Looking for ways to engage your students in marine science and conservation? REEF has many resources to involve students and educators in the Grouper Moon Project. Around winter full moons each year, our team joins forces in the Cayman Islands to study one of the last remaining and largest currently known spawning aggregations of the endangered Nassau Grouper. 

Students will learn the economic, ecologic, and cultural importance of Nassau Grouper as a top predator on Caribbean coral reefs through the Grouper Moon Project. There are also chances to explore technologies in marine science and collaborative efforts to create a sustainable fishery to benefit not only the community but also the local ecosystems.

Here are a few ways you can get your students involved in Grouper Moon:


The above online learning resources and activities are FREE, thanks to the generous support of our members and donors through the Oceans for All Fund, a pooled scholarship fund committed to investing a more equitable future for marine conservation.