Underwater Photographer, Fish ID Person Extraordinaire

June 2016 - "The Natural History & Marine Habitats of Cuba" by Dr. Jack Grover, Marine Biologist

May 2016 - "Speaking from Experience - Lessons to be Learned" by Captain Gary Mace

April 2016 - "Men of Honor, Past and into the Future" by Les W. Burke, Retired Officer and Navy Diver, Founder: Jr. Scientists in the Sea

March 2016 - "Diving the Galapagos" by Paul Humann, REEF Co-Founder and Board of Trustees member

February 2016 - "Endocrine Disruptors - Stealth Pollution" by Martin Moe, Retired Fishery Biologist and Marine Aquaculturist

November 2015 - "Why Sharks Matter: the ecological and economic importance of sharks, the threats they face, and how you can help." by David Shiffman, University of Miami Shark Researcher, Florida 2013 Marine Science Educator of the Year

October 2015 - "Math, Art and the Coral Reef" by Laurie Brooks

September 2015 - "A Lobster's Life in the Florida Keys" by Gabby Renchen, Fisheries & Wildlife Biologist Scientists II

August 2015 - "Are Florida Keys Coral Reef and Coastal Fisheries Sustainable?" by Dr. Jerald S. Ault, Professor of Marine Biology & Fisheries, University of Miami, Florida

July 2015 - "Model or Myth?" by Dr. Michael S. Allen, Professor and Associate Director of the Fisheries and Aquatic Science Program - University of Florida

June 2015 - ""Wet" Divers with "Wet" Cameras" by Jim Spencer

May 2015 - "Science and Discovery Abroad a NOAA Research Ship in the Florida Keys" by Scott Donahue, Science Coordinator, NOAA/ Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary

April 2015 - "Fish Telemetry in the Florida Keys" by Danielle Morley, Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission, Fish & Wildlife Research Institute

March 2015 - "Sea Turtles and Man" by Sandy Williams, Vice-President, Save-A-Turtle, and Allison Estape, Florida Sea Turtle Nesting Beach Monitoring Program

February 2015 - "Secrets of the Sargasso Sea" by Dr. Brian Lapointe, Research Professor, Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution, Florida Atlantic University

January 2015 - "The Social Side of Diving" by Pete "NetDoc" Murray and Elena Rodriquez

November 2014 - "Weird and Wonderful Creatures" by Jonathan Lavan, Underwater Photographer & Environmentalist

October 2014 - Chris Olsted, Director of Underwater Habitats, Marine Resources Development Foundation

September 2014 - "Lionfish Science: How we do it, and what we are finding", by Lad Adkins, REEf Director of Special Projects, and Elizabeth Underwood, REEF Lionfish Program Coordinator

August 2014 - "Life Aquarius" by Aileen Soto, Education and Outreach Coordinator, Aquarius Reef Base, Florida International Unversity

July 2014 - "The World of Fish is Changing" by Ned and Anna Deloach

June 2014 - "Chew on This: Oral Anatomy & Physiology of the Fish World" by Keri Kenning, Biologist, REEF Volunteer & Level 5 Expert Fish Surveyor, Future Dentist

May 2014 - "Biodiversity of Alligator Reef & the 100 Species Challenge Century Dive" by Carlos and Allison Estape, Noted Underwater Photographers, REEF 2013 Volunteers of the Year

April 2014 - "The Movement Patterns and Habitat Use of Smalltooth Sawfish in South Florida and the Bahamas and Research to Support the Recovery of a Critically Endangered Species" by Dr. R. Dean Grubbs, Associate Scholar Scientist, Florida State University Coastal and Marine Laboratory

March 2014 - "Using Bycatch Science to Make Our Fisheries Cleaner" by Dr. David W. Kerstetter, Assistant Professor, Nova Southern University Oceanographic Center

February 2014 - "The Evolution and Development of an Oceanic Ethic" by Dr. James A. Bohnsack, Research Fishery Biologist, NOAA National Fisheries Service

January 2014 - "Anchors and Atolls: The discovery of a ship wreck in the Pitcairn Island Group" by Jack Grove

November 2013 - " Cousins" by Jonathan Lavan, 2012 REEF Volunteer of the Year, Nature Photographer, Owner/ Operator of Underpressure Diving

October 2013 - "The Corals of Key Largo" by Jerry Greenberg

September 2013 - "New insights into the impacts and management of invasive lionfish on Caribbean coral reefs" by Dr. Stephanie Green

August 2013 - "Much Diving Around the World" by Paul Humann

July 2013 - "Diving Islamorada" by Carlos & Allison Estape

June 2013 - "Spotted Eagle Ray research in the Gulf of Mexico, Atlantic and Caribbean Sea: How YOU can help!" by Kim Bassos-Hull

May 2013 - "SEX ON THE REEF" by Lad Akins, Director of Special Projects, REEF

April 2013 - "Cooperation and Conflict in Nurse Sharks" by West Pratt

March 2013 - "Pursuing a Passion" by Time Gollimund

February 2013 - "Strategies for Restoring Florida's Conch Population" by Robert Glazer, Associate Research Scientist, Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission

January 2013- "Backcountry Adventures" by Bill Keogh

November 2012 - "Blue Heron Blvd Bridge: World Class Much in Our Own Backyard" by Ken Marks

October 2012 - "Fisheries-Independent REEF Fish Sampling in the Florida Keys" by Dr. Alejandro Acosta, Associate Research Scientist, Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission

September 2012 - "The Latest Lionfish Research and Findings" by Lad Akins, Director of Special Projects, REEF Environmental Education Foundation

August 2012 - "Aquarius Reef Base: A 20-year retrospective, and an eye on the future fo this historic NOAA program." by Thomas Potts, Director of NOAA's Aquarius Reef Base

July 2012 - "Hot Topics" by Ken Nedimyer, Chairperson of the Sanctuary Advisory Council for the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary

June 2012 - "A Journey to Underwater Photography" by Lureen Ferretti, REEF Fish I.D. Surveyor and Underwater Photographer

April 2012 - "Protecting Florida Bay" by Rob Clift, Senior Marine Outreach Coordinator, National Parks Conservation Association

March 2012 - "Pursuing a Passion aka Learning As I Go" by Tim Grollimund

February 2012 - "SHARKWATER" a film by Rob Stewart

January 2012 - "Diadema, Caretaker of the Reefs" by Martin Moe

November 2011 - "Global Warming - The Changing Oceans" by Captain Dan Kipnis 

October 2011 - "The Fishes of the Galapagos" by Jack Grove, Discussing his book, Co-authored with Dr. Robert Lavenberg

September 2011 - "The Fabulous Fish of Fiji, REEF's First Fish I.D. Surveys in the South Pacific" by Paul Humann

August 2011 - "The Tale of The Spiny Lobster" by Martine Moe

July 2011 - "July is the month for fish counting" by Alecia Adamson

June 2011 - "Night Moves in the Florida Keys" by Donna Blaszcak

May 2011 - "Sex, Drugs, and Sea Slime, The Oceans' Oddest Creatures and Why They Matter" by Ellen Prager

April 2011 - "Save-A-Turtle of the Florida Keys" by Rick & Lori Sall

March 2011 - "The Remarkable Spawning Behavior of Reef Fishes" by Ned DeLoach

February 2011 - "Marine Mammals of the Florida Keys" by Courtney Coburn, From the Dolphin Research Center

January 2011 - "How to Catch, Clean and Cook Lionfish" by Lad Akins

November 2010 - "1996 - 2002: The Spiegel Grove from start to finish and the benefits of an artificial reef for our community and economy" by Captain Spencer Slate

October 2010 - "Reflections From the Road" by Stephen Frank

September 2010 - "Developer of the FKNMS mooring systems" by Captain John C. Halas

August 2010 - "SPAWN-TANEOUS Corals Catch the Corals in The Acts!" by Lauri MacLaughlin

July 2010 - "July is Great Annual Fish Count Month!" by Lad Akins

June 2010 - Alecia Adamson, REEF's new Field Operations Coordinator

May 2010 - Ken Nedimyer, Founder of Coral Reef Restoration Foundation

April 2010 - "Five Fathoms of Fun, My First Sixty-two Years in Key Largo: 1948-2010" by Jerry Greenberg

March 2010 - Captain Rob Blesser, Captain of the Key Largo Fire Department Water Emergency Team

February 2010 - Ken Marks, REEF member who designed our first survey scan forms, shares fish stores from the early days and talks about the upcoming Bioblitz

January 2010 - "Rare Fish of the Western Atlantic" by Paul Humann

November 2009 - "Spawn-taneous Coral - Reef Rescue and Recovery" by Lauri MacLaughlin

October 2009 - "Grunts and Snappers - How to Tell them Apart" by Paul Humann

September 2009 - Lad Akins, updates of the current status of the invasive lionfish in the Florida Keys

August 2009 - Anna DeLoach, being in the right place at the right time to discover amazing creatures and some of her favorite videos and photos

July 2009 - Lisa Mitchell, History of Diving Museum

June 2009 - "How to do a REEF Survey" by Lisa Mitchell, History of Diving Museum

May 2009 - "The Amazing Lives and Identification of Parrotfish & Wrasse" by Lad Akins

April 2009 - "Born in the Wrong Sea: The Lionfish Invasion!" by Lad Akins

March 2009 - "Come hear about the History of REEF" by Paul Humann, renowned author and underwater photographer